Saturday, December 26, 2015

The Night Before The Night Before Christmas

When I was 13 years old, and in eighth grade, I had a mind shifting experience.
This is how it all started many years ago.

My father was a super horny guy and he had in his bookcase a huge thick autobiography entitled
"MY LIFE AND LOVES" by Frank Harris (1856-1931),  .  It is nearly 1000 pages long.
The book is a bit dry and mostly him bragging about his superiority to his peers and his long
list of accomplishments.  Woven through the book,  he details his sexual exploits with women.

The summer before, when I was freshly 13 years old, puberty hit, and my dick went from a pathetic, little pink thing, I was very embarrassed about it, especially since I often went to the gym with my jock father who had a beautiful long, dangly ,  cut cock.  We showered in the same gang shower at the gym, and I often saw him naked at home.  I was very shy about my then embarrassingly little cock and tried to never be naked in public.  Once puberty started, my tiny cock, in just a matter of weeks blossomed to that of a full grown man.  It was perpetually hard, and straight with a beautiful head and 7 1/2" long and thick (believe me I measured it many times then, imagining how big it would eventually get). I would often have a full boner and flex it, and feel a tingly feeling.  I didn't really know about masturbation.  I mean, I had heard of jacking off, but didn't  understand the concept of the reason to do it .  I had no desire to jack off.  I did want to kiss, and suck the adult men, and high school jocks in my neighborhood though. 

I was always an excellent student through out school without doing any studying.  I was an avid reader, and was always reading, a novel or nonfiction about my favorite hobbies.
I had no problem at all with reading MY LIFE AND LOVES, which I think ALL of my peers could not have gotten through the first 100 pages, before the sex in the book started.

I was half way through the book on December 23rd before I went to bed that night.   I had this dream where a lady Cop hassled me for walking on a lawn that had a sign saying "Keep Off The Lawn".  She tried to arrest me and we got into a wrestling match, with our bodies banging together.  I shot a huge load in my tightie whities.
I went to the bathroom and saw the inside of my underwear covered in a mucious like white goo.

I immediately figured out , what had just happened, and my life changed at that point. 

To be continued.


  1. Funny, I read the same book in my teen years.

  2. Hey Jack,
    What a coincidence. That was the first
    Porn that I read. It was really erotic to me at that time