Saturday, June 11, 2011

He said "I Love You"

I have a funky relationship with a guy named Marcus whom I have only known through hooking up with for the past 18 years!  Only one other man has sucked my dick on more occasions and that man would never let me cum in his mouth (WTF)!
I met Marcus when I was in my mid twenties.  He is a medium colored black man, around 6 feet tall.  Back then he was slim, and he was a flight attendant.  It was one of my first experiences with a black guy and I wasn't all that experienced at that point.  I was driving home from a business trip and it was very late, around 1 am when I stopped at a rest area approaching our city.  We checked each other out at the urinals and I suggested that we go outside and disappear into the woods rather than be caught having sex in the restroom.  We went outside and he didn't really want to go into the woods.  We found a storage building that was in an area that nobody would be visiting at that time of night and went behind it.  Marcus, played with my cock some and I stroked his large thick cock as well.  He sucked me, but I didn't suck him, even though he wanted me to.  He did a good job sucking and I came hard.  This was before the internet was common, and people usually met up at bars or at rest areas.  The rest areas in the South East were really rocking with gay sex.  At the rest area 10 minutes from my house, I could hook up basically any night of the week quickly.  Some nights the rest areas were like a gay bar.  The parking lot would be packed and there might be 5 guys in the bathroom, and 10 guys in the woods cruising.
After that first night with Marcus, I would run into him every month or so.  I avoided him as he wanted me to suck him some.  I just wanted it one way (me getting sucked).  Eventually, he would sometimes be my best choice that night and he started to suck me regularly.  He is an AWESOME cocksucker.  He has a large mouth and throat area and he can deep throat me with no gag reflex.  I always felt though that he was a bit obsessive with me and I tried to keep things casual.  At that point he would blow me 4 or 5 times a year.  Fast forward around ten years later and he was living really close to the gym that I go to most nights.  After working out, then the hot tub, then shower, I would drive to his house and he would blow me.  He would blow me several times a week.  For one stretch he even blew me 9 nights in a row!  I was a very happy "piece of meat".  He also started to rimm me  during this time.  I  resisted it at first, but I was always freshly showered, and clean and I started to enjoy it (a lot!).    Things went along great for a couple of years, but he started to think of me as somewhat of a boy friend.  I laid it all out on the table that I didn't want a boyfriend, and that it wasn't going to happen.  That our relationship had always been just sex 100% of the time.  He seemed good with that, but as things progressed, he would try to keep me in bed after I came to spend time with him.  We had a few more discussions and decided to cool it. A year or two went by and we started back again.  After several more months of really good blow jobs, he started to want more from me again.  I said no, just sex.  This became our cycle.  We would be "On" really hot and heavy for months, then he would get possessive and we would have to cool it.  The last 2 years we have been "Off".  We are now back on.  He has blown me 5 times in the last 3 months.  I think I misunderstood him somewhat though.  What we are doing now is that after he sucks and rimms me for 45 minutes and I cum, that he wants me hold him, rub his body while he jacks off and cums.  He seems very satisfied with this. I could have done this all along, but he never told me that.   Tonight though I told him that if we went back to our former pattern of him blowing me most nights that he would get tired of me.  He said that would never happen as was in love with me and always would be.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Uncle Louie

Yesterday I went to the Lowes Home Improvement Store.  I was in the outside garden area that held tons of flowering plants, shrubs and trees.  It was mid morning and the place was pretty dead.  I was walking down an aisle of shrubs and I saw a stunning guy walking my way.  He was early 30's, probably 32-34  years of age, trim and well tanned.  He was wearing flip flops, shorts and a T Shirt. He was probably 5'6" with a well proportioned, trim body. I really like smaller guys, especially when topping.  He had a really handsome face, beautiful skin and thick brown hair with a hair cut that was not done at "Great Clips".  The most noticeable feature though was that he was holding the hand of a handsome, well cared for,  4 year old boy.  The child was clean, well mannered, well dressed and obviously was destined for a great life as a young man who had all of the qualities of his superior gene pool and upbringing.  As this "father and son" and I passed, he looked directly into my eyes and said "Hi, how are you".  I basically said the same thing at the same time as my heart started beating wildly.
I was kind of sad as I felt like James Blunt in his song YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL.  A song which chronicles a fleeting glimpse of a stranger and the knowledge that she (he) is your soul mate, but that it will never come to pass. I went into the inside area of the store and grabbed a gallon of weed killer then went back to the outdoor garden area to pay for it.  As I headed for the outdoor cash register I saw the handsome father and son, looking at a little waterfall.  My most direct route to the cash register would not take me by them. I made a little detour so that I would pass by them again.  As I approached closer, I noticed a pregnant lady, around 30 years old standing around 8 feet from them.  She was attractive and was probably 7 months pregnant.  She was wearing dark sunglasses.  I assumed that she was the wife of the gorgeous guy and the mother of the 4 year old.  I also assumed that I would never see this trio again and I really couldn't take my eyes off of the father.  I was not as discrete in checking out the father as I normally would have been. I had the distinct feeling that the mother knew that I was checking out the father.  I felt that strongly.  My path was leading me between the father with the son and the mother was on the other side of the aisle. Right as I started to get between the happy family the mother said to the son "Matt, listen to your Uncle Louie".  I truly felt like the mother was letting me know that "Louie" was not the father and was probably gay.
I didn't follow up on this though, as I wasn't sure if he was interested in me or not.  I played a fantasy in my mind that he had told his sister about us having a very brief encounter and she was trying to help things along.
After I paid for my weed killer, I looked over my shoulder and "Louie" glanced my way.  I guess it was an opportunity lost.  I could have lost myself over this guy.  It was a really strong attraction on my part.  He is a guy who could be my soul mate, or who could seriously break my heart. Hopefully I will see him again.
"Louie" (real name)  if by some slim chance, you are reading this, let me know.  Nobody would be any better to you than I would.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Bitch In Heat

I went to the gym tonight.  It is a big one with hundreds of members.  I took a shower, got in the hot tub, swam 400 meters, back in the hot tub, but not the cruisy steam room and sauna.  I ended up in the open shower room with a guy that I know casually as we work out at the same time most nights.  We have also been to a party together and I have hooked him up with two very cute guys.  He and I have also hooked up once.  He is actually very cute with a good body, and a 5" straight dick of average thickness. He is attractive, but I am basically not interested in doing anything to him, I would just let him suck me.  He wants a little more interest from me, but the chemistry is just not there for me. He is a nice guy, and I like him. I have discovered that he is a very visually oriented guy.
I have found that if my dick is shriveled up from swimming in cold water for example, that he'll say hi but basically not pay me a lot of notice.  If my dick is in it's normal state, he'll be keeping an eye on it in the showers.  If I pump it up some he becomes a panting bitch in heat.  He becomes enamored with me, his personality becomes sparklely and he behaves like an 18 year old trying to get laid.  I have experimented with this a couple of times.  If he and I were alone in the showers, I would tug on my cock a bit while washing myself and he becomes a cock hound.  If I don't do that, we are just normal friends even though I have the same cock that with a brush of his hand could go to hard quickly. 
After the gym tonight, I had a very good hook up off of Manhunt.  The guy was service oriented with headless photos of his torso which was toned and hairy.  No cock photos, no head photos.  Our arrangement was that he would blow me.  I didn't need to see his face or cock.  He got here and I was very pleasantly surprised.  Nice body, nice face, nice guy (from out of state).  Once in my house, I grabbed him around the waist and took hold of his right wrist and guided his hand to my hardening cock.  He was feeling my wood and I grabbed him by the hips and ran my hand down the back of his jeans cupping his ass cheeks and pulled them apart some through his jeans and felt for the area of his hole, exerting my dominance.  I wanted him on his knees and to be my bitch. We went to the bed room and I put him on his knees and had him lean his back into my bed for support.  He had his pants down and I saw his cock.  It was a beauty, 7" with a nice head, straight shaft and nice balls.  It was of medium thickness, definitely not as thick as mine.  I let him suck my cock for a minute or so to get his oral lubrication in play, then I started to fuck his mouth, then his throat, then down his throat.  He was an awesome deep throater.  I pounded his throat until he was winded then I pulled my cock out and stuck my balls in his face.  He sucked my balls expertly as I beat my cock.  It was covered with the thick juice from down his throat.  The "spit" in that area is awesome for lube, it is rather the texture of good lube.  I'd jack some with my balls in his mouth, then alternate with fucking his throat.  The guy was loving it (I was too).  He told me that he wanted me to come on his face.  I didn't respond, as I planned to cum down his throat.  I've found that in the heat of getting sucked, that even the guys who "never" swallow can be made hot enough to take my pulsing load into their belly.  I told him I was cumming and to open his mouth. He did, and I think he was planning to just take the load in his mouth, but I slid my cock down his slick throat and fucked the load deep.  He swallowed every drop. This launching to ejaculation took maybe 1 minute, so he could have had me cum in his mouth or on his face if he wanted to (it wasn't total throat rape in other words).   He said he would suck me ever day if he lived in my town.  He said that what he loved about me was that I was totally masculine and that I was exactly what he looked for.  He comes to my city for work about 3 days a month.  I have myself a new occasional cocksucker.