Thursday, November 22, 2012

A Pussy Whipped mother fucker.


 All I could think about the next day was Chad.  I searched the internet and everything he told me checked out. This gorgeous, loving , well mannered, warm, caring, vulnerable and Charming man lives a life of business, financial and personal successes.  His life reminded me of Forest Gump as he had been everywhere and met everyone.

We had agreed to meet again that night at 10 pm. He didn't contact me by text, phone or email.
Finally at around 11, he called and said he laid down for a nap at around 8 pm, and overslept.  i didn't quite buy the excuse, but didn't care.  I just wanted him on whatever terms or conditions that came along with him. He came over and we had another fantastic night of sex and intimate conservation. Chad told me he was unavailable the next night as he had to fly to New York City in the morning for business.  i
The next day I drove home as a pussy whipped, sometimes euphoric, sometimes dejected mother fucker.

My mental anguish had begun.

I fucked Ryan Reynolds (sort of)

I was on a business trip in Virginia.  I placed an ad on Craigslist looking for a one way blow job (me getting blown of course).

Here was the response:

White male, 38 years old,  6 feet tall, brown hair, blue eyes, in very good shape, will suck you to completion. You will not be disappointed.

I took a shower and anxiously awaited.  I was peeking through the curtains to catch a glimpse of him as he arrived. I was playing with my cock through my pants and had it half hard.   He came from the other direction though and I didn't get a look at him until I opened the door.

I opened the door. OMG.  A gorgeous, worked out man who resembled Ryan Reynolds the actor,  was standing there.  I quickly got him into the room, closed the door and whipped out my cock.  He went down and started to suck.  I was loving it, but I really wanted to kiss him.  After I was good and hard and he was obviously very into my cock, I pulled him up and kissed him.  He was an outstanding kisser and I was a goner. I steered him to the bed, we undressed and had an amazing  encounter.  He'd suck me, we'd have a kissing session, we would talk very intimately; I was falling for him like I  have for no other.  He told me some really unbelievable shit about his life, his businesses, his successes, former very famous girlfriends, etc.  I of course totally believed him. That stuff didn't matter to me one tiny bit, as I am rather accomplished myself.  What did it for me, more so than his excellent body and his very handsome face was the intimacy of our conversations.  He also told me over and over again that he was so lucky that I chose him. 

His name was Chad (fake name)  btw.  My Craigs List ad, put out bait to pull in a submissive cocksucker.  A guy like that usually doesn't want his cock sucked, but wants to service and please the top.  I really wanted to suck Chad's cock, but was afraid that it would ruin the scene for him. I eventually sucked it a little.
Chad  flipped me over and rimmed my ass (awesome!).  I flipped him over, rimmed him (also very awesome), then had him hit my bottle of English Premium Poppers.  I started to fuck him bareback with him on top. He was in absolute bliss, with his head flopping around.  I got him into my favorite, the missionary position so I could see his stunning, masculine, handsome  face.  In the dim light in the room.  He looked EXACTLY like Ryan Reynolds. I thought to myself that this is what it would be like to fuck Ryan Reyolds, a man whom I had previously fantasized about fucking. I also realized that I would rather be fucking and kissing Chad than Ryan Reynolds any day of the week.  Chad had an explosive orgasm and I didn't cum but was 110% totally satisfied. We talked for well over an hour about life, and previous relationships, then drifted to sleep. He left awhile later, early in the morning and he left me totally pussy whipped.