Monday, November 30, 2015

Gourmet Chinese

There is a Beautiful Asian guy in my gym.  He's 34 probably, 5'6", very fit, clear skin, very handsome, confident.  I've seen him for the past couple years.  He has never looked at me, or given me an opening to talk with him. I've actually never seen him look at another guy or do anything to indicate he was gay.  He swims and works out , and I usually see him in the shower and sauna areas and he proudly walks around naked with his fantastic body and rather small penis.  Dressed in street clothes, he is very neat and is the picture of a fit, handsome healthy metrosexual straight man.
I always assumed I would never feel his beautiful body or kiss his very handsome face.

Last week, he was dressing into his street clothes a few lockers away from mine.  He had his back to me and probably didn't even know I was behind him a few feet away.  I watched him put on his very neatly, well fitting clothes, while sitting on a stool.  I was thinking "Dude, turn around, your are a 2 feet away and at eye level to my cock", please turn this way. lol .  Didn't happen, what did happen was even better.  A "couple" walked in.  The one guy was traffic stopping. 35,  6", beefy, confident, muscular, hairy, a gorgeous mountain of "straight man", without any trace of gay.  With him though was a very handsome, shorter, latino man.  They were obviously a couple.  Mr. Asia looked up at the "God", and never took his eyes off of him as he undressed and went to the showers.  It was then that I knew my Asian friend was a closet case.

I had been talking with an Asian guy on Grindr for weeks.  We had really hit it off.  Let's call him Hal. We talked many times a day.  He lives 30 minutes from me.  A beautiful guy, around 28 in the pics with a fantastic body.  His face pics showed a very handsome face.  He also had muscular legs with some detail of muscle that I don't ever remember seeing in an Asian.  This guy is Chinese, white collar job, unattached, and obviously we were very compatible.  He kept wanting to meet, but I had houseguest for around 3 weeks straight.  I could have met him, but I really liked him and I secretly was afraid that he would think I was too old for him if we met.  I was fearful he would reject me when we finally met.  Normally, I don't give a fuck if that happens, (it's only ever happened 1 time)  but I really liked this guy.

The night the 34 year old Asian was staring at the hunk in the locker room, like I said I knew then that he was gay.  It occurred to me that he might actually be my  28 year old guy from Grindr (he didn't have an age listed on Grindr). My heart sunk as in the last couple of years he has never acknowledged my existence or even looked at me.  The "Hunk" and I are not in the same league looks wise.  I thought that I hadn't a chance with the Gorgeous Asian.

That night on Grindr, when we chatted, Hal talked about going to the gym that night.  We both knew that we went to the same gym.  I told him that a guy was there that resembled him.  That this guy had the same beautiful,  muscular legs. I told him I watched him from a distance, and that he was wearing expensive "flip flops" and after he dressed he wore leather loafers.  Hal then texted me a photo of the exact leather loafers!  It was him after all. I told him about him staring at the hunk and he laughed and he knew he was "busted".  Hal really wanted to meet now.  He hadn't a clue as to who I was.
I was really torn about it.  One the one hand he was gay, and the one guy who turned him on enough to "break his cover as a straight man" was unbelievably gorgeous. I felt that he would reject me when we met, or I thought it was a possibility anyway. 

After that, Hal would tell me when he was going to the gym, and I would avoid those times as I just didn't want our "relationship" to possibily end if he wasn't into me.  One time I did see him at a distance, and I stayed away from him so that we wouldn't have to actually meet. I'm usually very confident in general and if someone likes me fine, if they don't I don't care at all .  If I really like the guy though, I'm like a school boy afraid to talk to the "cheerleader", even though I had 3 different cheerlead girlfriends in High School.

I sent Hal a face pic finally and he said I was very handsome.  It was time to meet in person yesterday.  Yesterday, he pulled his car into my driveway,  and he was really beaming, like super happy and pleased in my looks. I opened his car door and leaned in , hugged him, and kissed his neck then gave him a kiss. 
More to come...

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Gay For Pay

Yesterday was the day after Thanksgiving.  I had tons of guys hitting me up.

There was an interesting guy online.  26, black, lean with a 10" cock.  There were several photos of his big cock covered in cum.  Each pic showed a huge load. The ad said he was straight and he was looking for "Generous".  I have done well in life financially and don't have any problem at all with paying for a cute young straight guy or to pay for a guy with a "trophy cock".   If the guy is gay, I usually have no desire to suck him, like none.  If the guy appears to be straight and won't suck me, my desires change and I can really like to suck the guy and swallow his cum.  Turns out though I almost never suck a guy for more than a minute or two.

I emailed him and he wanted $50 for a blow job.  Score!  We set a time for him to come here, 9:30 pm.  I texted him my address.  I texted him at around 9 and asked if he had left yet.  He had but he lived in the next city, an hour away.

In the meantime, since he was only going to get sucked, I made another date with a 20 year old, strawberry blond (more strawberry than blond) , lean kid that must live near me.  I've seen him a stores a few times over the past year. His stats said 5'7"  135, bottom. I told him that I had houseguests an didn't know when they would leave and that I would hit him up once they left.  He asked if I knew another top as he wanted to try a three way.  WTF!  This total conservative, National Honor Society, well scrubbed Ginger kid was a closet freak. I said I didn't know any tops as I wanted him for myself.   So, I had two guys lined up, the black hustler and the Ginger Kid.

The Hustler ended up getting her at around 10:30.  Hopefully we could wrap things up with plenty of time for the Ginger Cutie to come over.

The Hustler got out of his car and I was pleasantly surprised.  He was around 5'10, lean, muscled and polite and seemed to like me, but was obviously straight and willing to be a "piece of meat" for me to suck.  I felt him up, and really liked his body.  He was darkish in skin color with clean skin and was a masculine guy.  I think he was embarrassed about being thin as he made several comments, saying he worked out but was his goal was to put on 10 to 20 pounds of muscle.  I told him he was perfect as he was.  We moved on to the bed room.  He just stood there, and I undid his pants and pushed his underwear and pants to around his ankles.  I started to suck his limp cock and it quickly started to grow.  I stood up and asked him to take his white hoodie and t shirt off, which he did.

OMFG!  A beautiful, muscled, body with a prominent six pack.  His body was hairless except for his arm pitts and pubes.  He had beautiful skin and was a masculine, young man, just perfect.  He was open in personality and while sucking him, I'd ask him questions and he answered without hesitation.
He is a mechanic, has a steady girlfriend he lives with and he usually fucks a different girl or two everyday (he has regular fwbs) and fucks his girlfriend around every other day.  He has been getting blown by guys for only  the past year.  I was the third man to blow him.  He got blown by a man maybe once a month. 

His dick was a real beauty, but not 10", no more than 8 1/2", but fantastic.  I'm not really a size queen.  8 1/2" is a big dick to me.  So I was good.  I sucked him for around 10 minutes while he laid on his back with his eyes closed, probably thinking a hot girl was blowing him.  I had him stand up and I sucked him some more, and I was thinking "This is great, but I guess I am not a true cock sucker, as I was getting bored and hoping he would cum and I could stop."
He then said he had already cum an needed to wrap things up.  I told him that I didn't think he had cum and I certainly didn't notice if he did.  Especially after seeming the volume of cum on his cock in those photos, I knew that he hadn't cum.  We talked some more.  He told me he had sex with a 22 year old woman when he was 14 and hadn't stopped having sex since.  I asked him how many women he had been with and he said definitely over 100.

I asked him if I could massage him some and he said sure.  I took his pants off and laid him down on his stomach.  I strattled his back and massaged as best I could.  His lean muscled body felt fantastic.  I was clothed but had a hard one.  I also rubbed my body on his and I'm sure he could feel my hard cock.  I flipped him onto his back and massaged his chest, neck, face and arms and hands, I felt his big low hanging balls then noticed he was 100% erect.  I started to suck him agan and  within 5 minutes he blew a huge load in my mouth which I swallowed.  It was mild and tasted good. We wrapped things up and he left to pick his girlfriend up from work.  He had told me that he was a mechanic and that he ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT.  He said if he had a food and a place to stay, he would do it for free. It is the only job he has had.  I had a great time and I gave him an extra $10 for gas as he had to come a lot farther than I expected.  I really enjoyed myself but knew I would never call him again. I thought that would be the last I heard of him (until today..... more to come on that later.  He really surprised me).

The hustler left and I went to get in contact with the Ginger Kid.  He had written that I must have found someone else.  Technically I had, but the date with the hustler had already been set, and I figured I would have plenty of time to top the Ginger.  He was off line, and never got back on line and I went to bed.  He goes back to school tomorrow, so I need to make sure it happens tonight.  I would really like to get in this kids ass. Cross your fingers for me for tonight!

Friday, November 27, 2015

Mental Torment

This post is out of order and should have been written 3 years so.  It is referring to the reason that I stopped blogging 3 years ago after meeting a guy named Chad. 

My mental torment over Chad having maybe played me, (or maybe I came on too strong) left in me a funk that lasted for months. Here is how it ended:  The next couple of months, we texted constantly.  The same awesome conversations that we had in the bedroom.  We totally clicked.  Warning signals were going off in my head though.  I was always the one who initiated the texts.  I would vow to not text him, and wait for him to text me first.  He never texted first.  I knew I was probably over reaching, and acting like a female Justin Beiber fan.  I couldn't help it though, I just had to hear his thoughts.

A month later, I was returning to his city in Virginia.  We were supposed to meet up that night.  When the time came though, he had a crisis with a friend he was helping out and couldn't make it as he wasn't even in town.  It sounded fishy to me. (I'm finishing this post 3 years later).  All of his business and success was definitely true.  I think he was sort of a con man though.  He made me feel fantastic and took away all of my doubts and feelings of shortcomings.  I had never met anyone who made me feel so whole, so desired, so confident.  I think that was his thing, making people feel great and making them fall for him.  In his defense, I am VERY SURE, I was coming on too strongly and too quickly as we had only actually met up for  2 nights. We later spent MANY hours on the phone and texting.  It felt like we were soul mates.   In later conversations though he would be VERY enthusiastic about each time we were supposed to meet again but he always had a crisis to attend to at the last minute.  I decided to save face and let him drift away.  If he really wanted me he could always call or text.  Bye Bye Chad. I had really loved you. Thanks for picking me Baby, even if only for a short while.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Stood Up. A Regular and And a Big Score

Tuesday before Thanksgiving I was chatting on Grindr with a cute bodied Twink.  Latino and 25 years.  Nice smooth body, small nipples and a 5" "Downward Cascade" Cock.  (Check out the movie A FOUR LETTER WORD). He told me he was a bottom and we set a time for a hook up.  Around the agree upon time for us to meet he told me he was actually a virgin. But he definitely wanted to get fucked.  FUCK! (not in a good way I said to myself).  A Mexican, and a virgin. His body really appealed to me so I said Great! See you in an hour.  Seven minutes before the hook up, I texted him and asked if he had left home yet.  He asked to reschedule as he has some stuff to finish up at home.  Stood up.  Fucking Flake!  I was hoping to have a fantastic hook up with him and get over my losing streak with Mexicans. 
At this point it was 10 pm, and it was too late to find another guy, and by the time he came over, we fooled around and were done it would be midnight.  I was pissed off and went to bed.

The day before Thanksgiving, I went to the Gym and thought about my #1 Fan.
He works in a two man retail specialty store nearby.  I don't know how they stay in business as there are rarely any customers.  If we time things well, I can stop by after the Boss has gone home for an expert suck and swallow by a real expert.  This guy sucks me, licks me, sucks my balls, rimms, my ass and is hungry for my cock and cum.  He's blown me for years and in the last 5 years it has averaged once a week.

#1 Fan's Boss was off for Thanksgiving week and I went over for some relief.  I leaned against a wall and he kneeled and got between my legs.  He unbuckled me, pulled down my pants and went to work.  I was in heaven.  My pants were around my ankles and he took one of my shoes off, and fished my foot out of my pants so that he could spread my legs. He maneuvered to get under my ass somehow and he had me writhing in ecstasy.  After I had enough pleasure for 4 average men, I disengaged, pushed him with his back to the wall, I grabbed his head and fucked it hard, and without regard to his comfort.  Exactly what he wanted.  I exploded down his throat.  I have been taking a lot of vitamins and I asked him how it tasted.  He said he had no idea as he rarely tastes my cum as I almost always cum slamming it down his throat, with my dick head past his esophagus.  I'm not an expert in anatomy but I'm thinking that is what I am feeling.

Today, Thanksgiving, I've been horny.  A black guy who blows me every week or so was hitting me up to come over.  If I went there and back the hook would take around 2 hours and after Thanksgiving dinner, I wasn't up for that. The only strong interest I had on Grindr was from  a rather unattractive, 30 ish guy. 6 foot tall, white, strong bear kind of build with a bit of belly, noting bad, he wasn't fat.  He absolutely wasn't my type, but I found that if I'm just getting blown, I prefer a guy not my type who can really suck over a more attractive guy with less experience. I hit him up and we picked a time that worked for us both.  He came over I had him sit on the floor next to the bed.  He took out my half hard cock, and I immediately knew I had a winner on my hands. 

This guy was truly an expert.  He lovingly sucked and milked my cock while it was down his throat, swirling his tongue on the underside and doing some sort of crazy milking thing with his throat muscles.  I also fucked his throat and he was loving that.  After I slammed his throat for around 5 minutes, he took a little break, sucking my balls.   He started inching his tongue near my hole.  I was freshly showered and I adjusted a little and he was kissing, sucking and licking my ass.  I drifted through waves of pleasure then pushed his head back into the side of the mattress, took his head in both of my hands pushing it very firmly into the side of the mattress and I fucked furiously and came well down his throat.  He loved it and thanked me profusely.  I also LOVED IT but played it rather cool.  He said to let me know when I needed it again and just give him a call.  I really like to have a string of cocksuckers that I can call if I can't find anyone that is really attractive to me.  Those guys that I REALLY like, are generally 26 or under twinks, I end up kissing, caressing, sucking a little, and fucking hard.  I'm very happy though with a clean but unattractive guy who knows their way around a dick and don't care if I ever touch or see their cock.   With these guys, I'm a selfish top. I'm cool with that title.  It's what these eaters are after anyway.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

I Really Like Mexican Food

I really like Mexican Food.     But...........

I haven't had the best sex with Mexicans.  The first Mexican I hooked up years ago was a passionate 25 year old who was incredible in bed and kissed like a champ.  He was a construction worker, barely spoke English but was an expert with the human body.

Since then, basically most of the times I've hooked up with Mexicans,  it wasn't been the best.  The bottoms tend to act like tops and try to control the fuck.  Beat my cock with their hands and not do it that well.  Or they insist that I  lie on my back and they sit on top and fuck my cock like a pogo stick and quickly get off.  They have almost always cum quickly and left me hanging.

Tonight was another example of this.  A Mexican Twink hit me up on Grindr several days ago.  We exchanged photos.  He was very cute, short with a beautifully toned body, 4" uncut dick (the small dick was not an issue for me in any way), handsome face and an extravagant hair cut, but a modern style, not "Queeny". 

I put him off several days in a row and then tonight I couldn't put him off any more.  After my most excellent encounter with the Chinese Jock yesterday, I forgot that hook ups don't always go that well.

The kid arrived on time and I met him at his car.  He smiled broadly, we shook hands and went inside.  He seemed rather hesitant and I was thinking that maybe he didn't like how I looked.  He had previously gushed about the several recent photos I had sent but something seemed off.

We got into the bedroom and he seemed to be in a hurry.  I slowed him down and drew him to me, caressing his body, I kissed his neck and he had his head turned away. 

While we were taking our cloths off, he asked if using a condom was OK.  I said sure.  We then laid down in bed and I caressed him and kissed his neck and body.  He said I want you to fuck me.  I said I will but I think you need some foreplay.  He said he didn't have much time as his parents were expecting him home.  He had 20 to 30 minutes maximum for the encounter.  I asked him how many times he had been fucked.  He said he had never really been with a guy before, that he had a mutual jack session with his cousin when they were young.  He had never Kissed, fucked or sucked on a guy.
SHIT!  Here we go again. I liked the kid, but realized that it probably wasn't going to end well.

While I was kissing his neck, ears, and chest, I got near his mouth and tried to kiss his beautiful face.
He said "I don't kiss".  I just assumed he wasn't into me, wanted to get fucked quickly and leave.
I told him I would fuck him, but I had to get him ready.  I got some lube and took my time playing with his hole with a lubed finger.  I eventually finger fucked him spending time on his prostate.  He was totally loving it moaning and in ecstasy.  He said "Please fuck me" and he opened a rubber package.  He examined the lube I had to make sure it was condom safe which it was.  He handed me the rubber and he looked at my hardon in awe as I took the rubber out.  I said that I thought it might not work. It was a red condom and much too small.  I am used to using extra large condoms and I had forgot how small the regular ones were.  The rolled up condom was at most 1/2 the size in width of my dick head. I stretched in and rolled it on as best I could.  Like with most virgins, it is hard to get inside the first time. With a condom, I eventually lose my erection if I don't get it inside the ass within a few minutes.  We did this a couple of times and then he became obsessed with staring at my dick and trying to roughly jack it off.  All during the hook up he said that he thought I was super hot, handsome, he loved my cock, it was so thick, he was really enjoying himself and wanted to come back and get fucked next time.  We eventually wrapped it up with neither of us getting off.  I liked him very much and if he just would kiss, or suck my cock well, I would have been happy.  I think he is just too much work for the reward of finally fucking him, after 3 or 4 nights of frustration.  I think I'm going to "kick him to the curb" nicely.  My encounter with the Chinese Hunk the night before was about 100 times better.

Chinese Delivery

I haven't posted in around 3 years!  I think I might have the "fire now to continue the blog".
I've had many awesome, nice, mediocre and a very few bad hook ups since then.  I'll start with last night and occasionally recall a past really good hookup.

Until last night, I've only ever hooked up with I guy that I knew was Chinese as opposed to"Asian".
Something is up with the Chinese though as within the last 6 weeks I have had a straight half Chinese houseguest, then a straight Chinese houseguest, and lately I've been texting several times daily with a gay, full blood  Chinese guy who is a really beautiful and beautifully fit. We haven't hooked up yet, but it is just a matter of time and will happen within the next few days.

Last night I hooked up with a HUNK of a Chinese guy.  We chatted on Grindr and his stats were 25, 6' 1" 190 lbs.  His very nice torso pic on his ad made him appear to be Caucasian.  He showed up right on time at my place at 10 pm.  He had asked me on Grindr if I thought I could throw him around the room and I answered yes!  That gave me an idea as to how I could best give him what he wanted and make him a regular.  We met at his car and I swear, the guy just beamed as if he was VERY pleased with my appearance.  I brought him to the bed room and we undressed.  I guided him to my bed and I got on top of him and put my knee between his closed legs to get him to open them up.  He resisted and flexed his strong legs. I persisted and eventually got him to open up and with in a few minutes my legs were inside his legs  and I started to stroke his body, kiss his neck and ears, and caress and suck and kiss his nipples.  His nipples were the key to getting my way and I spread his legs all the way open with my knees.  I then started to kiss him on the mouth deeply and I knew I could get whatever I wanted from him. 

I dismounted and had us facing each other on our sides.  I kissed and caressed him, them hooked my left arm under his right leg and hoised his bent leg up to his head, exposing his hole.  I wet a finger and lightly tapped the entrance and also rubbed his hole outside with my finger without sticking it inside.  Whenever I tweaked his nipples he would get really excited.  I then mounted his body kissing him and then did my signature move of gently taking a hunk of his neck muscle and skin into my mouth and between my teeth and I slowly released the flesh by letting it pass through my  teeth.
Believe me this feels awesome, and since it was first done to me, I always try to do this.  If done right, it doesn't leave any marks unlike sucking on the neck.  I have only ever had one guy do this to me and I am really glad that I learned the technique.

I played with his body for well over an hour like this, kissing him and being in charge. I asked him what he wanted to do next and he said "Whatever you want to do".  I told him that he would have to tell me what he wanted.  He resisted.  I told  him that I thought that he wanted me to fuck him.  He agreed.  I asked again "What is it you want to happen next".  He resisted but eventually he said that he wanted to feel my dick in his ass.  I lubed up my cock and his hole and played with his hole with a lubed finger, and started to gently finger fuck his hole.  I eventually got in deep enough to play with his prostate and he was in ecstasy.  I mounted him and raised his hips up, putting his calves on my shoulders,  and put my cock head at his hole.  I had him center it and started to push in.  I was able to get all the way in after around 2 minutes and he asked me to start slowly.  I fucked slowly and not too deeply until he could handle it and then started to fuck him fast and hard.  He fucking loved it and I made him tell me to fuck him hard. 

I fucked him missionary style hard and fast.  He was very athletic and limber and I rotated his as up and kiss him while I ravaged his ass. He told me that he wanted me to pull out and shoot on his chest.  I said that I wouldn't do that.  He said that he wanted to see me shoot.  I told him that I did that it would be OK, I would do it, but that I would never invite him back.  He seemed hurt and incredulous and I kept that charade up for maybe two minutes while fucking him and kissing him.  Then I told him that I was just fucking with him and of course I wasn't that big of an asshole.  I had fucked him for awhile and his ass started to feel pretty juicy.  I had either precummed into him a lot or sometimes when I hold off too long, I don't feel the orgasm really and the cum just leaks out.  One or both of those scenarios happened.  As I slammed him, I told him I wanted to cum in his ass and I asked if I could. He said he wanted me to cum on his chest.  I told him I was getting really close and got him into total bitch mode.  I told him I was close and wanted to breed him.  He said "Fuck me, fuck me harder, cum in my ass".  I gave a few more hard thrusts , then pulled out and came all over his chest and stomach, honoring his original request (I think). 

He hadn't cum yet and scooped up some of the cum and tasted it, while jacking.  I got up to his head and he sucked my balls while he jerked furiously then came a big load.

He was totally spent, and I lightly caressed his body for around 5 minutes until I told him I had to get up early and suggest that he take a shower before leaving.  From start to finish, we spent 2 hours and 20 minutes actively in the encounter.  He told me that we can both do it any time I want that he is available.  His is in grad school, and probably is a med student.  I didn't push on that but I'm sure he will tell me next time or the time after.