Sunday, December 27, 2015

The Cleanest Boy On The East Coast

This is a continuation from the post below:  The Night Before The Night Before Christmas:

The next day, Christmas eve, I took a shower in the morning like usual.  I've always loved hot showers and while under the water I was contemplating my wet dream the night before.  I had a full erection, and when I started to later my body up, I ran my soapy hand up the length of my hard cock and I felt an extreme, pleasurable sensation.  I continued to run my soapy hand up and down my cock, and I quickly had a mind blowing, explosive ejaculation. 

My mind started to race.  My view of the world was sifting and changing right then.

At that age, I was actually an unhappy, kind of depressed person on the inside.  I was really very introverted, but able to appear, normal and happy on the outside.  The issue of course was that I knew I was different, from a very young age--age 4, and I knew it was terribly wrong, even though my parents were EXTREMELY liberal, and never mentioned, not even once, homosexuality.  I hid that my entire life, thinking I was the only "normal" person with these man loving desires.  I knew that there were perverts.  It had never occurred to me that there were other handsome, worthy males AND LOTS OF THEM, that had these same desires.  I had just assumed that my life would continue with me having these very strong desires to be with a male, and put his cock in my mouth, and that it would never happen.

After that first masturbated ejaculation in the shower, my mind shifted.  The feeling of "cumming" was so intense, and the best experience I had ever had, bar none.  Pathetic I know, but nothing in my life had come even close.

From that point on, through out high school.  I was always in the shower.  I took at least 5 showers a day, and pounded my way to a mind shattering orgasm each time.  I then moved up to jacking off in bed at night using shaving crème as the lubricant.  My dick started to get irritated from all of the detergents in the soap and shaving crème, and I switched to Vaseline as the lubricant.  At this point I could jack off 5 or more times a day at least with my cock staying in perfect shape. 

I realized that life wasn't what I had thought it was.  I was previously "just getting through the day" with the only joy in the solitude of reading, or in playing sports. At least I could now get the sexual high, most anytime I wanted it.

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