Saturday, December 19, 2015

The Tables Are Turned

Five days ago I hooked up with the Gorgeous Asian Hal.  Over the last 6 weeks we have seen each other at the gym, and had countless late night texts. We basically kissed, cuddled and caressed each other for 2 hours.  I sucked his cock for maybe a minute and he sucked mine for 4 minutes probably.  We had a deal to not take it any further.  I put a ton of myself into it.  I was making love to him without having sex.  The session was similar to what would happen when a soldier returns from combat deployment and the couple went to bed but didn't actually have intercourse. I showed him with my Body, and actions, and lovingly told him through out or time together how handsome and desirable he was,

Hal had previously told me that this was what he wanted and he definitely enjoyed it.  I LOVED it myself. During the session we talked about having intercourse in a later session, and I rubbbed my wet, hard cock head on his hole for quite awhile.

On the way home, I texted him that I had a great time and would love to have actual sex, but it would be his choice as to when and if we had it.  I did know that if we kept hooking up, that it would happen for sure in the next session or the one after that.  He didn't respond.  I sent him another couple messages on Grindr.  No response.   The next day I sent him a text, just a "Hi, How are you?" text.
No response.  My head started to spin.  Did I come on too strongly?  What did I do wrong? WTF???
I know I can be very active.  Did I scare him off?  Was I a bad kisser?  (He had previously  told me that I was the best kisser that he had ever kissed).  What was going on?

I knew I needed to back off and not look like a desperate, pussy whipped, needy whimp.
Normally, I fuck a guy, or hook up, and never contact them again, unless I am wanting a repeat, or if I had a great time, to make it into a regular thing.  If random guys hit me up on the internet, and  if they not my type, I just don't respond.  I think Karma is just kicking my ass and giving me some of my own medicine.

I gave him another day without texting him , and sent him a "Hi, how are you" text.  He responded with :  Hi Sexy.  I'm doing OK.  Now I know how women feel the next day, week, or month after a guy finally screws them and then doesn't call.  Or a gay guy sucks me or I screw him and don't contact him afterward.

Most gay guys wouldn't care.  I wouldn't either if it was just a blow job or a quick fuck.  Hal and I had kissed and "made love" for 2 hours.  This is somewhat fucking with my head.  I decided to take a step back and let it play out.  I thought about blocking him on Grindr so I wouldn't be reminded about it but thought better of it.  What I did is I deleted his messages, and deleted his texts.  He has hardly been on Grindr anyway since our last encounter.  I know he is having trouble at work, or maybe he is depressed at Christmas time.  The irony of this all is that it is very possible that after a scenario of us having 2 or three make out sessions similar to what we did , that if we did actually have intercourse, a time or two, it is very possible, that I would be over him and move on.  I would though, have returned his messages and not given him a chance to feel bad about it.

Karma bit me on the ass this time, and it sucks, let me tell you.

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  1. Yah, that's weird. I think gay dating has a different rule book than normal society. It used to really frustrate me, and sometimes it still does, but I really try to let it go.

    I think it's good that you are getting a taste of your own medicine. More often that not I'm the one getting ignored, than the one doing the ignoring, however, if I'm going to play in this group, I'm gonna have to play by their rules.

    Try not to let it get to you.