Saturday, October 30, 2010

Kiss Him All Over,

There is a really attractive Mexican guy at the gym who goes at the same time I generally do.
I see him most times I go there.  He's 25, 5'6", 120 lbs, very toned and a nice face. He has an accent,
and isn't a citizen yet, but he is here legally.  He is an awesome guy; very nice, funny, smart.  I've seen him regularly for around 2 years and we slowly became good friends.  His smaller size, and smaller framed body with great tone and beautiful skin bring out the Top Top that is often what I am. I want to
kiss him, hold him, eat his ass and make love to it similarly to a straight man making love to woman; just a different hole.

Tony and I text and talk on the phone a lot. I learned that he had just split with his American boyfriend of 6 years. I also learned that Tony has only ever had sex with this boyfriend, the first and only man or boy that he has ever been with.  In their relationship Tony was the top to the muscular boyfriend who looked like a top.  

I invited Tony to my house one evening and I cooked him dinner and we had some Screwdrivers.
He had previously told me that he had smoked pot in the past and before dinner I found a friend who had a joint, and he gave it to me.  We smoked it and he seemed to relax a lot more.  We started kissing and it was awesome.  We kissed passionately and rolled around and I had a strong urge to be on top of him and breed him, and plant my seed in him.  His dick is very nice, uncut and large for a Mexican (from what I have seen). It was hard as steel, and he took my cock out and sucked it for around 5 minutes.  We went back to kissing and he told me that since he had just broke up with the bf, that he wasn't ready to do more right now.  I was very good with that and we just kissed like we were teenagers.  It was very passionate and exactly what I wanted and needed.

I went on trip for 2 weeks right after that first time.  When I saw Tony, I wasn't sure how he felt about things. Was this heading to us being boyfriendss, fuck buddies, or just friends at the gym.
We played squash and it looked like we were in the friend mode.  Afterwards we showered up and went to our cars (in different directions).  I felt deflated and felt like I had missed my chance with Tony.  I started to drive home and he texted me that he was missing our kissing session.We texted back and forth and agreed that we would have a make out session in my pick up truck the next night.
I was floating on my drive home. 

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Front and Back

I had to go the the next biggest city near me this morning. It is around 1 hour away.
My #1 fan lives in this town, but actually works in my town. I sometimes meet him
in my city, and 1/2 the time I hook up with him in his city.

He is my  biggest fan and he will suck me whenever and where ever I want if he can make it.
He has been sucking me for around 8 years now. In the beginning, it was maybe twice a year, but now it
is once or twice a week!

One my way, I called him to see if he was available. He has a lover, so we agreed to meet at
an adult book store for him to suck me. #1 fan has a good body, is trim, but where he excels is in
the service he provides.  He will suck me for as long as I want (which I can stretch way out),  loves to suck
my balls and usually rims me vigorously.

I hadn't been rimmed in over a week, so I was looking forward to him working on my ass.

He was awesome as usual.  He sucked my cock expertly, then sucked my balls for 15-20 minutes. I was edging and in pre-ejaculation ecstasy.  I was close but really wanted him to pay some attention to my ass.
He usually is super hungry for my ass and when I'm ready to come, I usually have to pull his head up from my ass so I can cum down his throat. Today, he didn't go there, and I fucked his head and shot a strong load down his throat.

#1 Fan always wants to stay on his knees and worships my cock after I cum.  He makes sure to get every drop.  I always have to pull him up so I can get him off my cock so I can leave.
He is extremely submissive to me sexually. He will do what ever I want and he loves it.  He is in total
lust mode while sucking me.  After we finish, he always tucks my shirt in for me and buckels my pants and fastens my belt. It's nice to be appreciated!

I had a busy day and actually made some decent money for a Saturday. 

In the evening I went to the gym and did a pretty intense, 40 minute cardio workout.

When I was done with the cardio, it was around 6 pm and I felt that familiar stirring in my cock.
It was stiffening and I was hoping I could find my #2 Fan.

I went to a nearby Video Store and it was dead as can be.  Just a few guys that I wasn't interested in.
I drove an additional 15 minutes to another store and it has hopping with guys.

The pick out of all the guys at this store was a 60 year old, 6 foot tall, extremely muscular body builder.  He was wearing shorts and a white muscle tank top. He was the real deal, very muscular in the way that one can only be if he reads the muscle magazines, takes the supplements, works out often and maybe takes steroids! He was really giving me the eye and I was hoping he would be a good cocksucker.

I went into a booth without a glory hole and he followed me in.  He got on his knees and I opened my pants and released my cock.  He sucked it  like it was the last cock on earth.  He told me several times that I had the perfect cock. I grabbed his very muscular shoulders and fucked his throat.  This guy was great!  He sucked my balls and worked a finger toward my hole.

He then turned me around and rimmed me for 10 minutes.  It felt good, but we were doing it with him behind. For some reason, it only feels awesome for me to be rimmed if I am on my back with my legs up.

He was really into sucking me and I used his services for around 30 minutes straight. I had a great orgasm down his throat, and he asked if we could get together again.  We actually live 2 hours apart and I told him that it wasn't going to work. Maybe I would see him there again someday.

He said that he loved sucking me and that it made his day. It was pretty great for me too!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Sucked Off By A Girl

I'm home from my 3 day trip to New York City.

The first day, I stopped at one Adult Video Store with a booth area.
I've been to this book store before and the booth area is perfect for cruising.
It is dark with separate areas that you can duck into a booth with another guy and
no one would be the wiser.
I was the only customer there though.
After 10 minutes of watching videos by myself, I left.

A half hour down the highway on my way, is another video store.  It also has a great
layout.  I first went into a booth with a guy who was attractive to me.  Late 30's,
5'8", 150 lbs, lean with a nice cock, very blue collar looking.  I tried to get him to suck mine, but he was only there for a blow job. Since he wouldn't suck me, I  started to suck him. His dick was fairly hard, and he fucked my face with it. It was a beautiful cock, but it has some bumps on the underside of the head, and that started to turn me off. In addition, I'm not really a cocksucker, so after 6 minutes, I pulled off the cock and excused myself.

In the bookstore was a 45 year old attractive, well built black man, but he wasn't into me.

The only other option was a short man, bald, and only mildly attractive. He had an OK body.
I went into a booth and he followed me in.

I pulled out my cock and he jacked it to hardness. He spoke for the first time saying "Oh My God, It Is Huge". The more he talked and gushed about my cock, the nellier he got.  His actions and speach pattern were like an overacting drag queen. I needed to get on with my long drive, so I pushed him down gently to suck me.  He was awesome! He got on his knees, and sucked a mean dick.  He also sucked my balls.
I rewarded him with an extended ejaculation; I felt like I wouldn't stop cumming. As we were pulling ourselves back together, he told me again how much he loved my dick.

I really need to be serviced at least once a day. I'm actually on edge and thinking about head and ass constantly until I get off. Now I was relaxed, my head cleared and I got on with my trip.

Monday, October 18, 2010

New York New York

Tomorrow evening I am driving to NYC for work. I hate to fly and only do it if necessary. I have the time this week so I'm driving. I'll be on a tight schedule so I might not get much head or ass.
I LOVE to get in the car and drive for hours with the radio cranked up.
I'm looking forward to this quick three day trip.

I have a number of stories about  Stewart, the "Totally Straight Appearing Cocksucker", and his new hunky, bi sexual boyfriend Jason. I have a suspicion that Jason might actually be straight. He drinks and smokes pot and I think when he is feeling no pain that he will let a guy suck him off. More on that later.

I met Stewart around 3 or 4 years ago at the local adult video store.  I went into the booth area and caught a look at him. He looked to be mid thirties, totally masculine, good body, muscular and trim. OK face. He has a bit of a rough look to him, like a some what buff guy who just out of prison!
I really liked what I saw and he sucked me through a hole in the booth. He then stuck his beautiful 7" cut cock through and I blew him some more.  I suggested that we get a booth together and he agreed.

Once together in a private booth, we both opened up our shirts and let our cocks out.  I caressed his smooth muscles and he kneeled down and went to work. He did an awesome job and I came down his throat.  He would even let me pound him some deep, and he took it well.  He asked if we could exchange #'s and did.

Steward lived alone near the gym that I go to.  I would often stop by his house after my nightly workout and he would suck my cock and balls. He loves to suck balls which is one of my favorite things to happen when having sex.  Some weeks I would stop by up to 5 times a week. I was worried that I would wear out my welcome, but he really seemed into it.  I never sucked his cock again though.  He never puts it near my mouth and it is obvious that he wants to do me. I am a bit of a handful to blow as I like to be in control and move the guy around.  I love to pound a throat deep, but I realize that most guys can't handle it and it scale it back.  I like to fuck a guys face, like I was fucking a woman, or an ass.  The guys who are "Service Providers" almost always love this.

I am constantly amazed that I can get good looking guys to kneel down and take my dick and cum.
I almost always get them to suck my balls, and perhaps 1 in 5 guys will rim me. I never ask them to rim me, or really put it out there, they just do it on their own. 

I had a great hook up with an early 20's trim guy of around 5'7", 140 lbs.  He was into a bit of a heavy scene. More on that in the next post.

Neighborhood Hole

This evening I met up with the Neighborhood Hole. He lives near me and I pass by his house every day. He is exactly my favorite type. Thin, well made, handsome face 5'11, 145 lbs, bottom boy.  When hooking up if the guy is "service oriented", I often don't check out their cock.  I've fucked this neighborhood hole on 4 prior occasions.  Today we were in better light. He wasn't really hard and had a cockring on. His dick was OK, but nothing special. I had no interest in his cock, and I'm sure he didn't want me playing with it.

The first time we met, he had me park in his neighborhood and walk past several houses to get to him.
His lover is a Doctor and he doesn't want to get caught, but says that they do threesomes occasionally and if he caught us, it would not be a big deal. He had the house totally dark and had me meet him at an outside door to an unfinished basement. We made our way through this large house to his bedroom. It was a gorgeous house, but rather musty, like it had old carpeting and it needed airing out.

He and I had made contact on Adam4Adam, and had been e mailing every 3 or 4 months for 3 years!
I planned to only let him blow me. He blew me well, but he kept holding his legs out. I positioned myself between his legs missionary style and dry humped his crack. I fingered his hole lightly and it felt awesome.
I spit on my cock and slowly plunged inside. My dick is kind of fat, especially at the base and when I would hit bottom, his ass ring would grip my cock. He has a wonderful ass. I fucked him hard and fast, I fucked him slow and lovingly.  I finished with me on top with my arms holding his shoulders and  I would push him strongly down onto my cock to coincide with each thrust.  I had an awesome and prolonged orgasm.

The next time we hooked up,  he seemed really paranoid and kept checking to see if anyone was outside. I started to suspect that he was tweaking, but he was a great, willing hole. I planned to fuck him at least once a week, but he travels a lot as do I so it's not been easy to schedule it.  I need to get off with another person once a day and him living nearby would make my life a lot easier. 

He visited me at my house today and he was more demanding about how the fuck went. (I hate bossy bottoms!).  It was mostly doggy style and it was awesome bouncing off his bubble butt with each push inside him. He had me fuck him long and slow, not fast and brutal like I love.  Maybe I'm not as great of a fuck as I had thought. Or maybe he isn't the best power bottom out there.  I am sort of new to barebacking as I only rediscovered it these last few months.  I tried to consistently dick him how he wanted, but something would come over me and I would start to thrust fairly hard. It was a bit animal like actually. It felt like in a perverse way, I was reenacting  the procreation of our species.  For millions of generations it was vitally important that both partners mate well to continue the species.  I think I am probably genetically a "super fucker", with a much higher sex drive than the norm.  My father (straight of course) told me that he was the same way.  My father and I were not that close, but we do closely resemble each other and have many similar traits.

The Neighborhood Hole, is wanting me to come to a gathering on Friday to have sex with him, his boyfriend and another top.  His boyfriend is going to wear a hood without eye holes. The Hole is wanting me to fuck him while his lover is getting fucked by another guy. He wants it like that so that his boyfriend will not know he is getting fucked and seeded.

I'm not going to attend. I am seriously  cutting this guy off and moving on. (Yeah Right, we'll see if that happens).  Unfortunately, his body type really appeals to me and knowing myself, I know I'll keep hitting it as often as I can.
One the down side he is a bit of a bossy bottom (not too bad though), and he mentioned today that I could sneak into his house late at night and fuck him, but if the bf found out, he might get kicked out. He had led me to believe that it was cool with the Doctor that he fool around on the side. I think now that is not the case.
This hole also mentioned several times that I make too much noise when fucking him (just heavy breathing when I power fuck him) and it might get us caught. (bossy bottom). I might have to fuck him several more times then
back it way down to once every couple of months.

Monday, October 4, 2010

The Mexican Finale

So, I had one more night at the event.  Joaquin was still often around me, which is part of his job.  He seemed glad to see, me but was more standoffish then the day before.  The first time we were alone, I went to touch the back of his arm and he jumped backwards.  Perhaps I had misjudged him and my advances were not wanted.  It made me feel rather shitty and foolish actually.  My first thought was to totally ignore him, like all of the others at the Event did.  I stayed away from him for around 1 hour.

Later, he seemed much more friendly.  I didn't want to take any chances and didn't touch him anymore.The clock was ticking so I upped the ante.  I told him again how handsome he was, and that I loved his body. I told him that I would like to see and feel his body, both very true statements.  He smiled and seemed pleased but it was a little awkward.  I asked him again if he had a girlfriend. He then told me that he did have a girlfriend named Katie, an American and that he fucked her lots and she also blew him.  He showed me her photo. She was suppossed to be 18, but looked 32.  The photo looked like a "Glamour Shot" special with a low cut top and BIG boobies.  She wore too much make up and was chubby, with a nice enough face. At his age, I would have fucked her if I was very drunk and it was a hit and run.  I wouldn't have been seen in public with her though!

He told me that he really liked to titty fuck her. I asked him if he liked a mouth on his cock and he beamingly said yes.  I told him that I would like to suck his cock.  He giggled and said that there were too many people around. I agreed, and told him that we could meet in the large, deserted bathroom that night.  He didn't respond much.  I asked him point blank if he would meet me and he said he might, and he was worried about getting caught.  I asked if he would let me suck him if we were alone and it were safe. He smiled and said yes.  During all  this my cock got hard and I showed him how turned on I was.

I saw him a few hours later and he was obviously freshly showered and in different clothes.  I was hoping that he did this to be ready for getting blown later that evening.

A bit later he saw me eating a steak sandwich and he asked how it was and about what food they had.
I thought maybe he was a bit low on money and I offered to buy him something to eat and drink.
He told me he wanted a hamburger, fries and a MT Dew.  I went to buy the food and when I was given the food he showed up, and offered to pay for it.  I don't think it was an empty gesture, I think he was planning to pay.

Then it hit me, he was hungry, but was afraid to order due to his nonexistent English.  I told him thqat I would buy him something to eat or drink anytime he was hungry.  I'll do this for any friend, any time, so it wasn't that big of a gesture.  I am the guy who almost always picks up the tab when eating out, or at a bar. I actually like to do this.

The evening rolled around and he said that there were too many people still there for him to meet me in that bathroom.  I had dinner plans and had several drinks and dinner at my hotel. I figured that it just wouldn't work out, and if I went to find him, he still might not let me unzip him. So I went to bed and beat off with Pure Platinum Lube and I came really hard. I didn't fantasize at all about sucking his cock.  In my mind I was fucking his ass and came deep inside him.  A man can have his dreams of course.  Well, maybe next year.............