Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Somewhat Alone

I had finally met Hal,  the beautiful and fit young Asian at my house.
I had a friend who happens to be straight visiting at the time.
She knows I am gay and I told her about Hal.  This visit with Hal was a "meet and greet" and then he was to go on to a yoga class at the Gym.  I had set it up to work like this because  if I had Hal alone, knowing myself, if things went well, I would probably "go in for the kill" and seduce him and fuck him. That is if he were into me,  and when I set up the meeting, I was only around 50% sure that he would be into me.

We were only "Somewhat Alone"

I took him on a tour of my rather large house.  The tour started at the front door, and I led him directly  to the first bedroom. lol
I REALLY wanted to REALLY kiss him and caress his body.  Once in the bedroom, I kissed him very gently on the lips while stroking his body.  I had a full boner,  and rubbed his crotch area with my hard cock which was still in my pants. Truth be known, my cock is probably my best physical asset and I wanted to make sure he felt it to "seal the deal" that I would eventually have him naked, be in full control of his body and eventually top him.  I started the "mating dance" as I guided him to the bed.  I laid him on the bed in the middle and I joined him.  Facing each other, we kissed while I explored his body with my hands. over the next 10 minutes I had my hands under his shirt and marveled at his beautiful tone and skin.  I had him roll over onto me and I put both hands into the back of his pants and cupped his beautiful ass cheeks in my hands.  I moved one hand into his crack and then lightly touched his hole.  I just put some light pressure on his hole.  A couple of minutes later, I lightly tapped the entrance to his ass.  Then wet a finger and played with his hole from the outside, then more firmly tapped the entrance.  His ass was closed and tight, but as I continued to "tap" and kiss him, and kiss his neck and stroke his face, his ass started to open up and I finger fucked him , but just with one segment of my finger. 

We had some intimate conversation.  I very softly told me how happy I was that it was him.  That I was perfectly content just kissing him. That I would rather kiss him then have sex. 
I told him he was beautiful, and thanked him for letting me kiss him.

I rolled Hal onto his side and opened his pants. I slid my hand past his dick and balls and played with his hole while I was kissing him.  I opened my pants and had my dick half out of my underwear.  He stroked me, then I slid myself  up and presented my  cock to his face.  He squeezed it and examined it and obviously loved it.  Without speaking, I took my cock out and positioned it right at his face and he started to lovingly suck me.  It felt so good.  I only let him suck me for around a minute then I put my body between his legs and pushed his legs apart with my knees.  I got on top of him and dry humped and kissed and caressed him.  My testosterone was really pumping through my veins, and with our dicks in our pants, I basically put him in different sexual positions and  pounded his body very athletically while positioned in exact sexual positions for maximum stimulation of his prostrate and extreme pleasure for him and for me.  I told him that I didn't want to fuck him.  He said he was worried that I would hurt him due to the size of my cock.  I told him that I would not try to fuck him.  The ball was in his court.  That I would not hurt him.  That he would have to ask me to fuck him, and later ask me to fuck him hard. I told him that I was 100% OK if we NEVER fucked.  I then told him that I was pretty sure that he would ask me to fuck him the next time we met.  I said it as a joke, we laughed, but we both knew it would be true. 

We wrapped things up so he could get to his yoga class just a little late.  Our time together went perfectly; better than I had expected. I'm looking forward to his next visit.

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