Sunday, December 27, 2015

The Cleanest Boy On The East Coast

This is a continuation from the post below:  The Night Before The Night Before Christmas:

The next day, Christmas eve, I took a shower in the morning like usual.  I've always loved hot showers and while under the water I was contemplating my wet dream the night before.  I had a full erection, and when I started to later my body up, I ran my soapy hand up the length of my hard cock and I felt an extreme, pleasurable sensation.  I continued to run my soapy hand up and down my cock, and I quickly had a mind blowing, explosive ejaculation. 

My mind started to race.  My view of the world was sifting and changing right then.

At that age, I was actually an unhappy, kind of depressed person on the inside.  I was really very introverted, but able to appear, normal and happy on the outside.  The issue of course was that I knew I was different, from a very young age--age 4, and I knew it was terribly wrong, even though my parents were EXTREMELY liberal, and never mentioned, not even once, homosexuality.  I hid that my entire life, thinking I was the only "normal" person with these man loving desires.  I knew that there were perverts.  It had never occurred to me that there were other handsome, worthy males AND LOTS OF THEM, that had these same desires.  I had just assumed that my life would continue with me having these very strong desires to be with a male, and put his cock in my mouth, and that it would never happen.

After that first masturbated ejaculation in the shower, my mind shifted.  The feeling of "cumming" was so intense, and the best experience I had ever had, bar none.  Pathetic I know, but nothing in my life had come even close.

From that point on, through out high school.  I was always in the shower.  I took at least 5 showers a day, and pounded my way to a mind shattering orgasm each time.  I then moved up to jacking off in bed at night using shaving crème as the lubricant.  My dick started to get irritated from all of the detergents in the soap and shaving crème, and I switched to Vaseline as the lubricant.  At this point I could jack off 5 or more times a day at least with my cock staying in perfect shape. 

I realized that life wasn't what I had thought it was.  I was previously "just getting through the day" with the only joy in the solitude of reading, or in playing sports. At least I could now get the sexual high, most anytime I wanted it.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

The Night Before The Night Before Christmas

When I was 13 years old, and in eighth grade, I had a mind shifting experience.
This is how it all started many years ago.

My father was a super horny guy and he had in his bookcase a huge thick autobiography entitled
"MY LIFE AND LOVES" by Frank Harris (1856-1931),  .  It is nearly 1000 pages long.
The book is a bit dry and mostly him bragging about his superiority to his peers and his long
list of accomplishments.  Woven through the book,  he details his sexual exploits with women.

The summer before, when I was freshly 13 years old, puberty hit, and my dick went from a pathetic, little pink thing, I was very embarrassed about it, especially since I often went to the gym with my jock father who had a beautiful long, dangly ,  cut cock.  We showered in the same gang shower at the gym, and I often saw him naked at home.  I was very shy about my then embarrassingly little cock and tried to never be naked in public.  Once puberty started, my tiny cock, in just a matter of weeks blossomed to that of a full grown man.  It was perpetually hard, and straight with a beautiful head and 7 1/2" long and thick (believe me I measured it many times then, imagining how big it would eventually get). I would often have a full boner and flex it, and feel a tingly feeling.  I didn't really know about masturbation.  I mean, I had heard of jacking off, but didn't  understand the concept of the reason to do it .  I had no desire to jack off.  I did want to kiss, and suck the adult men, and high school jocks in my neighborhood though. 

I was always an excellent student through out school without doing any studying.  I was an avid reader, and was always reading, a novel or nonfiction about my favorite hobbies.
I had no problem at all with reading MY LIFE AND LOVES, which I think ALL of my peers could not have gotten through the first 100 pages, before the sex in the book started.

I was half way through the book on December 23rd before I went to bed that night.   I had this dream where a lady Cop hassled me for walking on a lawn that had a sign saying "Keep Off The Lawn".  She tried to arrest me and we got into a wrestling match, with our bodies banging together.  I shot a huge load in my tightie whities.
I went to the bathroom and saw the inside of my underwear covered in a mucious like white goo.

I immediately figured out , what had just happened, and my life changed at that point. 

To be continued.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

The Tables Are Turned

Five days ago I hooked up with the Gorgeous Asian Hal.  Over the last 6 weeks we have seen each other at the gym, and had countless late night texts. We basically kissed, cuddled and caressed each other for 2 hours.  I sucked his cock for maybe a minute and he sucked mine for 4 minutes probably.  We had a deal to not take it any further.  I put a ton of myself into it.  I was making love to him without having sex.  The session was similar to what would happen when a soldier returns from combat deployment and the couple went to bed but didn't actually have intercourse. I showed him with my Body, and actions, and lovingly told him through out or time together how handsome and desirable he was,

Hal had previously told me that this was what he wanted and he definitely enjoyed it.  I LOVED it myself. During the session we talked about having intercourse in a later session, and I rubbbed my wet, hard cock head on his hole for quite awhile.

On the way home, I texted him that I had a great time and would love to have actual sex, but it would be his choice as to when and if we had it.  I did know that if we kept hooking up, that it would happen for sure in the next session or the one after that.  He didn't respond.  I sent him another couple messages on Grindr.  No response.   The next day I sent him a text, just a "Hi, How are you?" text.
No response.  My head started to spin.  Did I come on too strongly?  What did I do wrong? WTF???
I know I can be very active.  Did I scare him off?  Was I a bad kisser?  (He had previously  told me that I was the best kisser that he had ever kissed).  What was going on?

I knew I needed to back off and not look like a desperate, pussy whipped, needy whimp.
Normally, I fuck a guy, or hook up, and never contact them again, unless I am wanting a repeat, or if I had a great time, to make it into a regular thing.  If random guys hit me up on the internet, and  if they not my type, I just don't respond.  I think Karma is just kicking my ass and giving me some of my own medicine.

I gave him another day without texting him , and sent him a "Hi, how are you" text.  He responded with :  Hi Sexy.  I'm doing OK.  Now I know how women feel the next day, week, or month after a guy finally screws them and then doesn't call.  Or a gay guy sucks me or I screw him and don't contact him afterward.

Most gay guys wouldn't care.  I wouldn't either if it was just a blow job or a quick fuck.  Hal and I had kissed and "made love" for 2 hours.  This is somewhat fucking with my head.  I decided to take a step back and let it play out.  I thought about blocking him on Grindr so I wouldn't be reminded about it but thought better of it.  What I did is I deleted his messages, and deleted his texts.  He has hardly been on Grindr anyway since our last encounter.  I know he is having trouble at work, or maybe he is depressed at Christmas time.  The irony of this all is that it is very possible that after a scenario of us having 2 or three make out sessions similar to what we did , that if we did actually have intercourse, a time or two, it is very possible, that I would be over him and move on.  I would though, have returned his messages and not given him a chance to feel bad about it.

Karma bit me on the ass this time, and it sucks, let me tell you.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Thank God for Yoga

I arrived at Hal's apartment on time.  As soon as I was inside I pushed him gently against the door and held and hugged him for a minute.  He mentioned that we go to shower together which we agreed to do.  Under the water together, I had him lather himself up first while I caressed and fondled his body and beautiful ass.  It was a very thorough shower, much more so than I ever do.  He scrubbed every inch of his gorgeous body.  He tried to get me under the water, but I kept him under the heat, hoping he would finish so that we could go to bed.  I'm not complaining, it was hot and exciting, I just wanted to get in bed with him and kiss and hold him.

Hal finally finished scrubbing and rinsed off.  Then he told me it was his turn to wash me.  I said no way, go dry off so we can hurry up and get in bed.  He laughed and started to dry off with a towel.  I had been to the YMCA and showered 3 hours before and was clean enough so I quickly soaped up, rinsed and joined him at the mirror. I was in agony as he fiddled with his hair, then used q tips, and moisturizer on his face.  The thought going through my mind was that we were THE ODD COUPLE, with he being Felix and me Oscar.   {It really wasn't that long, maybe 5 minutes start to finish out of the shower but I was feeling like a Junior in high school about to get laid).

We finally got to his bed and he remembered which side of the bed I chose on our previous encounter at my house and motioned for me to take that side.  I had barely dried off and I was rather cold and jumped under the covers .  He soon joined me and I pulled him to my body and started to lovingly kiss and caress him.  After a few minutes I started to play with his hole lightly and then wet a finger with spit and kept it in that region for most of the time we had left.  I put him in every position, trying them all out without pushing my dick in.  I'd have him suck me, then I would rub the head of my cock  on his hole in each position.  At one point we were missionary when I raised myself up between his legs and started to massage both legs.  I got to his ankles and grabbed each one and pushed his ankles to his ears with his ass elevated.  (Thank God For Yoga) I immediately went down and started to kiss, lick, lightly bite and make love to his hole with my mouth, lips and tongue.  He started to moan and breath more rapidly and I knew that I can eventually fuck him and that he would love it.

I asked if he wanted me to fuck him, and he said yes, but he hadn't prepared for it.  We had previously agreed that he not prep for anal so that I wouldn't fuck him.  I told him that what we were doing was actually making love.  He agreed and said that when he hooks up, most all guys fuck him then leave quickly.  He said that it makes him feel used and feels badly (even though he might have really enjoyed it).  This went on for around 2 hours.  I left totally satisfied.

Driving home, I felt similar to my high school and college days after a night of making love with women.  I had an euphoic, joyful, satiated feeling.  And I hadn't even had sex. 

Tuesday, December 15, 2015


Tonight I am hooking up with the Chinese guy named Hal with the really beautiful body.  He and I have had one 20 minute "date" kissing and feeling each others body.  I really, really like him.  He is white collar and boyfriend material.  We have another date for tonight. 8:00 to 10 pm. This man is Hal, the Chinese guy in the previous post is Tom.  Hal is probably 5'7".  Tom is 6'1".

Hal craves cuddling and kissing, just like I do.  He is obviously a bottom. He lets me take full control of our time together.

We have a "deal" for our date tonight.  It will just be kissing and cuddling naked in bed for the entire time.  No sex.  He has seen my cock and feels like he will have trouble taking it.  I told him that we will never have sex, that I will never push the issue unless he is ready and really wanting it.  That I won't hurt him.

I guess I am really not as much of an "asshole" as one might think from having read this blog.

I did tell him to be careful, and that if he asks me to fuck him tonight, that he is definitely getting fucked.  We both agreed though that we will keep things romantic and not have sex. Sometimes though, if I am playing with a guys "hole", my testosterone kicks in and I become a total top, with lazer focus on getting on top of the guy and taking him for a ride.  My brain tunes everything else out and I do what it takes to fuck the guy and get him off.  I don't even really care at all if I get off, as long as the bottom gets off hard.  If I really am not that into the bottom though, the dynamic is switched and all I want is to get off and cum in his ass or in his mouth.
We will see how it plays out tonight.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Weird but Good Hook Up with the Chinese Hunk

Last night the Chinese Hunk came over.  The first time we hooked up is titled Chinese Delivery.
He is 25, 6' 1" 190 lbs with a superb gym body.  Fantastic body.  He was a college rower and has a beautiful chest, and gorgeous bubble butt.  He is moderately long waisted with virtually no body hair.  Clear skin, masculine, and is unusually tall and athletic looking for an Asian.  His hair is full and jet black and just barely long enough for me to grab ahold of.  Handsome face.  Very much straight looking. He is here on VISA and has been here for 6 years.  He doesn't have much of an accent but he talks carefully, a little slow, I am guessing so that he has perfect grammar. In the dark during "pillow talk" he sounds very much like Dr Ben Carson.  Even the speed and carefully worded sentences remind me of Carson.    I really like him.(The Chinese guy, Tom, not Carson}.
He arrived and I pulled him to me and we kissed.  Decent kisser.  We kissed, and I gently pawed at his body and I said lets go inside.  We removed our clothes, and I told him to get on the bed.
I kissed him again, and he stopped me and said "I don't feel like being topped tonight".  What The Fuck!  3 weeks before, we had an intense hook up, kissing, groping and I fucked the hell out of him.
He didn't want to say it, but I made him tell me that first time that he wanted me to fuck him. That he loved being fuck.  After he told me he didn't want to bottom, I thought, "yeah right, what are the odds that is going to happen".  I said no problem, but secretly I was kinda pissed.  Since I had well fucked him last time, he should have let me know he didn't want to fuck this night.  His body is beautiful, he has a really good personality and I felt like I was probably going to fuck him anyway.

I questioned him about it, and he basically admitted that he hadn't "prepared his ass to be fucked, meaning he hadn't douched"  Last time his ass was spotless.  Thinking about it now, I think he didn't clean out on purpose so that he wouldn't let himself get fucked.  I think he was trying to exert some control over me.  We kissed, groped and rolled around for 40 minutes.  He also sucked my dick very well.  I also sucked his nice 5 1/2" cock.  Mine dwarfed his, but it was a pretty, somewhat thin, uncut cock. It was nice.  He flipped me off of him and he got on top of me.  I let him push my legs apart like he was going to fuck me.  I thought it was pretty funny as there was no way that was happening.  I humored his efforts.  He said he wanted to fuck me.  I told him to Dream On, and I flipped him onto his back and put my pelvis between his legs.  He tried to outpower me, but couldn't get that done.  He is almost for sure stronger than I am, but I have more experience, and kept him in his role as the bottom.  Truth be know, he probably wanted to "wrestle me, and have me resist and overpower him".  I started to kiss him again, and he said "I really don't like to kiss".  I told him that I didn't care and kissed him.  What the fuck!  I saw this now as perhaps our last hook up.  I decided to go with another strategy.

I rolled off of him and we were face to face on our sides.  I kissed his neck, caressed his body then lubed a finger and played with the outside of his hole.  I kept his legs spread reinforcing that I was top, he was bottom.  He loved this, but told me not to put my finger inside him, that he might not be clean.  I asked him if he wanted to do some poppers and he said yes.  He did big hits of poppers and started to go into super slut mode.  I started to finger fuck him and he protested, but obviously loved it.  I got onto and rubbed my hard cock on his hole.  I told him I would not fuck him, but just wanted to stimulate his ass with my cock.  He sat up a little and did some more poppers.  I went back to rubbing my cock on his hole. The third time around on this cycle, I put the head in.  He said please don't fuck me.  I said I won't fuck you , but deep down don't you want to get fuck.  He said hell yes.  I want it more than anything.  I want you to fuck me and get your friends to fuck me too.  I want to be a slut for you and your friends.  I said well I am going to fuck you now.  He said please fuck me, but don't go in deep.  I got half my cock in and he went nuts.  I slammed his ass with my hard cock, but didn't go all the way in.  He said he was close to cumming and he wanted me to come on his face.  I knew it would take too long for me to cum, just half way in, so I pulled out, strattled his face and told him to suck my balls.

That felt awesome, definitely better than the half in the ass, ass (which was still really good).
He sucked my balls really well and said please cum on me.  I shot off on his face and neck and it was a wet mess.  I rubbed my spooge all over his face and he then quickly shot a big load.

We chatted while he took a shower to clean up.  I told him that the next time he was coming over, he was getting fucked.  If not, it wasn't going to work out.  It really was a great hook up actually, but not what I had been expecting.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Quick And Easy

A couple of days ago, I had an appointment scheduled for a blood draw at my doctor's for my yearly check up which occurs in a couple of weeks.
After leaving the appointment, on my way home, a guy hit me up on Grindr.  He is 26, white, handsome face, masculine, hairy.  He said he wanted to suck my cock. I sent some dick pics to "seal the deal" and he sent the address.  1 mile away turned out to be 8 minutes, which was good by me.

I pulled into an apartment complex and he was waiting for me outside the door.  There was a sign on the door that said BUSY.  He told me that he had a straight roommate and that was their signage to let the other one know that the one inside was having a hook up.

We went in side and he seemed very please with my looks and demeanor.  As soon as we closed the door, I pulled him to me and he made an effort to kiss me.  I turned my head away and kissed and licked his neck and caressed his body.  The apartment was spacious with not much furniture. It was fairly tidy and clean for an apartment with a 25 year old straight guy and 26 year old gay guy.

I said where are we doing this and he led me to a comfortable couch.  There was a lot of light in the room and the kitchen blinds were open.  I asked him to turn the light out and he turned 2 lights out and it was very dark in the room.  I'm rather ADD (attention deficient disorder) and if there is bright lights, or TV on, especially if there is someone talking on the TV, I can't concentrate on the sex and can't really even experience pleasure.  The room was very dark and no TV or music on so it was basically ideal for me.  I took my pants off and he wanted to have me sit on the couch.  Being the dominant guy that I am, I instead had him sit on the couch and I gently pushed him back so that he was laying on the couch with his head on the cushioned arm of the couch.  I gently pushed his legs open and I got on top of him and kissed his neck, then gave him the kiss he was wanting.  He wasn't a great kisser at all.  His mouth was kinda open and he would dart his tongue in and out of my also open mouth.  He lacked skill, but I could turn him into a great kisser after perhaps 4 hook ups.  I think no one had really schooled him in the art of kissing. 

I then, without speaking, stood him up and I sat on the couch naked from my t shirt down.  He got on his knees and OH MY GOOD, he was a fantastic cock sucker.  I searched my brain and I can not come up with any one who has sucked me better. I asked him when he last blew a guy and he said around 2 months ago.  I LOVE to have my balls sucked on, kissed and licked, and he quickly started doing that without any prompting from me.  I thought to myself that if things continued to go well, that he could be a two or 3 times a week cock sucker for me.  I have another guy who loves to rimm, and he will blow me ANY TIME, ANY DAY, if he isn't working.  That guy lives 20 minutes further away me, has blown me on average every 2 weeks, (he lives 42 minutes from me) for around the last 10 plus years.  The new guy is a much better cocksucker.   I prefer to have a superb cocksucker that perhaps isn't gorgeous but is on call and we can just hook up quickly and not have to go through the hooking up ritual which takes time and often doesn't pay off.

In the heat of the moment, with him really getting into him blowing me, I told him how good it was and that I hoped that we could do it regularly.  He never really answered.  I know he was into it as he was sucking me like it was the last cock on earth.  I had a mind blowing orgasm, shooting my cum down his throat. He kept my cock in his mouth, and lightly nursed it.  I had to finally take it away from him so that I could leave.  If I was horny, I also know that he would have taken a second load from me.

I haven't seen him on Grindr since.  I sent him a thank you text and said that I would like to see him again before long.  About 4 days a week would be perfect for me. lol
He never answered my text.  I checked and he didn't block me.  I'm sure, 100%,  that he would blow me again, but it's looking like it would be every 2 or 3 or 4 weeks.  Not the "ON CALL COCKSUCKER" that I am looking for. 

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Someone Has To Be The Top

I have found when hooking up that many gay men are bottoms.  My online ads project that I am a top, and that I will take control and they can just come along for the "ride" and enjoy it without the pressure of staying hard, orchestrating positions and giving the bottom a great ride.

I have often marveled that my rather average appearance, decent body but above average cock have pulled in some truly stunning young men.  My persona in hooking up is friendly, open but confident and experienced.  Usually, when I meet a new young hook up, the guy looks REALLY happy and pleased with the man in front of them.  I usually think how the fuck did I get so lucky!  When I meet a young man I am already "preapproved" though as they have seen my face, several cock photos and a naked torso pic.  The ones that I don't click with have already passed me by.  If a guy is into me he is almost for sure a bottom, but he might be a top who secretly wants to hand over control and be a bottom.  If the guy is super attractive to me, but won't commit to meeting, I'll tell him that I love to rimm  if he is right out of the shower, and I will rimm him as long as he can take it.  That usually seals the deal and I get him to come over and lead him to the bed.

For some reason, I also attract virgins.  True virgins.  I guess they feel that I am experienced and will take good care of them and get the job done.  Usually with virgins, they don't tell me that until the hook up is basically scheduled.  Virgins can be a lot of work, and it is often not really worth the effort.  If they request a condom, it is doomed to fail as if I am wearing a condom, the bottom is tight and I'm having trouble getting inside their ass, I tend to go soft.  What I do in that case is I take the condom off, then I rimm the bottom some more to get hard again. I put on another condom and try again to get in their ass.  I think it doesn't help that my cock is much thicker than the average guy.  I'll go through this routine for 2 or 3 condoms, then tell the guy that I am out of condoms, but I'd like to lick his ass some more.  I'll then get rock hard and tell him that I just want to rub my dick head on his hole.  That I don't want to fuck him without a rubber, I just want him to feel what a hard cock at his hole feels like.  I'll get on top, missionary style and have my cock between his legs and fuck his crack area fast and hard, rubbing his hole with my length.  Then I'll wet the cock head wet with spit or lube and put the head right at the hole and tap the hole with my cockhead, but make no effort to slide it in, so he will relax and know I'm not going to try to rape him (I WILL TRY TO SEDUCE HIM THOUGH).   I'll go back to furiously fucking his crack concentrating on contracting my abs and basically simulating that he is getting fucked and bred by a straight guy.  More than 50% of the time the guy will push back on my raw cock and tell me to fuck him.  I'll fuck him lightly until he opens up, then pick up the pace.  If he can handle it, I'll fuck the hell out of him.  Usually they say to pull out, and I tell him that I will pull out, but I just want to leave it in just a little longer.  The guy is almost always OK with this, and I'll softly whisper in his ear that I'm close but I won't come inside.  I'll tell him how good he is making me feel and thank him for doing this for me.  I'll tell him again that I really need to cum inside him. Please Baby Please.  I won't cum inside you  unless you tell me too.  The guy is usually going nuts at the point, moaning, groaning, breathing super fast. I'll say, are you liking this dick in your ass?  Do you now love getting fucked?  Will you cum back so I can fuck you again? I've never felt this good before (I probably mean it at that moment).  Do you love it when I slam my cock into you? I'm close. Can I cum in you? Just give me another few seconds before I cum.  I want to cum in you.  I'm about to cum.  I pick up the speed and say how do you want to cum?  They almost always say Fuck me harder.  Cum inside me.  Often they are pulling on my ass to keep me in deep.  I breed them and they just had the best orgasm of their life.

Half of the guys at least I hook up with never mention condoms.  When I see an ad that says "Safe Sex Only", I realize that only probably 20% stick with that when they are getting well fucked.  When an ad says they are a bottom, I know that they are a bottom.  When an ad says "Verse", I know that with me they are a bottom.  If the ad says he is a top, I know that I can probably fuck him. 
Here is how I look at it:
Top=Bottom, until he proves otherwise.

When two true tops hook up, one of the two can almost always be flipped.  It just depends on who is more masculine and is better at the "Mating Dance".  The best medicine for getting a top to bottom is being from out of his area (so that the top won't be able to tell anyone and blow his cover), and to rimm him.  I actually really like to rimm if the guy is super clean and doesn't have anything weird going on down there.  When I am with a super attractive masculine top, especially a straight type black guy, and he is rimming me, it does occur to me that I could be flipped.  I really desire that he fuck me, but I also know that as soon as he started to try, I would be painful and worried about diseases and chicken out.  I also realize that if he was a little better at the mating dance and tried just a little longer, rimmed me a little longer, that I might get fucked.  Thank Goodness it never happens.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Four Orgasms In 1 Hour

I have recurring bouts of not sleeping well . The last several nights I've had a bad time with insomnia.  I toss and turn for hours, maybe sleep 30 minutes now and then and then conk out around 5 a.m. The last few nights have been terrible.  I woke up yesterday morning and felt like my body had been dragged behind a truck on a gravel road.  I just ached all over.  As the morning  progressed, I got progressively more sore and had to do something.  I had some hydrocodone left over from a bout of planter Fasciitis several years ago, and I took one.  I felt a lttle better, but still really sore after 3 hours .  So I took another of the pills.  I did this before around a year ago, and it really  fucked with my erection and I had trouble ejaculating.  I knew I would most likely not be able to have a successful encounter with a guy blowing me, but in the back of my mind, I knew I could suck a dick .

I eventually felt a lot better, but knew I shouldn't shop around for a blow job, as I felt I wouldn't be able to get hard and cum.  I was in the neighborhood  of a very good book store, around lunch time and I assumed that perhaps some straight guys would be there over lunch and  I could suck a straight guy off.

I took a third of a Viagra pill and chewed it up keeping the chewed pill in my mouth so that the drug could be aborbed into my system through my mouth.  I entered the video booth area which has booths that play porn.  Half of the booths are private "one man show" videos and the other half have private adjoining rooms with glory holes between the booths. 

I rarely suck dick, but if I do, it is either a super hot young guy or a straight type guy with a great dick.  I went into a stall with a glory hole.  The guy on the other side and I did the "dance" of checking each other out and waiting for one of us to start  the blow job ritual.  Whomever first motions for the other guy to stick his dick through the hole becomes the cock sucker. The other guy never put his dick through nor motioned for me to stick my dick through  the hole, so I became the cocksucker. I looked through the hole and the guy was tall, probably 32 years old with a beautiful cock. It was fairly hard, thick and had a beautiful, flared head.  I started to suck him and I was LOVING his cock.  His cock reminded me of one of my very favorite cocks--My Own Cock!
His cock was very  similar to mine but his was probably 5 1/2" long and mine is 7 1/2". long.
While sucking this guy I was thinking about how great his cock was even though he was only 5 1/2" long.  I was also thinking how awesome it would be to suck his cock at my length, and I had a realization that this was why I have gotten so many outstanding young men to blow me.

After a while, I stood up and he kneeled at the hole and he motioned for me to stick my cock through.
He lightly sucked me for a while and it was fantastic.  A light pressure and I was in ecstacy.  He stuck his cock back through and I sucked him a few more minutes, his cock got super hard, and he shot a huge load into my mouth.  It tasted great but I ended up spitting his cum out.  I hurriedly left the booth so that I could get a better view of what the guy looked like outside the booth.  He ended up being 6'2, muscled but with a bit of belly, not bad though.  He was probably a gay guy and I was glad tht I spit out his load.

A minute or two later, I went into another glory hole booth and very soon, another guy got in the adjacent booth.  He looked to be in his thirties and had an athletic build. His  cock was super hard, around 6", medium thickness with a nice head.  I sucked his cock and loved it.  He started to fuck my face and shot a big load with in 2 minutes.  I spit it out as I hadn't seen the guy. I quickly left the booth first so I could see what the guy really looked like.  He was very straight looking ,good build , late thirties. 

Within 2 minutes, a straight looking black guy came in, very good build, around 5'10", nice casual clothes.  I'm almost positive that he is straight.   I went into a glory hole booth, and he immediately went into a both with a hole next to me.  He pulled out an almost hard 7" cock and stuck it through.  He was hard as steel and I started to blow him.  His cock was a beauty, and the man was very handsome as well.  I lovingly sucked his rod, then he started to fuck my face and shot a huge load.  It tasted great.  I swallowed.  Start to finish the bj lasted around 90 seconds!  I thought, wtf, I really could be a cock sucker, if the dicks kept coming this quickly and the guys were handsome.

A couple minutes later a gay looking guy came in .  He blew me through the hole and he knew what he was doing.  I suggested that we go to a private booth.  He followed me to a totally private booth.  He sucked my  cock and balls and I ended up fucking the load down his throat.  We made small talk as we were pulling ourselves back together.  He had a rather gay voice, but he could really suck dick. 

I was in this book store for a little less than an hour, I had 3 guys cum in my mouth, swallowed the best guy's cum and fed a gay guy my load down his throat. 

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Somewhat Alone

I had finally met Hal,  the beautiful and fit young Asian at my house.
I had a friend who happens to be straight visiting at the time.
She knows I am gay and I told her about Hal.  This visit with Hal was a "meet and greet" and then he was to go on to a yoga class at the Gym.  I had set it up to work like this because  if I had Hal alone, knowing myself, if things went well, I would probably "go in for the kill" and seduce him and fuck him. That is if he were into me,  and when I set up the meeting, I was only around 50% sure that he would be into me.

We were only "Somewhat Alone"

I took him on a tour of my rather large house.  The tour started at the front door, and I led him directly  to the first bedroom. lol
I REALLY wanted to REALLY kiss him and caress his body.  Once in the bedroom, I kissed him very gently on the lips while stroking his body.  I had a full boner,  and rubbed his crotch area with my hard cock which was still in my pants. Truth be known, my cock is probably my best physical asset and I wanted to make sure he felt it to "seal the deal" that I would eventually have him naked, be in full control of his body and eventually top him.  I started the "mating dance" as I guided him to the bed.  I laid him on the bed in the middle and I joined him.  Facing each other, we kissed while I explored his body with my hands. over the next 10 minutes I had my hands under his shirt and marveled at his beautiful tone and skin.  I had him roll over onto me and I put both hands into the back of his pants and cupped his beautiful ass cheeks in my hands.  I moved one hand into his crack and then lightly touched his hole.  I just put some light pressure on his hole.  A couple of minutes later, I lightly tapped the entrance to his ass.  Then wet a finger and played with his hole from the outside, then more firmly tapped the entrance.  His ass was closed and tight, but as I continued to "tap" and kiss him, and kiss his neck and stroke his face, his ass started to open up and I finger fucked him , but just with one segment of my finger. 

We had some intimate conversation.  I very softly told me how happy I was that it was him.  That I was perfectly content just kissing him. That I would rather kiss him then have sex. 
I told him he was beautiful, and thanked him for letting me kiss him.

I rolled Hal onto his side and opened his pants. I slid my hand past his dick and balls and played with his hole while I was kissing him.  I opened my pants and had my dick half out of my underwear.  He stroked me, then I slid myself  up and presented my  cock to his face.  He squeezed it and examined it and obviously loved it.  Without speaking, I took my cock out and positioned it right at his face and he started to lovingly suck me.  It felt so good.  I only let him suck me for around a minute then I put my body between his legs and pushed his legs apart with my knees.  I got on top of him and dry humped and kissed and caressed him.  My testosterone was really pumping through my veins, and with our dicks in our pants, I basically put him in different sexual positions and  pounded his body very athletically while positioned in exact sexual positions for maximum stimulation of his prostrate and extreme pleasure for him and for me.  I told him that I didn't want to fuck him.  He said he was worried that I would hurt him due to the size of my cock.  I told him that I would not try to fuck him.  The ball was in his court.  That I would not hurt him.  That he would have to ask me to fuck him, and later ask me to fuck him hard. I told him that I was 100% OK if we NEVER fucked.  I then told him that I was pretty sure that he would ask me to fuck him the next time we met.  I said it as a joke, we laughed, but we both knew it would be true. 

We wrapped things up so he could get to his yoga class just a little late.  Our time together went perfectly; better than I had expected. I'm looking forward to his next visit.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

I love Dancers

Yesterday afternoon, I had my hands and mouth on the truly beautiful and fit Chinese
hunk that I have been perving over at the gym.  We were totally in sync and I'm sure if I wanted a boyfriend/partner/husband he would be in 100% (after a few dates) lol

Tonight, another guy I have been chatting with on Grindr came over.  He is a dancer, Asian, 5'6" or so, around 120 lbs, totally cut up and muscled, but of course rather slight of build.  Handsome face, great haircut, nice guy.  From our chats, I knew he was a bottom, and I knew he wanted his ass eaten.
I told him that if he was right out of the shower, that I would love it and do it as long as he wanted. I have gone YEARS between hooking up with Asians and now I've been with two in two days and three in the last 2 weeks!

He arrived and was well dressed, smelled great, right out of the shower.  I pulled him to me and wrapped my arms around him.  He didn't actually stiffen up, but he didn't melt into my arms like most guys do.  I realize that I am very hands on and could perhaps come on a little strong for some guys.  I am a take charge type, and I'm the top, he's the sub, his role is to be sub and me be the one leading the way.

I didn't let it bother me and I led him to the bed room.  I felt that he was OK with me, but I wasn't the man of his dreams.  I would guess he was 20 years old.  I am most probably older than his parents.  I get it, not a problem for me as I knew I would have him naked in a couple of minutes.  We undressed and his body was truly beautiful with a fantastic bubble butt.  He laid on his stomach and I kissed his neck, massaged his body and slowly worked my way down.  I very quietly whispered in his ear about what I was going to do to him.  If he wanted me to lick his ass?  If he wanted to get fucked? That I was going to lick and eat his boy butt and fuck his ass.  He admitted to loving to get fucked and to really love getting rimmed.

I kissed, licked bit and munched on his ass.  The boy was squirming and loving every second of it, panting heavily and moaning regularly.  I got his ass really wet with saliva then started to kiss and suck his nipples while I fingered his hole and started to finger fuck him.  He hole was awesome; one that had a strong anal ring and his hole rather sucked my finger into his hot ass.  I found his prostate and finger fucked him with each stroke hitting or rubbing against his prostate.  While doing this I had his legs open and had one leg cranked over my arm and hoisted his foot toward his head really opening his ass up.  I asked if he wanted to get fucked now.  He asked if I had a condom.  I said yes, but I never produced one (I had one sitting on the end table a foot or two away).  He would only litely kiss me with his mouth closed, but it would have been so much better if he had let me take him on the full ride.  I got some Wet Platinum and put it on his dick, my dick and my finger and had him stroke me while I got his hole well lubed and ready for my cock.  He kept saying that my cock was so big, so thick, so huge.  I asked him if he had ever had one my size.  He said yes.  I asked him if it had fucked him.  He said yes.  I asked him if he liked it.  He said he loved it. 

I got between his legs and caressed his body and sucked on his nipples.  I was also lining my cock up with his hole.  I grabbed his ankles and pushed his feet to either side of his head.  I took my lubed cock head and rubbed his hole with it.  After 2 minutes of that he reached under his ass and grabbed my hard cock and put the head at the entrance of his ass.  I got the head in fairly easily then he asked me to go slow.  He had some trouble, but soon, I was really pounding him while he was getting a very athletic fuck.  He kept saying, Oh My God, Oh My Good, This feels so fantastic. I positioned him so that I was really hitting his prostate and he said he was getting ready to cum.  I said "Go for it Baby", and he shot off onto his stomach.  I hadn't cum and he apologized and I told him I was totally satisfied.  We talked some in the afterglow and he mentioned how aggressive I was in bed.  That he had never been with a guy like me.  I said that most guys like it, that my profile usually attracted guys who like that.  I said he probably contacted me due to the pics of my big fat hard cock and he said that was true, and that he beat off to the pics regularly.  He said he was "delicate" and probably liked a lighter touch better.  Fair Enough.  I asked him if he would come back sometime and he said it would be OK. I think he really enjoyed the fuck but I wasn't exactly what he was looking for and was probably a little rough and tumble for him.  He was super limber and I could bend him anyway I wanted for maximum thrust and penetration.  He was also not ideal for me as he wouldn't kiss and I was obviously more into him that he was into me (except for my cock).  We'll see if he hits me up again.  I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't come back every week or two as I really worked his ass over rimming and fucking and I think that would be hard to get somewhere else at the same intensity level.