Tuesday, December 1, 2015

I love Dancers

Yesterday afternoon, I had my hands and mouth on the truly beautiful and fit Chinese
hunk that I have been perving over at the gym.  We were totally in sync and I'm sure if I wanted a boyfriend/partner/husband he would be in 100% (after a few dates) lol

Tonight, another guy I have been chatting with on Grindr came over.  He is a dancer, Asian, 5'6" or so, around 120 lbs, totally cut up and muscled, but of course rather slight of build.  Handsome face, great haircut, nice guy.  From our chats, I knew he was a bottom, and I knew he wanted his ass eaten.
I told him that if he was right out of the shower, that I would love it and do it as long as he wanted. I have gone YEARS between hooking up with Asians and now I've been with two in two days and three in the last 2 weeks!

He arrived and was well dressed, smelled great, right out of the shower.  I pulled him to me and wrapped my arms around him.  He didn't actually stiffen up, but he didn't melt into my arms like most guys do.  I realize that I am very hands on and could perhaps come on a little strong for some guys.  I am a take charge type, and I'm the top, he's the sub, his role is to be sub and me be the one leading the way.

I didn't let it bother me and I led him to the bed room.  I felt that he was OK with me, but I wasn't the man of his dreams.  I would guess he was 20 years old.  I am most probably older than his parents.  I get it, not a problem for me as I knew I would have him naked in a couple of minutes.  We undressed and his body was truly beautiful with a fantastic bubble butt.  He laid on his stomach and I kissed his neck, massaged his body and slowly worked my way down.  I very quietly whispered in his ear about what I was going to do to him.  If he wanted me to lick his ass?  If he wanted to get fucked? That I was going to lick and eat his boy butt and fuck his ass.  He admitted to loving to get fucked and to really love getting rimmed.

I kissed, licked bit and munched on his ass.  The boy was squirming and loving every second of it, panting heavily and moaning regularly.  I got his ass really wet with saliva then started to kiss and suck his nipples while I fingered his hole and started to finger fuck him.  He hole was awesome; one that had a strong anal ring and his hole rather sucked my finger into his hot ass.  I found his prostate and finger fucked him with each stroke hitting or rubbing against his prostate.  While doing this I had his legs open and had one leg cranked over my arm and hoisted his foot toward his head really opening his ass up.  I asked if he wanted to get fucked now.  He asked if I had a condom.  I said yes, but I never produced one (I had one sitting on the end table a foot or two away).  He would only litely kiss me with his mouth closed, but it would have been so much better if he had let me take him on the full ride.  I got some Wet Platinum and put it on his dick, my dick and my finger and had him stroke me while I got his hole well lubed and ready for my cock.  He kept saying that my cock was so big, so thick, so huge.  I asked him if he had ever had one my size.  He said yes.  I asked him if it had fucked him.  He said yes.  I asked him if he liked it.  He said he loved it. 

I got between his legs and caressed his body and sucked on his nipples.  I was also lining my cock up with his hole.  I grabbed his ankles and pushed his feet to either side of his head.  I took my lubed cock head and rubbed his hole with it.  After 2 minutes of that he reached under his ass and grabbed my hard cock and put the head at the entrance of his ass.  I got the head in fairly easily then he asked me to go slow.  He had some trouble, but soon, I was really pounding him while he was getting a very athletic fuck.  He kept saying, Oh My God, Oh My Good, This feels so fantastic. I positioned him so that I was really hitting his prostate and he said he was getting ready to cum.  I said "Go for it Baby", and he shot off onto his stomach.  I hadn't cum and he apologized and I told him I was totally satisfied.  We talked some in the afterglow and he mentioned how aggressive I was in bed.  That he had never been with a guy like me.  I said that most guys like it, that my profile usually attracted guys who like that.  I said he probably contacted me due to the pics of my big fat hard cock and he said that was true, and that he beat off to the pics regularly.  He said he was "delicate" and probably liked a lighter touch better.  Fair Enough.  I asked him if he would come back sometime and he said it would be OK. I think he really enjoyed the fuck but I wasn't exactly what he was looking for and was probably a little rough and tumble for him.  He was super limber and I could bend him anyway I wanted for maximum thrust and penetration.  He was also not ideal for me as he wouldn't kiss and I was obviously more into him that he was into me (except for my cock).  We'll see if he hits me up again.  I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't come back every week or two as I really worked his ass over rimming and fucking and I think that would be hard to get somewhere else at the same intensity level.

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