Saturday, December 12, 2015

Weird but Good Hook Up with the Chinese Hunk

Last night the Chinese Hunk came over.  The first time we hooked up is titled Chinese Delivery.
He is 25, 6' 1" 190 lbs with a superb gym body.  Fantastic body.  He was a college rower and has a beautiful chest, and gorgeous bubble butt.  He is moderately long waisted with virtually no body hair.  Clear skin, masculine, and is unusually tall and athletic looking for an Asian.  His hair is full and jet black and just barely long enough for me to grab ahold of.  Handsome face.  Very much straight looking. He is here on VISA and has been here for 6 years.  He doesn't have much of an accent but he talks carefully, a little slow, I am guessing so that he has perfect grammar. In the dark during "pillow talk" he sounds very much like Dr Ben Carson.  Even the speed and carefully worded sentences remind me of Carson.    I really like him.(The Chinese guy, Tom, not Carson}.
He arrived and I pulled him to me and we kissed.  Decent kisser.  We kissed, and I gently pawed at his body and I said lets go inside.  We removed our clothes, and I told him to get on the bed.
I kissed him again, and he stopped me and said "I don't feel like being topped tonight".  What The Fuck!  3 weeks before, we had an intense hook up, kissing, groping and I fucked the hell out of him.
He didn't want to say it, but I made him tell me that first time that he wanted me to fuck him. That he loved being fuck.  After he told me he didn't want to bottom, I thought, "yeah right, what are the odds that is going to happen".  I said no problem, but secretly I was kinda pissed.  Since I had well fucked him last time, he should have let me know he didn't want to fuck this night.  His body is beautiful, he has a really good personality and I felt like I was probably going to fuck him anyway.

I questioned him about it, and he basically admitted that he hadn't "prepared his ass to be fucked, meaning he hadn't douched"  Last time his ass was spotless.  Thinking about it now, I think he didn't clean out on purpose so that he wouldn't let himself get fucked.  I think he was trying to exert some control over me.  We kissed, groped and rolled around for 40 minutes.  He also sucked my dick very well.  I also sucked his nice 5 1/2" cock.  Mine dwarfed his, but it was a pretty, somewhat thin, uncut cock. It was nice.  He flipped me off of him and he got on top of me.  I let him push my legs apart like he was going to fuck me.  I thought it was pretty funny as there was no way that was happening.  I humored his efforts.  He said he wanted to fuck me.  I told him to Dream On, and I flipped him onto his back and put my pelvis between his legs.  He tried to outpower me, but couldn't get that done.  He is almost for sure stronger than I am, but I have more experience, and kept him in his role as the bottom.  Truth be know, he probably wanted to "wrestle me, and have me resist and overpower him".  I started to kiss him again, and he said "I really don't like to kiss".  I told him that I didn't care and kissed him.  What the fuck!  I saw this now as perhaps our last hook up.  I decided to go with another strategy.

I rolled off of him and we were face to face on our sides.  I kissed his neck, caressed his body then lubed a finger and played with the outside of his hole.  I kept his legs spread reinforcing that I was top, he was bottom.  He loved this, but told me not to put my finger inside him, that he might not be clean.  I asked him if he wanted to do some poppers and he said yes.  He did big hits of poppers and started to go into super slut mode.  I started to finger fuck him and he protested, but obviously loved it.  I got onto and rubbed my hard cock on his hole.  I told him I would not fuck him, but just wanted to stimulate his ass with my cock.  He sat up a little and did some more poppers.  I went back to rubbing my cock on his hole. The third time around on this cycle, I put the head in.  He said please don't fuck me.  I said I won't fuck you , but deep down don't you want to get fuck.  He said hell yes.  I want it more than anything.  I want you to fuck me and get your friends to fuck me too.  I want to be a slut for you and your friends.  I said well I am going to fuck you now.  He said please fuck me, but don't go in deep.  I got half my cock in and he went nuts.  I slammed his ass with my hard cock, but didn't go all the way in.  He said he was close to cumming and he wanted me to come on his face.  I knew it would take too long for me to cum, just half way in, so I pulled out, strattled his face and told him to suck my balls.

That felt awesome, definitely better than the half in the ass, ass (which was still really good).
He sucked my balls really well and said please cum on me.  I shot off on his face and neck and it was a wet mess.  I rubbed my spooge all over his face and he then quickly shot a big load.

We chatted while he took a shower to clean up.  I told him that the next time he was coming over, he was getting fucked.  If not, it wasn't going to work out.  It really was a great hook up actually, but not what I had been expecting.

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