Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Selfish Top

Yesterday I wanted to get back to my normal self and not be worried over Tony and Roger kissing.

Fuck That! (the worry).

I called my #1 Fan and he met me a half hour later.  Just like yesterday we met, he sucked, he rimmed, I came down his throat.  He kept me in an orgasmic bliss for around 30 minutes.  I finished by standing up and fucking the back of his throat.  He helped me dress (he has a thing about that; he wants to be of service).  After we are done, he has a goofy, estatic look on his face, like someone who just won the lottery might have.

Later that night I hooked up with a guy online.  He was very hot Mexican, 6', 27 years old, 150 lbs, very nice dick.  He came over dropped his pants and went to his knees and started sucking me.  He was good at it.  He then turned around, bent over and started wagging his ass at me.  I rubbed my wet dick head on his hole.  I then spit on my fingers and started to rub his hole getting him ready. I fingered his ass and it was clean and nicely tight, but not too tight.  I applied more spit to my cock and slowly pushed in.  No Rubber.  It felt wonderful and he would push back each time I thrust into him.  This boy loves cock up his ass.  I shot a big load into him.  I came and came. It was an extended orgasm. 

He had a really excellent dick, but I ignored it completely.  I want our dynamic to be him giving me his ass.  If I paid attention to his dick or sucked it, it might change the dynamic.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Weird Weekend

I had a weekend that was both great and unsettling.  The night before I had another "make out" session with Tony, which consisted of passionate kissing and feeling each other up, and carressing each other's bodies.

On Saturday, I had a small get together at my house. Included in the guests were Tony and a gay friend, who is married.  The married guy is very attractive.
He is in a loveless marriage, but doesn't want to end it due to having a lot of mutual assets (House/cars/motorhomes/rental houses, etc).  His wife doesn't know about him, but he said that she suspects.
This guy I will call Roger.  He is late 30's, with a beautiful, trim body.  He also has a very handsome face, good skin, great teeth and he looks and acts straight.  He was an acquaintance through work.  I am not in the closet so I'm sure everyone knows and he called me one night when his wife was out of town.
He wanted to come over and look a painting that I had told him about.
I of course let him and he hinted around about me being gay and he told me that he had gay feelings.  He had only been with one guy, one time, in college.
I asked him if he thought about having sex with a guy:

Roger: All of the time.

Me:  Want to give it a go.

Roger:  Sure! with a big smile on his face.

We went to my bedroom and removed our clothes.  He started warning me that he had a small dick. 
I told him that it didn't matter and he kept bringing it up.

Me: Roger, you are so handsome that it doesn't matter that your dick isn't that big.

Roger:  But everyone else is so much bigger.  I don't want to disappoint you.

Me:  You can NOT disappoint me.  All you have to do is show up. As in be here, right now, with me naked.  Whatever happens will be great.  Even if either of us screws up sexually.  If you are in bed with me and naked, it can only be right.

Naked, he has a beautiful body, not much hair, but a treasure trail. He dick is small at probably 4 1/2" and somewhat thin.  It is rock hard.  The head points down somewhat.  I was OK with it.  Mine was a monster next to his.  He had me beat on looks and body though. 
We started having sex and he was loving it. I was pretty good with it myself.  He kept bringing up self doubts and I finally said.

Me: Listen dude.  Stop analyzing this too much. You are a really handsome guy.  All you have to do is "show up" and the other guy will be happy.

At one point I said:  Dude shut up and suck on my dick.

He wanted to do anal, which to him meant I fuck him and then he fuck me.
I told him that I didn't want to get fucked.  He said :

Roger:  If you fuck me, I'll have to fuck you.

Me: No, not going to happen.

The oral sex went along well, and he told me that I wasn't a good kisser.  He wanted me to kiss him in a more conservative way.  When I kiss, I am usually told that I am a great kisser.  I hear that all of the time, plus I can tell that it is true by the other guy's reactions. 

He also said:  It would be great if you trimmed your bush down and shaved your balls.

Me:  I'm happy with what I have going on.

Roger:  I'd like it a lot better if you were trimmed.

Me:  Some guys love for the guy to be trimmed.  Others prefer a more natural look.

Now my bush is not long and scraggly.  My balls actually have very little hair.  I was thinking that this was  great to have this trim muscular handsome guy in my bed sucking my dick.  I was now starting to be a little turned off (but not enough to not enjoy the rest of the evening). I did end up fucking him with a rubber. 

I knew that we would not be regular fuck buddies on my part.  He was very willing to have it be a regular thing. He is a great guy, we just didn't click  from my point of view.  This weekend he told me that I could have him any time that I wanted.

I later had him take a photo of himself naked which he e mailed to me so that I could show it to my friends and hook him up.

Roger:  Is this photo good enough.

Me:  It is an awesome pic.  It is the perfect bait to get you laid.

At the party at my house on Saturday, Tony and Roger met.  I had told Roger that Tony was sort of my boyfriend, but he had another friend that wanted to meet him.  I should have realized that I should have never let them meet.  Roger really likes Latinos.  He is also emotionally starving at the gay buffet.  Roger and Tony exchanged #'s and Tony told me the next day that they had kissed.  I had told him that Roger had told me that I wasn't a great kisser.  Tony told me that I was a really good kisser, but that Roger was also a good kisser. 

I didn't know if Tony was being honest or fucking with my head.  With reflection and having talked with him today, I think he is flirting and trying to get me jealous.  I was in a funk and a weird state on Sunday and Monday wondering if I had lost Tony as a lover.  Tony is the type that if he has a boyfriend, there is not fooling around on the side.

It's kind of fucked up if you think about it.  Tony had only ever kissed 2 men.  His previous lover and me. I'm somewhat upset thinking that he kissed my friend, and at the same time, I myself am a huge slut.

The next day, Monday, I called my #1 Fan.  He agreed to drive 40 minutes and meet me at the local Adult Video Store.  On my drive there, with melancholy I was lamenting Tony kissing Roger, while at the same time I was on my way to have my dick and cum sucked out of me.

My #1 Fan sucked, he rimmed, I came.  Truly awesome.  My #1 Fan never disappoints me. 

I think that Tony and I are good.  I'm not even sure that he actually kissed Roger.  This feels a bit like a Junior High teasing kind of thing.  It is even possible that after I eventually fuck Tony, that I could lose interest in him.  Probably that will not happen, but it is possible.  I don't want to stand in his way of happiness if it is with Roger.  I think though that I will win in the Jeff vs Roger matchup.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Two Teenagers

I usually hang out with the very attractive young Mexican Tony, 2-3 nights a week.  We see each other at the gym and usually play Squash. 
We have only one time had a kissing session.  I was drunk during that one. Tonight I got lucky again.

Tony and I played Squash for around an hour, then hit the hot tub and steam room.  After a long hot shower, we were both "squeaky clean" .

Tony started a new job 3 weeks ago, and has been working late. I haven't seen him much in the last couple of weeks.  We had been texting all weeks, flirting and complimenting each other.  He is so much the type that I like best: young, lean, nice dick, good skin.
I was driving an SUV and we met and I drove to a street without much lighting.  I had put the back seat down and we laid down there, fully clothed.  He had promised to kiss me, and I was ready to collect that debt.  We kissed, and I did this thing with his neck.  A guy did this to me a couple of years ago, and it drove me wild.  I've been doing it to guys ever since.  What it is, is that you kiss the side of the other guys neck, like where a vampire would bite. LOL  After kissing and wetting the skin, you take a big bite of his neck, firmly, but not actually "biting" him, and then you pull the neck muscle through your teeth, raking his flesh, but not leaving a mark or a hickey.   I did this to Tony and he was moaning and obviously in ecstasy.  I was thinking about the "red hot lover" reputation of Latinos.  I have found this to be true in many cases. 

We rolled around kissing, and I opened his shirt and caressed his gorgeous, lean body.  Tony's body is a work of art, totally proportionate, lean but muscled with beautiful skin. He is suppossed to be a top, but he hinted to me that he would perhaps bottom for me.  Not tonight though.  Tony is sort of like a girl in that he doesn't want to come across as a slut and is trying to slow things down.  Slow is fine with me, I was LOVING it.

I then told him that I wanted to see his cock.  He protested, but allowed me to open his pants and pull it out.  I have seen him many times naked in the shower, but I had never really had much visual with his cock when it was hard.  It was a beauty, 6 1/2", thick, with a nice head and just the right amount of foreskin. He said that I could not suck it this time.  He was trying to not appear to be a slut.  I get that.
I played with his cock a little, but didn't try to push anything that he didn't want to do.  While all this was going on I couldn't shake this picture in my head of a teenage boy and girl in the back seat of the car (I was the boy in this fantasy).  It really reminded me of a lot of nights in my high school years, trying to fuck and often succeeding in getting pussy.

He told me that we could have oral sex on another date.  I rolled him on top of me and started to caress his back, and massage it.  He would gasp and was obviously very into it.  I ran my hands over his butt cheeks and parted them, then found his rosebud.  I zero'ed in on it and started to alternate tapping it, and just leaving the direct pressure of my finger on it.  He objected, but let me do it.

I'm sure that I will fuck him.  I warned him that I'm not good with rubbers.  That when I put one on my hard dick, it often starts to wilt.  He is in the health care field and actually teaches people in safe safe practices as part of his job.  I think I could probably get my dick into him raw, but I really like him and wouldn't want to do anything to screw things up. I'm not going to push bb at all on him.

Like A Baby

Yesterday  I went to a new carwash to get my car Detailed. There were only two guys working, both young, trim attractive fellows.  They were the same general build with similar faces.  I would love to hook up with either of them.  I poured on the charm and was able to talk to each guy privately for awhile. They were brothers, the older was 21 and the  younger 20.  Both were polite, and well spoken.
I found out that they were half hispanic, but they had no trace of an accent.  The older brother had an earring in his left ear (I don't think that is a gay sign now a days though).  Both brothers were neatly dressed and they clothes hung very well on them. 

BTW, I know it's a long shot but boys if you are reading this, call me! You have my number.

The younger brother was particularily attractive.  He is 5' 10", 168 lbs probably, short black hair, handsome face, skin on the fair side, and he had a trim body style with prominent veins in his arms.
I had talked with him on the phone and he sounded like a gay young man. In person, he looks straight,
but is very in tune with me when we talk.  He also said that he felt like he knew me and that we might have met before.  If I had to guess, I would say he was gay.  Both brothers were very attractive though and not gay looking.

After the Car Wash, I was horny and aggitated the rest of the day.  I think the brothers stirred up my testosterone and I was thinking about having either of them naked, and in bed and in my fantasy, I kissed them, sucked their cocks, rimmed them and then fucked them.  Didn't happen though, but I'm going to invest some time into this. 

I called my #2 Fan and he agreed to meet me at 6:30 p.m. for a bj.  Right after that, another buddy, who is an expert rimmer called and wanted to meet later.  Since I was so horny, I thought that I would try to get two bj's within a couple of hours.

I met my #2 Fan and he blew me for 25 minutes. He also sucked my balls and rubbed on my legs and ass. I blew a big load down his throat.  My dick stayed hard as I was trying to put my junk away, he put my cock in his mouth and I fucked it.  I put my dick away for around 10 seconds, then pulled it out of my underwear and started to fuck his throat again.  Within around 2 minutes, I gave him another load in his belly. 

I had just cum twice, but didn't want to cancel with the other guy.  I guess I'll call him Ass Man, as his thing is that he wants to eat ass.  He will also suck, but he is really into ass. He is a nice looking man, late 30's, trim with a big, veiny beautiful dick.  I've never played with it though.  I want to keep things centered on his mouth and my crotch.

He lives 45 minutes from me and we met at a Rest Area. He has a Mini Van and we went into the back.
It was dark out and the place was deserted.  He started by sucking, then sucked my balls and then dove into my ass.  He is fantastic at this and I rolled around in ecstasy for at least 25 minutes. It ended with him tongue fucking my ass and I shot a big load all over my stomach. I drove home and slept like a baby.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Blindfold Boy is a Bitch.

Blindfold Boy and I hook up every couple of months.  He hits me up at least once a week
about coming over. He lives 45 minutes from me and I usually don't have the 3 hours available that
with travel time, and real time, that hooking up with him entails.

Blindfold Boy:  I really need you to do your raping tonight.

Me:  I can't tonight.

Blindfold Boy:  Please Sir, I am drunk and slutty. No one else does it like you.  You are Mean and rough and that is what I need.  The other guys I meet are Pussies. 

Me: Can't make it. 

Blindfold Boy:  I'm totally drunk and slutty, you can rape me all that you want.

Me: Your ass?

Blindfold Boy: No, but you can rape my throat.

This guy is physical perfection to me.  He is always immaculately clean and well groomed, but not in a gay way.  Because of AIDS (and the fact that I hate rubbers), I have not been much of a Top in my life.  Blindfold Boy turns me on and I was really wanting to see his ass hole,
and fuck it.

Me: I'm coming over and I am going to be calling the shots.

Blindfold Boy: Thank you Sir!

I found him kneeling in his living room wearing only a blindfold and boxer briefs.
I told him to stand up and show me his hole.

He jumped to his feet pulled his briefs down and immediately grabbed his cheeks to hold his ass open and he leaned over.

Before me was the most gorgeous ass hole I have ever seen.  It was unusually small , pink and hairless.
It looked like what I would expect a 14 year old boy's hole to look like.
I slapped his ass and put him back on his knees. When kneeling, he holds his hands behind his back, offering submission.  I pounded his throat, then put him on his back.  I positioned my body over his, head to foot, and fucked his throat like I was pounding a woman's pussy.  I pulled his legs up and started to rim him.

Blindfold Boy:  Stop, I am not into anything anal.

Me: Shut the fuck up.

Blindfold Boy: Please stop.

Me: Shut up bitch.

I munched and made love to his hole for around 20 minutes.  Then I led his Blindfolded ass to his bed.
I had him sit with his back leaning against the bed and I raped his throat.  I was trying to totally wear him out, so that something else would be a temporary welcome relief for him.

Then I stood him up and draped his torso across the bed. I rimmed him for a few more minutes putting as much spit as I could up his ass, while also getting my dicked slicked up.

He hit his poppers and I pushed inside his velvety, tight hole.  It was warm and comforting and awesome. I started to fuck his ass and I was in total bliss.  I'd slam his ass, my dick would feel that warm, tight, slick feeling and I would bounce off of the cushion of his incredible ass.

He only let me fuck him for around 5 minutes. He obviously was not used to getting fucked.  He yelled for me to take it out, that it was too big.

Me: Do you like my cock up your ass.

Him: NO! Take it out! I wouldn't be doing this if you were not forcing me.

I have figured out that Blindfold Boys kink is that he wants to be punished sexually and
forced to do the things that he secretly wanted. If he is forced, then he has no control over having
let it happen.  Of  course if he really didn't want me to fuck his throat or ass, it wouldn't happen.
I'm not a rapist, and I actually want to be good to him. I would never want to truly rape him. I just
want to fulfill his fantasy (and fuck his fantastic ass!).

I pulled out and made him suck my balls and jack my cock as I got close to cumming.

Blindfold Boy: Cum on my face.

Me: I'll cum where I want to, open your mouth.

My dick was totally clean and I used my hands to open his mouth, then fucked the load down his throat.

I didn't say another word, but lightly slapped his left cheek, and twisted his nipple.  His cock was hard and it was actually very nice. Six inches, perfectly formed, with beautiful skin.  Knowing what his fantasy was, I paid no attention to his hard cock, and silently pulled away, got dressed and left leaving him to feel punished, used and violated. This really is NOT my thing, but I want to keep him coming back for more.  It has worked out really well as he is now my plaything that I can have whenever we are both available.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Blindfold Boy

I have a love/hate relationship with Blindfold Boy.  Two years ago he contacted me on Adam4adam
wanting a guy to rape his throat.  We emailed back and forth and he sent me several photos.
He is a beautiful guy. Thirty years old, 5'9", strawberry blond hair cut short, handsome face, and a beautiful, smooth, blemish free body.  His skin is like porcelain and he has an athletic build and a fantastic ass. No photos of his cock.  If the guy is cute and he is sucking me (or not), I really don't care about his dick.

I was in on meeting him  and we set up a time.  He told me that I could be aggressive, the more the better, and if he gagged on my cock, to just hold him down and force him to take it.  He told me I could do anything I wanted, except fuck him.  I was just looking for some great head (and hadn't started to BB yet), so it sounded perfect.

I got to his house  and found him kneeling near the door in his underwear wearing a blindfold. I told him to stand up and I roughly pulled his underwear off.
I  grabbed his head and pushed it into my jeans, rubbing his face over the outline of my hard cock. I knew that what he wanted was a straight guy to make him take the cock.

Me:  Take my Cock Out.

Blindfold Boy:  Yes Sir.

He undid my pants and pulled my underwear down and grabbed my dick. I grabbed my cock and slapped  him with it across his face several times. I could tell that he loved it.  I then grabbed the back of his head and let him suck it for around 10 strokes.  I then started to skull fuck him. He gagged but took it like a champ. My cock was covered with the thick, slimy cum textured spit that you get when fucking down a guy's throat past his esophagus. I stroked my slicked up cock and told him to suck my balls.  This is about my favorite thing, and he was an expert at it, sucking on my balls and tongueing my taint. I got a look at his cock and it was soft and on the small side.

I was very attracted to this guy and what I wanted to do was kiss him, caress his body, be good to him and make love to him.  This was NOT what he wanted and  I knew he was looking for a rough man, not a gay man.

Next I leaned over him, and with both hands pried his mouth open.  I stuck a finger in his mouth and made him gag.  Then with a hand on his chin, keeping it open, I spit into his mouth.  I repeated this several times.  I also spit on his face.

Blindfold Boy: I don't like it when you spit in my mouth.

Me:  That is why I am doing it.

I got behind him and manipulated him so that I dragged him by the armpits, and laid him on his back.
Before me lay a beautiful man whose body resembled the Statue Of David.
I wanted to kiss him and make him feel good.  What I did though was position myself over his head,
push his head onto the hardwood floor and I fucked the back of his throat with a vengeance.
He gagged and choked and sputtered.  I would give him a few seconds to breath, then I would pound him some more.

I got close to cumming.

Blind Boy: I want you to cum on my face.

Me: Not going to happen, I am cumming down your throat.  And I did.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Sunday Fun

Sunday evening I texted my #2 Fan to see if he would meet me at the local Adult Video Store.
He is a hairy, bearish guy who will suck my dick, balls or ass for as long as I want.

I got there and he wasn't there.  Several booths were occupied, and I assumed that he might be in one of the booths with another guy.

I had left my phone in the car.

There was one guy milling around, 50 years old, 6 foot tall, slim, long greyish hair in a pony tail, OK looking.

You never know which guys have a great mouth and can really suck a dick. If the guy is within the range of guys that I will allow to suck me, I usually give them an audition. 

I ducked into a booth and he stood at the open door. I displayed my "bait", a cock that was hardening and lengthing.  If I can get another guy to look at my hard cock, I can almost always get them to suck me.
He came in the booth, kneeled and sucked. He had a really outstanding velvety mouth and it felt great.
He couldn't stay down long, and then stood and bent over and only sucked about half of my cock.

I try not to hook up with older guys, or heavy guys, as it is often too much effort for them to stay on their knees.  I like to be in control of the bj and give the guy a good face fucking--whatever he can handle, not too much if they can't handle it.  If they can I will rock their world!  I try to make it good for the other guy so that I can blow a load down their throat. I would say that in 80-90% of the times that I get blown, that I blow the load down their throat.  Sometimes, they can get some of the cum up and spit it out, but usually, they have gotten most of it.

I knew this guy probably couldn't get me off orally (in a video booth anyway), so I pulled my pants up.
He had really good potential, and awesome mouth, but didn't have to stamina to get me off. I also knew that my #2 Fan could be lurking just outside and he always gets me off hard.

Still no #2 Fan, but there was a very, very fit, very handsome half asian, probably 29, very good body. He was probably a gymnast a few years ago.  We made some eye contact and I ducked into the same booth as before.  I took my cock out and within a few minutes I saw him looking in.  I nodded to him and he stepped inside and we locked the door.

His body was perfection.  He was trim, but had a very muscular physique.  He was obviously at some point an athlete.  I paid no attention to his cock.  He sucked me and it felt great.  Soon though he was standing and showing me his gorgeous ass.  I rubbed my cock on his hole, then spit on it and slipped inside his ass.  It was an awesome ass, beautiful to look at, totally clean and he let me slam his hole.

He wanted my load, but it just wasn't happening as I was not wanting  to make a lot of noise, and I knew that I'd cum harder for my #2 Fan sucking my balls, and ass.  I am embarassed to say that I did an Academy Award worthy performance of "faking" my cumming way up his ass.  He asked if I came and I said that I did. I went to the restroom and washed my dick with hand soap and water.
I was hoping that my #2 Fan was somewhere to be found.

I waited another 10 minutes near a booth that had been occupied all evening.  It opened and my #2 Fan stepped out alone.  He said "Where were you".  He said that he had texted me over and over telling me the booth # that he was in and that he was totally naked and waiting for me.

We went into a booth and he did his usual magic of bringing me to Nirvana.

Today, Monday, I had to go to the next city an hour away on business.  I called my #1 Fan and he was able to meet me.  He sucked my cock and balls and I cycled in and out of sheer bliss. I almost always cum down his throat, but this time he was sucking my balls, and I shot off onto my chest and stomach.

My #1 and #2 fans never disappoint me.  Both have sucked me for at least 5 years.  Lately I have been giving them both an oral load once or twice a week.  They don't know each other, and probably wouldn't be into each other.  They want a dominant stud to orally take what he wants. In other words ME!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Busy Day

Thursday night I had a hard time getting to sleep. I finally fell asleep only to
wake up at 4 a.m.  I laid in bed, aggravated, tired but not falling asleep. I decided to
go to a sure fire way to get me to sleep.  I jacked off.  It was wonderful. I slept until 6:45.

In the morning I had to go to the next city for a meeting Friday morning.  On the way over,
I called my "#1 Fan" to see if he could meet me at the local Adult Video Store, after I got free.
He said he would meet me there.

We got into a booth together and he unbuckled and unzipped me, slipping my pants to the floor.
He then slid down my underwear and kneeling, took my soft cock into his mouth.  I moaned to the
hot, wet, velvety feeling as he brought my dick to life.  I soon got hard and he blew me for a while.
Then he licked and suckled my balls, and kept flicking his tongue toward the edge of my ass rim.

He then took my shoes off, then he took my pants off.  He had me stand up with my left leg over his shoulders and he leaned up and expertly licked, teased, sucked and tongue fucked my hole.  I was in sheer bliss for the next 20 minutes, then stood and pounded his throat. 

Mind Blowing Awesome.  If when I would a younger man, if only I had known how easy it was to get
a guy to totally be my sex slave and bring me to the edge of orgasm for that length of time.  

After my orgasm subsided, my #1 Fan cleaned me up and put me back together.  After I cum he looks up at me with a truly adoring gaze.  Sort of like a puppydog love kinda look look of adoration.  I know then that he is totally my bitch and I can have his mouth and tongue whenever I can arrange it. 

Four Hours later I had another meeting in another city.  Once on my own, I went to the Adult Video Store in that city.  I've always had very good luck there.

I soon found the hottest guy in the place.  He was older, but in excellent shape.  A really good build and good skin.  We went into a booth together and he kept telling me how handsome he thought I was.  Truth be told, he was most likely the victor on that count. He started to massage me and kiss my neck.  He kept trying to kiss me (I knew that was what he wanted), but I put him off. I was going to act like a completely staight guy, so that he could get to sucking my cock.

He did a wonderful job at it.  He stood facing me and I stuck my wet cock between his legs and "mock" fucked him. He told me that he would do whatever I wanted, just ask.  I always wonder if guys who say this are serious.  I wonder if I say would ask them to suck my toes or let me pee in their mouths that they would let me.  Not that that is my thing, but I have dabbled in that a very little.

He wanted to talk and he told me that he was wealthy, 60 years old and his lover of 30 years had just died at 82.  He was lonely and kept asking me to come to his house.  I kept telling him to suck my dick.
He would suck for 5-10 minutes and then he would want to stand and talk.  I noticed that he had a wonderful cock.  8", thick, perfectly straight, beautiful young looking skin, just a masterpiece.  He was also uncut with just the right amount of skin.  I didn't want to pay his dick any attention though and make him think I was gay and then not sucking me so hungrily.  I have found that it the other guy thinks I'm straight, that they very often suck my dick and balls, and then I ram the cum down their throat leaving them breathless. I always know that they enjoyed it as I often have trouble getting back possession of my cock and getting back to life.

So I got off three times with 2 different guys that day. The next day wasn't quite as productive but was still a good day.

Friday, November 5, 2010


I didn't meet up with Tony tonight.  I have two sets of houseguests that arrive tomorrow, Saturday, and with some other business obligations, I just didn't have time.

Tony and I had been texting back and forth yesterday and I called him a Prick Tease as he cancelled on our meeting.  He didn't know what it meant, so I explained.  Here are the texts that we sent:

Tony: Hey Sexy, 
Have to cancel today. I'm out of town and I will probably be back in town tomorrow. Have fun at the gym!

Me: :-(

Me:  You are a Prick Tease.

Me:  Have you heard of the term Prick Tease before?

Tony: No

Me:  An American term meaning a guy or a girl that will turn a guy on and then not deliver sex.

Tony:  LOL

Me:  The Prick Tease makes the other guy thing that he has a high chance of getting sex, but it doesn't happen.

Tony:  But I am not a Prick Tease.

Me:  No, but you still have me on the hook.  I want to kiss you and you are not here!

Tony:  You really think that I am a Prick Tease LOL?

Me: No, but I really want to see you.

Tony: I am not a Prick Tease.

Me:  I know, but that is what all the guys think who are seeing a Prick Tease.  They all think that
they are going to get laid.  I just want to kiss you and feel your body. I'm OK if we don't have sex.

Tony:  Do you know why I like you?

Me:  I haven't a clue, Digame (from my high school Spanish class, I think that it means "Tell Me".
No Se (meaning "I don't know" in English).

Tony:  U R muy altrevido!!

Me:  I do not know that word. What does it mean?

Me:  Is altrevido the opposite of Prick Tease?  I am a sure thing for you.  Definitely not a Prick Tease. You have the power and you can toy with me and I'll go along with it like a lovesick puppy dog.

Tony:  LOL.  And you are a great kisser!!!

Me: You are a great kisser too.  I AM ADDICTED TO YOUR KISSES.

Me:  What does altrevido mean? Digame?

Tony:  Altrevido is_____Bold, audacious, hazardous, dangerous, brazen, and impudent.  Are the definitions of Altrevido.

Me: That's how you see me?

Tony:  Yes I do.  Not everybody feels up ****************'s abs.  (a story for another time, I felt up a world famous person, one of the most well know people in the world,  when he gave me a hug a couple of years ago.  Jeff).

Me:  Damn. You are right about that.  I totally groped him.

Me: I see you as smart, funny, gracious, well raised, mannerly and FUCKING BEAUTIFUL!

Me: And a Prick Tease!

Tony: LOL.  That is what I like about you.  You are smart, funny and Sexy.

The boy knows how to make me feel good.  No sex at all today.  Maybe tomorrow will be more productive.

Morning Sex

Yesterday morning, I had to go to the next big city for work, about an hour away.
On the drive over, I called my #1 Fan and we agreed to meet at a local adult video store.

It was busy in the store and we went into the only available booth.  The booth had a video
playing continously which is nice as you don't have to feed the meter.

I stood with my back to the wall and he unzipped me.  He sucked my cock and balls expertly.
He's sucked me a lot and knows what works best for me.  I also fucked deep into his throat with my cock.

He then took my shoes off, then one leg of my pants at a time until I was naked.  He was hunkered down
low and lifted my left leg to try to get his tongue in my hole.  He was only getting to one edge of the rim so I put my left foot on his shoulder and was on my tiptoe on my right food.  He was able to easily get to my ass now and he rimmed me for 15 minutes while I cycled in an out of pre-orgasmic bliss.

I was silently thanking the book THE MULTI ORGASMIC MAN, which I read years ago.  It has allowed me to cum when I want, after having several or many climatic peaks and then I don't ejaculate
until I think the sucker has had enough, or I reach the point of no return.

I finished by standing up normally and pounding down the back of the throat.  I shot deeply and as I pulled out, I wondered if he could even taste my sperm.  He grabbed my dick and push a big drop of cum out of the tip and into his mouth.  He said YUM.....

Just what I needed in order to get on with my day. 

I have a  "date" set up for later tonight with Tony.  The agenda of our date was that we were to work out together at the gym, then have a make out session (kissing) in my car in a parking area for the gym that is dark and deserted mostly.  I was really looking forward to that.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

What really happened Wednesday Night

The next night I got to Stewart and Jason's place at around 7 pm.  I brought a 18 pack of Bud Light as I try to be a good guest.  They both hugged me and I felt Jason up a little when he did. Awesome, smooth young guy.

We drank and Stewart lit up some pot and the three of us ceremoniously passed the pipe.
I got buzzed and then Stewart sat next to me and started rubbing my leg.  Jason gave me a wink letting me know it was cool, so I let Stewart unzip me and start to suck my cock.  Stewart is a wonderful cocksucker and I in my stoned state, I was slipping in and out of orgasmic bliss.  Jason would watch some, but often was looking at the TV. He was a little detached from the scene, and it felt like it what was happening was not going to include him.

I took Stewart to his bed room and we both got naked.  It was pretty dark in the room, but the door was cracked in case Jason wanted to join in.  I laid on my back on the bed and Stewart gave me an awesome 25 minute Blow Job, and he sucked my nuts expertly.  I have found that pot really enhances sex (like it needs any enhancing!) and Stewart kept me on the edge of orgasm for quite awhile. I then stood up and fucked his throat like a man taking what was his.  I had one hand on his chin and the other on the back of his head and I fucked his throat, cumming all the way down.

Stewart and I laid on the bed and came down from the rush of sex and orgasm (mine).  I never suck Stewart and he is good with that.  I asked what had happened the night before with his brother.  He said that his brother and his girlfriend had a fight and he came over to spend the night.  Stewart's brother is much more attractive.  Stewart is around 36 and his brother is 40.  The brother is a carpenter and is much taller than Stewart at around 6'. He has a really athletic body and a extremely handsome face.  They actually do not look to be related at all, except that they both have really nice bodies.  After I left the 3 of them smoked pot and drank beer.  It turns out the Stewart's brother (I didn't catch his name) has a gay streak and was really attracted to Jason.  Jason and the brother sucked each other, Stewart didn't suck his brother (although he told me then that he had previously sucked him off years ago).  Stewart's brother wanted Jason to fuck him, (OMG, I thought he was straight), but Jason said that he would only do it for $50.  They ended up beating off and Stewart sucked Jason when he came. 

We got dressed and went back into the living room.  Jason and I joked about what a great cocksucker Stewart is.  When I left he gave me a big hug and I felt his torso up again.  Nice!

Wednesday Night

Wednesday evening I went to visit "The Totally Straight Appearing Cocksucker", named Stewart.
He'll suck me any time that we are both available. Stewart has a beautiful trim body, very nice cock that doesn't get rock hard and beautiful, full nuts.  He has a good complection and a decent face.  I label him as a Cocksucker
as he does it really well. In actuality he only blows me and his current "boyfriend".
I'm sure he would suck other guys if they were available though.

Stewart has a weakness for young, straight guys. They are usually guys from the wrong side of the tracks,
whose upbringing wasn't the best.  His current guy is Jason.  He is the best of the string of four live in friends that Stewart has had in the 4 years that I have known him.  In all four cases, Stewart worked, and the friend didn't and didn't pay any rent or expenses.  Stewart was happy to pay the bills in exchange for companionship with a young guy and some occasional dick.

Stewart's current friend Jason is really cute 21 year old with short red hair, beautiful skin, muscular and trim, and a clean well groomed guy. He says he is bisexual, but I think he is strongly more
on the heterosexual side.  Stewart is fine with me fooling around with Jason, and we did have a little encounter a couple of weeks ago. 

The first time Jason and I messed around, was around 2 weeks ago at Stewart's house.  We had drank some beers and were a little buzzed.  Jason followed me in the bathroom when I went to take a leak.  He closed the door and started fooling around.

I lifted his t shirt and ran my hands along his smooth torso.  His jeans were sagging and the "V" of his abdomen was right there in my face.  I knelled down and kissed his waist, kissing my way down to the base of his dick.  I then unbuttoned and unzipped his fly and dropped his baggy pants to the ground.
He dick was a beauty, long and pink with beautiful skin. He had big balls and they hung unusually low.
I sucked on his cock and it quickly got hard.  I sucked his big balls also, just one at a time as they wouldn't both fit in my mouth.  He smelled clean and freshly showered. Stewart had previously told me that Jason liked to get fucked.  I turned him around and he leaned on the sink.  I kissed the back of his neck while I caressed his torso from behind.  I worked my way down to his beautiful bubble butt.

I used both of my hands to part his ass checks.  I was presented with an awesome pink hole.  I started to kiss it, lick it and suck on his hole.  He wasn't terrible responsive though.
Right at this time, Stewart's straight brother arrived and we could hear them talking in the other room.
It ruined the moment, but I kept going.  After his ass was wet with as much spit as I could get up inside of it, I stood up and rubbed my hard cock between his leads and rubbed his hole with it.  He looked back at me over his shoulders. I asked him if it felt good. He said that it felt great, but that I couldn't fuck him.  He said that I could fuck him another time, just not this night.  He said that it would be too slutty if he just let a guy fuck him that he didn't really know.

I told him that I understood, and I did and was fine with it.  My libido was in overdrive though, so I softly spit in my hand and slicked up my dick and rubbed it on his hole.  He didn't object and I gradually pushed in and started fucking him.  I was in heaven.  Just a hot wet hole, with just the right amount of tightness. Not too tight, but definitely a little loose. I fucked him for around 5 minutes and then he pushed me out.

I sucked his dick some more and then got behind him again.  He again said that I could not fuck him. I told him that I really understood which I did.  I couldn't help myself though and I sunk my cock all the way into his ass for the second time.  This time we only fucked for around 2 minutes.

We then went to the bed and I laid him on his back.  We could hear Stewart and his brother talking through all of this.  I kissed Jason's neck, crotch and sucked his dick and balls. Then I rimmed his sweet ass again then raised his legs up and put them on my shoulders.  He said that he felt great but that I couldn't fuck him. He wanted me to fuck him, just not that night.  I raised my body forward and had my dick near his hole.  I hooked my left arm under his arm and grabbed his left shoulders .  With my free hand, I positioned my dick at the target and pushed the head in.  With both hands under his shoulders, I started to slowly push inside. I got in and fucked him for around 5 minutes. He was perfectly OK with what we were doing, but didn't seem to really be "into it".

If I was going to cum like this quickly, I'd have to slam his hole for a few minutes.  There was just one wall separating us from Stewart and his straight brother, so this really wasn't an option.  I could tell that Jason didn't want Steward to know that I fucked him, although Stewart had told me that I could fuck him if I could get it done.  We wrapped it up and Jason was very sweet and let me rub all over his body.

On the inside I said to myself, Dude, I just fucked you. I know what the inside of your velvet ass feels like.  I held you in my arms and rocked your body.  I was all the way inside your ass bare and loved it.

I asked him if it felt good when I was inside him.  He said that it really did, but he was weirded out by Stewart and his brother being in the next room.  He said that if I came by when Stewart was at work, that I could fuck him and that he would be more relaxed.

I didn't cum but I had a great time. This was around 2 weeks ago.  I went on a couple of business trips, so didn't really have time to go visit them again until last night.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Both of my Fans.

Things did not work out last night as I had planned.  I was supposed to have a "Make-out Session" (kissing) with Tony, but he told me he wouldn't be able to meet until Thursday. He said that
he would make it up to me giving me "three times the kisses".  Cool. He is the guy who makes my heart flutter whenever I think of him.

I was also supposed to meet up with  The Handsome Young Attorney last night.  He is another recurring character in my hook up life.  I have a lot of stories about him.  He is "straight" and has only fooled around with me but is a Partier and pussy hound. He tells me about each girl he fucks and also sends me photos which include his face with him getting blown, fucking or titty fucking women. He has sucked my dick twice for around 30 seconds each time.  He is now saying that he wants to suck on my cock.  Our history is made up of me sucking his big, hard, thick, beautiful 8"cock.  More on him later.

So, I hadn't cum all day and my 2 options that night fell through.  I texted my #2 Fan to see if he could meet me at the local Video Store.  This guy is a terrific cocksucker and ass eater.   He would be a really cute guy if he was in better shape.  He is blond with a trim beard. He has a bit of a bear physique and is a very hairy guy with a VERY thick, 5" uncut cock.  He and I have been hooking up for around 8 years.
Our times together are always him on his knees sucking my cock, balls and or ass.

We both live around 1/2 hour from the video store, but in different directions. I got there 5 minutes before him and we both went into a booth together.  After the initial chit chat, we both removed our clothes and got naked.  He sucked on my cock, balls and ass expertly. I was floating in and out of near ecstasy.  He ate my ass for a good 20 minutes with me on my back.  Awesome! I then stood up and fucked his throat like it was a pussy and gave him my 4 day load. My night ended up great after all!

Today, my #1 Fan called and asked if I could meet him at the same bookstore. I was free so I met him there. He sucked my cock and balls then had me lay down on my back and he made love to my ass with his mouth and tongue for 30 minutes.  I then stood up and shot a big load down his throat.  He said that he would gladly suck me at anytime, any day, multiple times if I wanted.  We live an hour apart and as it is, I see him once a week on average for the last 2 years.  Before that it was maybe 6 times a year for the previous 5 years. 

I'm still horny though.  Tonight I might go and visit The Totally Straight Appearing Cocksucker and his boyfriend.

Monday, November 1, 2010

A Busy Day

I worked at home today and got a call from one of my regular guys, The HUNKY COP. 
He is extremely attractive. He is 6'4", 36years old, total gym muscle, big-ish nipples, short high and tight golden hair, beautiful skin and an outstanding 7", hard thick beautiful cock and big balls. He is an awesome specimen of virile manhood.  He does have his issues though. He has told me that I am the only man that he has sex with.  He is conflicted about gay sex.  He holds out as long as he can and around every 2 weeks he gets super horny and he calls me. He lives around a half hour away, and I always try to accomodate him.

Our routine is nearly always the same. I have a towel out for him. We both get naked and he spreads the towel on the carpet and kneels on it. He starts sucking me and jacking his rock hard, gorgeous cock.
His cock is a work of art, just a beautiful piece of meat. He always goes on and on that I have a beautiful cock, that he loves my cock and that it is the perfect cock. I've heard that often, but it always feels good.

He doesn't want me to fuck his mouth, he wants to do all of the sucking. He tries to be in control of most aspects of the hook up.  He huffs poppers and blows his very big load within 2-4 minutes and then gets freaked out and leaves quickly, making apologies for having to run.  He always makes me promise to not tell anyone.  He told me that if I told anyone, that he could make it bad for me.  He is actually an OK guy, just super paranoid.  He always leaves me hanging with a hard cock in my hand. I don't mind though. It is always a super hot experience.

We have had a few sessions where we kiss and I have even sucked his gorgeous meat for a few seconds here and there. He doesn't like me to suck it or jack it, I think because he would cum too quickly.

During this same time this afternoon, I have been texting with another regular.  He is a Doctor, 31 years old, 6'5" with an awesome body and an awesome cock. We are supposed to hook up in a couple of hours.  Then I am supposed to have a make out session with the handsome Mexican Tony in my car.
I'll try to update you guys later tonight.