Thursday, July 14, 2011

Construction Worker

Yesterday as I was walking to Marcus's apartment (see the post from June 11,  for the actual encounter), I walked toward Marcus's neighbor, a lean muscled black guy, around 38 years old, who is probably a recovered crack head.  He is always friendly and talkative.  One time he tried to sell me a radio, another time some CD's.  This time he said "Hi", and then "You must be a construction worker".  I said "no, I'm just about the opposite, but I do see your point".  I was freshly showered, but wearing worn jeans, a white T shirt, a ball cap from a home improvement store and older sneakers.  I have the build of a construction worker with big hands and nice arms. 
I do have nice clothes, but when I am running errands, or visiting a regular friend with benefits, I wear what is most comfortable. The guys who find me attractive are strongly drawn to me.  The ones who aren't pay me no attention.  I have a go-t and have a moderately hairy chest. When hooking up  I have even had gay men rub their faces in my chest hair, almost as if they were a cat rubbing on your leg.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Greenville, South Carolina

On the way home, I stayed in Greenville, South Carolina.

I placed an ad on Craigslist and had over 40 responses.

I placed the ad late, at around 9 pm.

I checked into my hotel, at 11:00 pm.

While checking in, I received a text from a 23 year old , ex military guy with a 9" cock:

He texted me a cock shot and it was awesome.

He said that he wanted to come by as soon as possible. He was really in a hurry. After 2 or 3 emails, everything was set and he was coming to my hotel.

Fifteen minutes later, I was in my room a and fired up the laptop.  The guy of my dreams had e mailed me and was wanting to come by.  Really nice photos that showed a toned lean body and a handsome face.  Here is his e mail:
31 yo

What do u get into?

I really wanted to meet this guy, not the 9" military guy, but I had made a committment.  An hour went by and the Army Guy had not shown up.  I got back with the gorgeous guy who was absolutely my type, but he had disappeared.  It was 1:30 a.m by this time and of course it was too late to expect a guy to be up and waiting for a response on a hook up site.

I then went for my 2nd choice on Craigslist from Greenville.  He was a 29 year old black guy.  5'10", 145 lbs, and a bottom. We negotiated that I just wanted a bj.  He arrived and was really hot.  Very lean, dark skinned, with a really beautiful body and 6 pack.  He blew me expertly and then went for my hole.  WTF! What is it with bottom guys always going for my hole.  I do love to get rimmed, but this guy had no way to know this.  I am sure that I had not sent this guy any cues that I could possibly be a bottom. I was fairly certain that he was a total bottom, Total Bottom, and I was right.  I told him that I would almost for sure not fuck him, but I quickly put him on his back and got on top.

I put some lube on my cock and pushed into him missionary style. He had a silky smooth ass hole and I fuck him gently at first, then I fucked him strongly and took his ass. I had an explosive orgasm.  After the end of the fuck, he took a shower and we talked some.  I then realized that he was hard of hearing, maybe deaf.  He was a professional at presenting the appearance of normal hearing.  No worries though, it was not an issue to me in the least.  We parted ways. If he and I lived in the same city, I would be fucking him every day, or at least 2 or 3 times a week!

Mr. Popularity

I continued on with my trip driving to Mississippi.
I spent the night in Jackson Mississippi and placed an ad on Craigslist:

I'm from out of state, here tonight only.. I'm masculine and muscular with a 7 1/2" hard thick cock. I'm looking for a bj, maybe more. I especially like 18-30. Thin, twinks or muscular A+. I'm dominant and like a somewhat submissive guy. Race is not an issue.

image 0 image 1

I had 36 responses.  I think the aspect of the ad that I was from out of the area pulled in a lot of response.
I picked a guy who was 36, black, dark skinned who just wanted to service me.
He came to my hotel room, right on time and he was handsome and muscular.
He was all about servicing me.
But after only 7 minutes of servicing me, he went for my ass.

Aggressively.  He started to rimm me vigorously.  Too vigorously actually.  I had to slow him down.  What next occurred was a 40 minute rim job.  He was AWESOME!  I cycled in and out of orgasmic bliss.
His main fetish though was in servicing feet.
I have been told many times that I have epic feet.  My feet are size 10 wide, but I have a very high arch.
I have occasionally had guys suck my toes, and lick on my soles.  This guy was really into it.  He sucked each toe like it was a cock.  He talked all through the session.  He told me that he had sucked and been fucked by his brother for years.  The brother was 10 years older. 

The brother would fuck this guy guy starting at the age of 11.  He would take him into a closet, cover his mouth with his hand and fuck him.  It was rape. My new friend said that he did not tell as the brother told him if he told, that he would not let him service his feet.  My new friends fetish was so strong at age 10 or 11 that he would put up with rape in order to suck on and lick his older brother's feet. 

This guy told me that his brother had a huge dick, the biggest he had seen, around 9 1/2".  He sucked or let his brother fuck him until the brother became married. 

This guy sucked me into an unbelievable orgasm.  It was late and I needed to go to sleep, otherwise I would have had him stay and suck me again.

In the morning, I had several cocksuckers on Craigslist to choice from.  I chose a 6'3" 39 year old guy with a nice, muscular body. He was married with a 21 year old daughter.  He had a 6 1/2" cock that was nice and a hairy body, with a very nice chest.  He sucked me, sucked my balls and I came while he sucked my balls, shooting over his chest.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Land Of The Giants

This is the continuation to the post below.  I'm in a good Adult Bookstore in Gastonia, NC.  I just fucked a hot bodied guy, but he came before me and left me hanging.  I cleaned things up and went back to cruising. There was a really nice looking guy, mid 30's, blondish who was really tall, as in REALLY tall.  He wasn't a good cruiser, but eventually we ended up in the same private booth together.  He just stood there watching the videos.  He seemed really distant and almost autistic.  He wouldn't look at me.  This guy was very good looking with a military type haircut, blondish hair cut short.  He had an athletic build and probably played basketball in school. I rubbed his body, opened his shorts and pulled his beautiful cock out.  SCORE.  It was a real beauty, 8", very hard, beautiful shaped, a very good cock with nice big balls.  I pulled his pants and underwear down to his ankles and started to suck him.  Great cock and I loved sucking on it.  After maybe 5 minutes, he started bending over, reaching for my ass, and then reaching toward my cock.  I took my cock out and he started to suck it.  The dynamic totally changed at this point.  He went from the "top" getting serviced to being a cock sucking bottom. I never sucked his dick again. It felt great and I was ROCK HARD.

Then something really weird happened .  My pants were around my ankles while he was sucking me.  It was dark in the booth, but the light from the video was enough for me to be aware of his actions.  He started to go through my pants pockets. WTF!  He wasn't being super subtle about it like a thief would probably be.  In my left front pocket I had a bottle of lube and an extra large condom.  While continuing to suck me, I could see him examining that, then put it back in my pocket. He then went through my other pocket which had my keys.  This guy was super attractive, clean, and prosperous looking and I didn't think he was trying to rob me.  I also was curious and just wanted to see how it played out. I knew I would check my pockets afterwards, and I wouldn't let him touch my wallet of course.  He then went to a back pocket that had my gym card and a hotel key card.  He put everything back in my pockets and left the pocket with my wallet in it alone.  He then stood, turned his back to me and pulled his beautiful ass cheeks apart. His hole was gorgeous. He obviously wanted me to fuck him.  I told him as I was going to get the lube out and he said no lube.  I've had some lousy fucks without lube with a tight hole, especially if there was a lot of hair to tear up my cock, so I was a little worried.  I fucked him and it went in well and felt really good.  He was so tall though (I'm 5'7"), that I was standing on my tiptoes to get the best access.  He would occasionally sniffle a little and I though that he had probably been snorting cocaine, or meth.  This was all running through my head and i was also wondering about him having gone through my pockets.  That is just something that someone not of drugs would not have done.  I started to go soft and pulled out to get some lube.  He said you don't need any lube and he started to roughly jack my cock.  I knew the fuck was going south so I lied and told him that I had cum right before he had arrived. I excused myself and left the booth. 

He and I were the only ones in the booth area.  I went into a private booth and applied some lube and jacked myself into a rock hard erection.  I opened the booth and he was standing there eying my erect member.  He took off his shirt, dropped his pants and bent over in the doggie position.  I pushed my greasy cock into his ass and it felt great.  We were in the middle of the aisle and fucking out in the open, and I wasn't close to cumming.  I needed another 10 minutes or so, but didn't want to get busted. I decided to wrap things up so I fucked him hard and faked cumming deep in his ass and pulled out.  His cock was rock hard and he started beating it furiously. What a gorgeous cock on a fucked up guy.  I worked 2 fingers into his ass and fucked him with that, making sure that I hit his prostate. He blew a huge load all over the wall.  Overall it was a good hook up, but a bit out there and weird.  As I cleaned up I asked if he were in the Military.  He said no.  I asked him how tall he was and he said 6'7".  That is all he ever said. I went to the bathroom and washed my dick.  He left and within 5 minutes another very tall guy came in.

He was 6'5", 40 ish, straight looking, nice looking guy.  He sucked me really well on his knees.  He was stroking himself and came while blowing me.  I was close too.  He left and another guy came in.  He was at least 6'4", muscular, late 40's.  He went into a booth with a glory hole and motioned for me to stick my dick through. He sucked really well. He looked like a married dad and I was surprised that he even sucked cock.  I asked through the hole if he wanted to share a booth.  He said no, he had to leave.  He left.  What the Fuck!

Left in the booth area was a heavy set guy around 5'10".  Fat is more like it actually. He had an extremely nice face, looked like a Dentist. He sucked me in the booth, but he just bent over and didn't get on his knees.  I knew I wasn't going to get off like that and he was going for himself anyway.  His dick was very small, but his balls were much bigger than average.  Strange.  He shot a huge load.  He said that he was married with kids.  He wanted to come to my hotel room but I declined.  The place was getting ready to close so I left, went to my room and had a massive orgasm while beating off. The visit to this location didn't turn out in any way how I would have guessed, but overall I had a good time. Later on my trip, I would relearn how good hooking up on Craigslist can be.

A Lot Miles On The Odometer

I just got back from a 4 day trip by car.  Several hours into my trip I arrived at the same nice bookstore that I visited a couple of weeks before.  This time there were just 2 cars in the parking lot. One was obviously the clerks and I assumed one patron.  I paid my $10 fee and went into the dimly lit movie arcade.  This is a bookstore where you paid the entrance fee and the movies play continuously play and you can stay as long as you like.  My kind of bookstore as there is no need to feed the meter and break up any rhythm that you might have going on.  There was one guy in a locked booth that had a glory hole.  I went in and looked through the hole to check out what was on offer. It was a guy who was probably Italian, mid thirties, 5'9", and looked like a construction worker. Nice body.  He sucked me really well. I don't really like to cum through a Gloryhole. I want a little more interaction with the guys body and to get him in sync with me  and my thrusting cock. While he was sucking, I waited until my cock was really hard and at it's full glory.  I want to make sure that my "bait" (my cock) is at it's best so that I can ask the guy to come into a private booth with me and I can get the full package of his mouth and my access to touching his body, or caressing his face, hair, or body.  If he is into it I'll also skull fuck him or use my hands on his shoulders to aid in help in fucking his face, just what the guy is into and is good with.  If I get him hot enough, I can usually, totally fuck his mouth and throat over and leave him in orgasmic bliss that only a true top piece of meat can give a cock sucker (he might not even know that he is capable of doing this).  I've had guys turn me out like this as well, and love it.  Almost always, it is me making the guy my subservient sucker.  This Italian/American cocksucker look a bit "rode hard and put up wet". He definitely had many miles on his odometer.  In my mind he was probably a heavy drinker and maybe did pain pills.  His body and cock were gorgeous though. Just a really nice natural body with plenty of muscle, nice skin tone and a hairy chest and stomach. His cock was 7", very hard, darkish in color like many Italians, he was uncut but without a lot of skin, His cock was straight and really beautiful.  The head was a lighter pink color.  I would have loved to have sucked it, but my innerself told me that he might be a health risk.  I had him stand up facing me and I put my wet cock between his legs. He started mock fucking my cock with his thighs. He then added some more spit and positioned himself so that I was rubbing his hole with each thrust between his legs.  He turned around and showed me a gorgeous bubble butt.  He held his cheeks open and I was weighing my options.  If I fucked him, and it didn't feel good, or he was dirty inside, then I would have a dirty dick and would have to wash it before I found another guy to blow me.  On the other side of the coin, he might have an awesome ass. I decided to give his ass a shot.  I told him to get on his knees and get my cock really wet.  Then I had him stand up facing the wall.  I added some more spit, lined my cock up with his hole and he guided it in.  My cock was rock hard, but I met some resistance. He was tight.  I got about half way in and it felt OK. What I really wanted was some good lube to loosen things up.  I had great lube in my pocket, and planned to add it after a few minutes, but he started to breath heavy and shot off while blowing me.  I wasn't about to cum, so I excused myself.  I went to the bathroom to check things out "down there".  Everything looked clean and I washed myself off with soap and water in the sink.  I went back out to the video booths and was glad that I hadn't cum yet. This story is running a little long, and this episode is just getting started, so I'll continue it in the next post. 

Fucking Faggots

Fucking Faggots--meant as a slur. I'm not using the term as in fucking a faggot. Faggot is just a word, it doesn't have a lot of power to me.  I just use it when I'm frustrated, and pissed off.
For an example of this I am somewhat particular as to the man I am with when having sex.  Sometimes. LOL
I suck relatively few guys although I love dick.  If the guy is young and lean, I'll suck him even if he has a small or oddly shaped cock.  If he is 30's or older, I'll only suck him if it is a really outstanding cock.  I am just not attracted to him that way otherwise.  If I am horny and just wanting a blow job, I'll let most any guy suck me who's had a shower within the last 24 hours; I could even let that slide to 48 hours if I am sufficiently "backed up" with semen. Last week I had an early morning trip to the airport for a flight out of state.  I stopped at a rest area on my way.  It was around 6 a.m. A 40 year old black guy followed me in. He was 5'10" and weighed around 220.  He didn't do much for me, but he eyed my cock in the bathroom and I pumped it to hardness. He knelled and sucked it well.  I'm not much into sex inside a bathroom as getting busted there could be as easy for the cops as shooting fish in a barrel, so I left and went to the vending machines.  The guy followed me there, gave me the eye, walked past me and went to a deserted picnic table with a roof over it,  well away from the building.  There was also a little shelter there and it was pretty private.  I followed him down there and he started sucking me really well. I was leaning against the support for the roof  and got lost in the sensation.  After maybe 3 minutes, I opened my eyes, looked up and saw that some FAGGOT had followed us and was watching at a distance.  I know some people like an audience, but that is not me.  I hate cruising outdoors, finding some one and taking the action to a remote place and then having the FAGGOTS/Trolls follow.  Unless you really give them the slip, they almost always follow. I would think that if one takes the trick way the hell away to a remote spot that it should be pretty obvious that company is not desired. Hell, I didn't even know this guy was in the picture, he must have been watching from afar.  The audience made me realize that perhaps this was too out in the open.  I zipped up, excused myself and continued on to the airport.

Stuck at the Airport

I was stuck at the Charlotte NC for a 5 hour layover.  I knew that there were a couple of bookstores in nearby Gastonia so I rented a car and in 20 minutes I was in a well run, clean, newish establishment.  I have found that adult bookstores often show a lot of disregard and disrespect for their customers.  It is obvious that their only concern is getting the money.  I have been to many bookstores that don't even have soap in the bathrooms, and often there is only cold water in the tap.  This one was well air conditioned, the arcade was dimly lit (conducive to cruising)  and had 3 distinct booth "aisles", so that one could lose the trolls, and duck into a booth unobserved with the guy of your choice.  This bookstore was a little out of the way, and there were only 3 guys in it when I arrived. One grey haired nice looking guy sucked me very well.  I didn't want to cum too quickly, so I cut it off after 7 minutes and told him that I'd find him later if he were still there.  He asked if I were married (I get that question a lot), and I told him divorced.  This wasn't true, but I wanted him to maintain his fantasy that he was sucking a straight man.  When I exited the booth, I rounded the corner and saw a great looking black man, mid to late 30's.  He was 6', wore a wedding ring and had a football player build.  I went into a booth without a glory hole and left the door open.  He soon came in and locked the door and watched the movie without really acknowledging me.  He made no move for any contact so I opened his pants, and pulled out his cock.  It was a beauty, 7 1/2" long, nice and hard with an awesome head, and nice balls. I started to suck him, and after a couple of minutes, I shimmied his pants and underwear to around his ankles.  While sucking his gorgeous cock, he leaned over me and played with my ass cheeks.  I guess he was a top.  He had really strong legs and I strokes his calves and thighs as I sucked him.  He got close to cumming and said he had just got there and didn't want to get off yet.  He said he would find me later.  Touche! Karma got me on that one.  I then ran into my original cocker suck and I ducked into another private booth  and he followed me in and went back to work.  He told me that I had a huge cock and that he would suck it every day if he could.  This guy was obviously a business man and was well dressed.  He was wearing a wedding ring.  He could suck a mean dick and I gave a big load, pounding it down his throat.  He swallowed every drop.  This was around 2 weeks ago.  I found myself passing through this area this weekend and I visited  this bookstore again 2 days ago.  That time was even better.  Story to follow soon.