Thursday, September 30, 2010

Another Handsome Young Latino

Last year when attending this same Work Event in Texas I spotted a gorgeous young Mexican guy.
He is a friendly, smiling guy with near zero comprehension of the English language. He was helping with one of the booths but didn't really deal with the public.  I'd nod to him and talk to him in my limited high school Spanish 3 education (that I hadn't used in years). I did learn that he was 19 and his name was Joaquin. He is around 5'10", medium color, really good skin with a a small strip of black hair on the cleft of his chin. He is a real sweetheart, but I knew I would probably never get together with him.  We were never in a private situation, and I didn't want to get too familiar with the help and bring attention onto myself.

I forgot about him, but saw him again this year at the same annual event.  Two nights ago, he saw me with a drink in my hand and pantomimed to me to ask what it was. I told him alcohol and he understood.  When I have tried to talk to him previously in very basic English, he would not understand me at all.

I had only had a little to drink and I told him that I was driving to a convenience store to get something. He implied that he wanted to ride along, and I told him I would buy him a drink and something to eat if he would like.  He was happy to go and I used my Spanish on him.  I told him that he was very handsome (in Spanish), and he smiled and seemed pleased.  I asked him if he knew how handsome he was, and he said yes in English and we both laughed. I asked him how many different women he had fucked and he said 9.  I asked him if he had a wife or girlfriend and he said that in the United States, no.  I motioned with my hand in the international hand signal of jerking off and we both laughed.  He told me that he would fuck Mexican whores about once a month. He said fucking was around $50, and a blow job was $25.  I asked him if he liked the blow job and he said very much. When asked though he said that he liked pussy best.

I told him that in high school and college that I had fucked lots of girls and loved it. I then mentioned that I actually liked men better. At this point, I don't think he was that surprised. I told him that I liked dick.  He laughed and he was cool with it. I had the feeling that he was getting horny and would actually like a bj.

I wanted to take him to my hotel and kiss him, and massage his beautiful trim, muscular working man body. I thought that I could probably blow him when the time is right.  We got back to the Event and I told him that he was a very hot guy. He seemed pleased. I asked him if a man had ever sucked his dick and he said no.

I had to get back to the Event and we parted company. I didn't see him again that trip.

This year, I am back at the same Event which is going on right now.  He is now 20 years old and a little more muscled.  He is just a really handsome guy with a beautiful body.  I have teased him all through the day, telling him how handsome he is.  Whenever anyone is not close by, I touch his arm or rub his muscular back.  He doesn't flinch or act unfavorably at all. Every time I run into him, he seems very happy to see me.  He even grabbed my arm and slightly rubbed my back when we were temporarily alone. I know that if I have the opportunity, that I could have an intimate experience with him, kissing him all over and at the least, he would let me suck his dick. Tomorrow night is my last chance to get with him.  He works for someone that I work with occasionally and it would be awkward if I was caught having sex with an obvious illegal alien that was illiterate.

There is a real out of the way large bathroom with several rooms. It is basically never used.
Tomorrow I plan to tell him to meet me there. Hopefully he will and I'll tell you about it tomorrow.Right now, I'm going to go to bed and beat off thinking about kissing him, sucking his hopefully beautiful cock and fucking him.  Tomorrow it will be "Now Or Never", and I'm going to give it a shot.

A Young Latino

I'm in Texas for a business event  through this weekend. I've been tied up for days with meetings, and meals with colleagues which is why I haven't updated lately. I had a 2 hour break and was able to slip away to a porn store with an Arcade.  It was during lunch hour and there were 12 cars in the parking lot when I pulled in. I knew my prospects were good to find an attractive man to suck me off.

I usually just get blown. I will suck a gorgeous cock though.  There was not much to choose from in the arcade area.  There was a very hot Mexican guy, mid twenties, with a great face, and solid, muscular build.  He would look me in the eye, but never went into any of the booths with glory holes. I went in glory hole booths several times with him watching, but he wouldn't enter the next booth. I could not figure out what his mode of cruising was, so I moved on.

I went into a glory hole booth and feed it some money.  Quickly, I had company on the other side of the hole.  He was an OK looking white guy. I wouldn't have chased him down, but he was not bad.  He was around 45, 6'1", decent build.  I did my best to get him to suck me, pulling my cock out and quickly getting it hard.

I could see through a peep hole that he was not looking through the hole at my dick.  I kept stroking as I knew that if I made any kind of move toward his dick, that the dynamic would change and I would change from the identity of "a straight guy who wants to get sucked", to the identity of a "gay man."  He wasn't taking the bait and I looked through the hole to see if he was stroking.  He was and it was a gorgeous piece of meat.
8", hard, with a big head with a definite rim on the base of the top of the head.  It was a work of art, with gorgeous skin and it was perfectly straight.

It was too good to let it get away.  I touched 2 fingers through the gloryhole to beckon his cock through the hole.  As he pushed his cock through the hole, I sank to my knees.  I sniffed it first to make sure it had not just been in an ass, always a good idea.  It smelled clean and fresh and it took it into my mouth.
Absolutely a great cock and I sucked it getting it very hard. As I sucked him, I would lightly rub the top of the head, against the roof of my mouth and I could feel the outline of slight ridge on his cock  head on the top of my mouth.  At the same time, I jerked my cock and got somewhat close to shooting.  He got hard as a rock and quickly shot a huge load.I'm not really  big on tasting and swallowing cum, but it did taste great, kind of mildly nutty tasting. I then spit out the cum, and straightened myself up and the daddy on the other side did the same.  It was one of the prettiest dicks I have ever seen, and I would love to suck it often.
I was far from home, so I knew it would be highly unlikely that I would ever see his meat again!
At least I sucked it once!

I hadn't cum yet, so I did a circuit of the video booths.  The beautiful Mexican was standing near a booth with out a glory hole and he and I would lock eyes when I would walk by.  After a couple of trips past him, I thought that it was not going to work out with him.  He disappeared and I took a chance and entered the inactive booth that he was standing by.  He was inside and he looked at me welcoming me in with his smile.

Score!  I fed the video machine some money, and I drew him near and put his hand on my hard cock.  I have found that many Mexican have small cocks and I stayed away from his, hoping he would suck me or give me some ass.  He pulled up both of our shirts and we both caressed each other;  him on my cock and chest, and me rubbing his back and tweaking his nipples.  We kissed passionately and he was a great kisser.

I took my cock out and he jerked it nicely without going down on it.  I pulled him close and kissed his neck and stroked and lightly pulled on his hair.  I asked him to suck me, and he nodded agreement. I think his English was really bad and I was not sure if he understood. He opened his pants and turned around presenting his beautiful, full, bubble butt.  He handed me a small bottle of lotion which I applied to my cock and I used a little of it to play with his hole.  He was getting into it, so I aligned myself behind him and slowly entered him.  After a few minutes I could really fuck him and it was a decent fuck, but not great.  This was a porn store that I had heard will throw you out if caught 2 in a booth.
I was a little nervous about that and decided to finish him off.  He was bent over grabbing the chair and I strongly fucked him with long strokes.  With each plunge he would also push back. It felt OK, but honestly it wasn't that great.  I have been fucking bare in my most recent fucks and this fuck wasn't even in the running.It felt like a fuck with a rubber.  I think the lotion lube  wasn't the best choice for a fucking.   I did shoot a big load in him, and I kept my cock inside him as it started to deflated. I tweaked his nipples and rocked my cock in his ass. He quickly shot off and we parted company.  A very cute guy, but not a great fuck.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Softer Side Of Me

When hooking up, I mostly (90% of the time), get blown.  Most random guys think that I am "Gay Trade;" a straight guy who hooks up with a guy to get a nut, but is not into guys at all. A straight prisoner who gets blown would be an example, as would any man who is not in the company of women for extended periods of time, who lets a guy service him (or who fucks him) to get his rocks off.

A type of guy who can turn me out into a romantic fucking idiot is a young, twinky guy. If he is 18-24, and trim or even painfully skinny, I have a complete personality change.  I want to kiss them, and make love to them. With a real cute one, who is willing and available, I would give up all others easily.

The Fourth guy that I hooked up with in Cleveland is an example of this.

He answered my Craigslist Ad:

Muscular, Masculine, 42, white Top with a 7 ½” hard, thick cock.
Looking to get serviced in my hotel room. Twinks and younger A+, but not required. Looking for a BJ. 

We exchanged photos and he was gorgeous.  20 years old,  5' 10", 170, short brown hair, blue eyes, very good skin and a trim, muscular body.  He also sent photos of a gorgeous ass.
He was not available on Friday night as he was going out dancing with friends (and I was tied up later), but he wanted to meet at 10 a.m. the next day. He said that he had only been with 4 guys and had been fucked by two of them.

He showed up at my hotel room right on time and I on the inside I said "Score"! He looked like a really handsome straight jock whom you might see at the mall.
He entered the room and I started to feel his body. This was a really willing young man.
I put his hand on my jeans on my cock and he felt it up. I caressed his body and he looked in my eyes.
I leaned forward and kissed him and I was a goner!  Kissing is probably my favorite thing, and he was an excellent kisser.  Even if he were a bad kisser, it would have been great. I guided him to my cock and he sucked it pretty well. I didn't care at all about the oral. I just wanted to kiss him and then get in his ass.

Anything I wanted, he complied immediately. He would kiss me whenever I wanted, for as long as I wanted.  He would suck me in any way that I wanted.  We both got naked and we made out (kissing) for around 20 minutes.  Since he was young, I knew that the sex was probably a goal for him, so I  switched gears from love making foreplay, to the real deal.  I focused my eyes on his cock for the first time and it was a very pretty 6" cock that bent up a little. Nice cock. I stayed away from his cock as I didn't want him to shoot too soon.  He was obviously freshly showered, and I lifted his legs and spread his ass cheeks. He had a beautiful, tight rosebud and he didn't object at all to me exposing it.
I rimmed him kissing his hole, tonguing the rim and poking my hard tongue inside. I also lightly chewed on his ass hole and basically made love to it.  I put as much spit as possible into him, hoping that he would let me fuck him and that he could handle a thick cock.  I put my hands on the outside of his ring and was able to open it up a little and I spit into it several times.  He was probably the 5th guy whom I had rimmed in my lifetime.  He loved the rimming, but I knew I had to move things along.

I applied lube to his cock and mine too. I put some on the outside, and inside of his ass.  Condoms were never mentioned and I got into position, with me on top and entered slowly. He stopped me a couple of times to get adjusted to my size.  His hole was a warm, slippery, velvety tunnel. I was in heaven and since I have rarely topped until recently, I regretted all that I had been missing for many years. Now, I barely remember fucking him as I was in an euphoric bliss. I do remember deep kissing him while we made love.
He was getting into it and came while I fucked him with even, controlled movements.  I wanted to make sure that it was great for him.  I pulled out and shot on his belly.  

We laid in bed, kissing for around 10 minutes. I lightly fingered his ass and my half hard sprang to rock hardness. I got back on top of him and pounded him this time, missionary as before so that I could kiss him.  I had my arms under his armpits and my hands over his back and grasped his shoulders. I pulled him onto my cock with each upward thrust of my pelvis.  We both spooged quickly.  We kissed passionately for several more minutes. I wanted him to stay,  but I had a flight to catch. 

He was a guy whom I could really fall for.  I had his number and e mail (and Manhunt and Adam4Adam handles), so next time I'm in Cleveland, we are going to meet up.
I asked him if he would fly to me if I bought the ticket and he said that he would love to.
I would love this, but it is complicated.................................

The Second Remark

In the last post I mentioned that after having sex I am often asked: "Are you straight".

The second thing I hear is:  "You have a really great Dick". I hear this all the time.
(I'm not tired of hearing it!)

As a gay man, I'm glad to have an above average cock. It is my best physical asset.

Are You Straight?

I hear two things quite often after hooking up with a new guy.  This usually occurs after I have gotten off and the guy is pulling himself back together. The other guy might have gotten off or not.  I try to, and usually get my cock way down the guys throat.  I'm not an asshole about it (yeah really!).  I give the guy what he is wanting. I can be whatever the guy needs me to be to make it awesome for him. Often it is with me channeling a straight guy in prison who hasn't had any real live pussy in the past 20 years!
I usually hear one of two  comments. Sometimes one, some times both.
The first comment is usually :
Are you straight?
Most of these submissive cocksucker's holy grail is to suck off or get fucked by a straight man.
I usually don't kill their fantasy that they had just pleased a straight man.

Yes Sir!

My trip to Cleveland was turning out to be a big ole "suckfest". I had three guys scheduled to suck me that day and the 1 the next morning.

The third guy replied to my ad saying:

Married and can't get away much. I love to suck the cock of a dominant man.

Sounded like we were a perfect match.

He texted me as he was pulling into the parking lot of my hotel. I peaked out of the curtains to check that he wasn't too Fugly and I saw him pull in and get out of his car. Score! He was a great looking guy.

Since he had told me that he wanted a dominant man, I went right to
"giving him what he wanted".  I put his hand on my cock and pushed him onto his knees, I grabbed the back of his head and made him mouth my cock through my jeans.  I told him to undo my pants and he soon had me in my underwear.  He waited for me to give him the que to take my cock out. I asked him if he wanted my cock and he said YES SIR!  Hearing this made my hard cock get even harder.  I knew that I could use and abuse this handsome, masculine guys throat. I let him suck me for a bit so I could gauge his oral skills. He was pretty good and I put a hand on the back of his head and every few sucks, I would push his head a little further down on my meat.  I was trying to see how far I could take him.

When I use a guy's throat or ass, I get dirty and verbal and basically channel the persona of porn star Jeff Stryker. I'm not trying to act like Jeff Stryker, it is just the way that I am.  The guys who respond to my ad are the ones who this dominance works on and they totally love it.

Each time I'd ask him if he liked what I was doing he would answer with a "yes sir".  He was being a great sub. I would occasionally lightly slap his face, no pain just displaying my dominance. I asked him if he liked to fuck. I knew I wasn't going to fuck him as he was too tall and masculine of a man for me to fuck. I love to fuck shorter, smaller framed guys. I wanted to see if he would let me fuck him anyway.  I wasn't going to fuck him, but I wanted to find out if I could.

This was his first refusal, but I respected his limits. At this point, his clothes were still on, and I totally ignored his cock.  I've found if you show interest in some men's cocks, that it changes the dynamic and the tone of the encounter changes.  He was a very handsome, well made man and I wanted to see what he was packing.  I told him to play with himself while he was sucking, implying that I was allowing him some pleasure leading up to my climax.  He pulled out a gorgeous 7 inch cock.  It was thick, hard and straight and he had a big mushroom head and huge balls.  I would have loved to suck it, but I was having too much fun in my dominant top role.  

I opened his shirt and he had a worked out hairy chest, great biceps and thick nipples. I tweaked those while ravishing his throat with my bone hard boner.  I was close to shooting so I pulled out of his mouth and had him suck my balls.  Having my balls sucked while jacking myself with a dude's thick  throat spit is my favorite way to cum. It gives me a truly powerful unloading of my balls.

Me: "You like this cock down your throat." 
Him: He nodded yes
Me: "U going to swallow my cum bitch."
Him: A hungry look to his eye and a frantic nod yes.

I pounded out a mind blowing orgasm, unloading my balls down his throat. At the same time he bucked wildly and shot a huge load on his stomach.
I kept my softening cock in his mouth, until his breathing settled down and we wrapped things up.
We chatted a bit and he told me he was a married father of 3.  He  managed a Tennis Club in a different city and he rarely sucked cock.  He asked if I would be available for a repeat the next day and I told him that I might be.  I would have loved another round with this hunk, but, I had a gorgeous 20 year old coming over in the morning...................

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Don't Cum Inside Me

The next guy to come to my hotel room had responded to my ad on Craigs List. Around an hour after the Tennesse Redneck left, he was knocking at my door. 
Again, I was pleasantly surprised. He was 21, around 5'9", blond hair, just a little extra weight but not bad. He was wearing glasses and was well dressed. He was obviously an educated college kid which I later found out to be true.

I opened the door and he had a big smile on his face. He came in and I lightly grabbed him by the hipbones, positioned him in front of me and I started to stroke his body, leading each movement in our "dance", and establishing that I was in control. My cock quickly sprang to life and I put his hand on it.  I moved his body a little every few seconds reinforcing that I was the lead, and started to massage his shoulders while he was rubbing my cock.

I applied a little downward pressure on his shoulder and he sunk to his knees and unbuckled and unzipped me.

He started to suck and did a pretty good job, much better than the Tennessee Redneck.  We both got naked and I layed him down on his back on the bed.  I fed him my cock with his head on the pillow.
Then I stepped off the bed and guided him on his back to where his head hung over the side.
I let him suck me shallowly, then fed him as much as he could take, around 3/4's of my hard, thick 7 1/2" cock. I wanted to pound his throat like this, but he just couldn't handle it.

Without speaking I guided his head onto the pillow and crawled on top of him. I put my super hard cock between his legs and dry humped him like I was dicking a woman.  I humped him with long strokes and made sure my cock rubbed against his hole with each pass. I consciously flexed my abs with each stroke so he could feel each contraction.

I reached over to the nightstand and got my bottle of Pure Platinum Lube.  I put some on his hands and he started to stroke his very hard 6" cock. I lubed my cock and moved between his legs, in my favorite position--Missionary.  He pulled his legs up and I raised them higher, putting them on my shoulders.
He had a lot more experience than the last guy and he had no apprehension about getting fucked.
Neither of us mentioned condoms and I put my cockhead right at the opening. I started to slowly push and he took my hard thick inches in one long stroke.  He had no problem with it at all. My favorite type of bottom! Fucking a virgin or inexperienced "versatile" guy can be a lot of work, with not a ton of reward. This guy took cock up his ass like a champ and I quickly ramped up my strokes to where I was hammering his ass.
With both hands I also grabbed the juncture of where his neck met his shoulders. I used the force of my hands to strongly push him down onto my stiff cock at the same time as thrusting into him.

It felt fantastic and I started to breath more heavily. I was close. He told me to pull out.  He said he didn't want cum in his ass, and he wanted to see me cum on him.  I asked him to let me just stay inside him and I wouldn't move, and I'd cum on him while he shot off. He beat his dick furiously and I just stayed as still as I could so that I wouldn't blow it in his ass. After he spunked, I pulled out and beat my cock and had a strong orgasm. I didn't actually squirt out any spooge though.  This had never happened to me before. I acted like I had the cum in my hand and got him a towel.  I usually have lots of cum and shoot strongly, and I didn't want him to think  that I couldn't ejaculate. Weird since I knew that I would never see him again.
He cleaned up and we had a nice little chat, before he left.

He was an aspiring opera singer and was leaving in the morning to go to school in NYC with a female (faghag) roommate. After he left, I keep seacrhing my brain for a reason that I didn't shoot some spooge on him. Then it hit me, I probably was a little too close to the edge and shot an entire load of cum in his ass without either of us knowing it. Not something I had planned. I felt a bit guilty about it, but strangely satisfied.  I went back to working on the computer, and awaited a 37 year old married man with no pic, but very good stats.  To be continued.........

First Post

I’m on a flight to Phoenix for a two week work related trip. I’ve decided that tonight is the night I start my blog. I’ve had some outrageously good luck at getting head or ass, and I don't have anyone to tell it to.
I’ll start with my trip last week to Cleveland, Ohio.
When going to a new destination, I like to put up an ad on Craigslist and see what the area has to offer. I am rarely disappointed. Here is the ad I put on CL:

Muscular, Masculine, 42, white Top with a 7 ½” hard, thick cock.
Looking to get serviced in my hotel room. Twinks and younger A+, but not required. Looking for a BJ.

OK, I lied a little on my age, but I have found that it has NEVER been a problem. I really like young guys, and I don’t want to scare any away due to a too large age gap.
I started to put the ad on at around 10 pm and by the time I checked my e mail the next day, I had 17 responses. I also responded to 2 guy’s ads who were the type and age I like best; young and lean.
I was working on the computer in my hotel room that day and just scheduled
guys to arrive every couple of hours. In between each hook up, I was able to get some work done.

The first guy I hooked up with had the first ad that I responded to:

Tennessee Redneck, looking to mess around. Love guys with bubble butts.
5’10” 155 lbs. 26 years old. No black guys. Don’t have any pics. Don’t ask.

I emailed some pics. He liked what he saw and we set up the hook up. He was looking at his e mail on his phone while at his grandmothers mowing her yard, an hour away. He said it would be around an hour and a half until he could arrive. Fine with me as I had a lot of work to do.
While we were both working, we would text back and forth. I found out that he did construction with his dad and he didn’t have a lot of experience with guys. He said that he hadn’t had sex with a guy in around a year and he wanted to suck a dick. I gave him my Hotel name and room number.

He texted me when he got to the hotel, and I had  butterfies in my stomach in anticipation of the meeting. I liked him very much on the phone and having not seen a photo of him, I was very pleasantly surprised.
He had dark tousled hair, a lean hard, muscular body and his above average face had the look of a blue collar young man who had spent plenty of time working outside. He was wearing a well worn tee shirt, ball cap and tan work pants. On the inside I said “Score”, but I kept it cool.

I started out by putting my hands on his hips, and moving his body a step or two, getting him into synch with me and my body; with body language establishing that I was the Top. I then ran my right hand from his belt up to his hard chest, and my left hand up the groove I felt in the middle of his back. With my right hand I took his hand and put it on my hard cock. We started taking our clothes off, getting naked in a split ass second. He had moderate chest hair, and a “treasure” trail which led to his untrimmed, but not out of hand “bush”.

I guided him gently like a smooth dance move, positioning him with his the back of his legs at the side of the bed. He easily gave up the control and I took over.
Facing him, I had my left hand on his shoulder and my right hand caressed his ass. His left hand was lightly jacking my hard rod. This was a move that I often use to get a guy to suck my dick. He was obviously inexperienced and didn’t take the hint. I then gently pushed him onto the bed. I hovered over his head on my knees and I positioned my cock at his mouth and he started sucking.
He gave it his best shot, but man did he suck at sucking! It was definitely not doing anything for me.
He actually had an above average dick, probably 6 ½”, moderately thick and a pretty piece of meat. I went down on his cock and sucked it for about 10 minutes and while he was very hard, I could tell he was not progressing to shooting his wad. He was clean and had obviously showered before mowing the lawn, but he was a little sweaty from the work. I wet a couple of fingers and started gently rubbing his hole. He liked this and I knew that I could probably get my cock in him. I got some lube and told him I wanted to beat off. He started jacking his own cock as I lubed mine up and I started getting as much lube as possible into his hole. I then got on top, in missionary position and toyed with his hole with the head of my dick. I started to rock my body, getting my dick into position to enter his chute.

I gave him around 30 moderate taps with my hard cock, just at the entrance to his hole. The next push was a little harder and I entered getting just the head in. I could tell he had little experience so instead of pumping into him, I just rocked my body, getting my cock in a little farther with each movement. I got around half way in his ass and then started to pump his hole moderately. It really didn’t feel that great, maybe due to not enough lube, or him being tense. I picked up the pace a little and he jacked faster and blew a very big load on his chest and stomach. He was cute, but actually a lousy lay so I brought him a wet wash cloth and sent him on his way. And…….I had a 21 year old bottom due to arrive in an hour…… To be continued….