Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Velvety Smooth

I was at an event tonight and got out at around 8 pm.  I had the familiar restless feeling and knew I needed to relieve the pressure.  I drove to the nearest Adult book store and the only one there was the clerk, I have had some truly epic hook  ups here, but lately everyone has been going to the newer store that is more upscale. There were several possibilities at this place.  One guy is in the same field of work as myself and is an acquaintance.  He has blown and rimmed me expertly 4 times in the past.  He is a handsome, trim guy with a hairy chest.  Another guy was late 30's slim and around 5'6".  He was my first target.  The last guy I was interested in was around 40, and probably half black/half white with a foot ball player build, not fat.
I was standing in between the two guys and decided to see how it would play out.  I ducked into a nearby booth and waiting for (hopefully) one guy or the other to go into the adjoining booth.  I pulled out by cock and started to stroke.  Someone quickly occupied the next booth.  I knew it was one or the other.  I saw a body kneeling near the hole and I stuck my cock through.  The man on the other side lightly took my cock, licked it a little, then started sucking.  He had a World Class mouth.  His mouth was lush, velvety, wet and warmer than most.  I knew it was the black guy due to the lushness of his mouth.  Black guys tend to really have it over the white guys in dick size and the texture and volume of their oral cavity. I have found this to be true more times than not.  I have had some of the best sex ever with black guys.   He was a fantastic cock sucker and I knew he was the one to get me off.  I was hoping that he lived near by and could become a regular guy to service me.  I had him stick his cock through the hole and it was a beauty, uncut but not a lot of skin, beautiful head and a little smaller than mine. I sucked it 3 slurps and then pushed it back.  We talked through the hole, and we decided to meet up in a private booth.  He sucked my cock, nursed on my balls and made several attempts to lick my ass, but the logistics of this booth didn't really work for that.  Plus the door wouldn't lock and we had 3 different guys open the door on us.  Annoying as hell, so I ended up holding the doorknob so he could finish me off.  He told me that he wanted to suck my nuts and have me beat off when I came.  I was happy to oblige and had a shuddering orgasm.
We talked and he actually lives around an hour from me and has a lover.  He started kissing my neck and told me that he loved my cock and would service it any time.  I asked him if he sucked a lot of cock and he said that he did suck some but not many as big as mine. I have had many blow jobs and he was right up there in his ability.  I hope that I run into him again.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Breach of Trust

One of my best friends is a blue collar guy from the hills of  Kentucky named Randy.  He is 31 years old, very attractive, but is a straight redneck.  He is definitely 100% straight.  He is not homophobic at all.  He tells me about the women he has sex with and I tell him about some of the head I get.  I have also told him about "Blindfold Boy" and "The Neighborhood Hole". He drinks a lot of beer and a year ago, he was not in a relationship so was fucking one or two different women a week that he met at a bar etc.  He would take photos of their boobs or pussies and text me the pics.  If I texted him while he was actively having sex, we would have texting conversations while he was fucking. One time, he was fucking a girl he was seeing and he left his phone on while he was fucking her and I could hear her moans and groans and sex talk.
Like I said we are very good friends.  I've known him for around 4 years, and we have hung out alot.  One year into our friendship I knew he hadn't had sex in a couple of days (I always ask him and he tells me), and we both got pretty happy drinking beer.  I put the move on him lightly (talking about getting head to get him aroused), then told him I'd love to watch him getting head from a girl.  He had told me previously that every girl he has ever been with more than one time has sucked him and he came in their mouths.  That told me that he must have a pretty good cock and I wanted to see it.  He didn't take the hint that I would blow him, and I have teased him several times that while he was taking photos of his dates pussies, that he ought to take some photos of his cock.
A couple of weeks ago, his girlfriend texted him a 20 second video of her masturbating and calling him by name. He also told me that he had sent her a pic of his cock.  I asked if he was soft or hard in the photo.  He said soft.
We were driving on a trip of a couple hours and I asked to see the pic of his new steady girlfriends breasts.  He handed me his phone and I complimented him on how nice they were (they are!). He was driving and every 10 minutes or so I would ask to see the pic again.  Since I had his phone in my hand, I pretended to be looking at her tits but I subtly looked as his other photos and found the cock pic.  SCORE!  It was a beautiful cock, it had to be 8", with a very nice head.  it was straight and of average thickness, the skin was white and the head redddish pink as he is a blonde with fairly light skin.  Later on in the trip, he actually showed me the pic on his own.  I told him it was a beautiful dick, but I wanted to see it in real life.  He laughed his ass off, but said no way. 
The next week, he had erased all of the photos on his phone.  But he said that he sent his girlfriend a new pic.  We were in Walmart and my phone had lost battery life.  I was talking on his phone and he went off to the auto section of this huge store and I went the other way.  I hurried behind an aisle and went through his new photos.  There were several new photos of his hard cock.  The lighting was not good, the pics were dark, but OK.  This time the pics were taken from a different perspective, perhaps she took the pics.  His cock looked different.  He had a full blond bush which ate up probably 2" of his cock, his cock looked fatter, and the head was the same nice head.  I quickly texted the photos to myself and then tried to delete the text so that he wouldn't know that I had.  I couldn't figure out how to delete the text and I didn't want to get caught so we'll see how that plays out.

Elbow Grease

A couple of months ago, the "Neighborhood Hole" had me over, but this time he only wanted to blow me.
He is exactly my type and is super lean, handsome face, with lots of tatoos.
His boyfriend is a Doctor and they have a really awesome house with a swimming pool and huge TV's etc.
He took my cock out and blew me and sucked my balls.  I really wanted to fuck his incredible ass, but he said that he can only do that if he is really fucked up. I think a  couple of the times that I have fucked him he was super fucked up on something stronger than booze or pot.  I think he was doing cocaine, meth or maybe crack.
The drugs turn him into a fantastic hole that I can pound for as long as I can hold out.  I basically disliked him pretty much though, but I couldn't turn down his ass .  I keep coming back for more.  This time though he was definitely sober and was an upscale, super nice guy whom I liked very much. It was almost like he was a totally different person.  As he was blowing me this last time, he took out a jar of "Elbow Grease"  and applied it to my cock and then went back to sucking my balls.  It felt incredible!  After a few minutes of jacking me, he sucked my cock and the extra moisture made the sensation fantastic.  I had never had any kind of lube feel this good before.  He continued sucking my balls and cock until I exploded down his throat.  I asked him about the elbow grease and he said that you could buy it in any drug store.  As soon as I left, I went to 3 drug stores, and 2 grocery stores and none of them had it.  I then went on line and bought a jar of that as well as the "light" version.  Both jars cost around $10 each.  I bought it at
This guy's ass has always felt incredible and I now think the main reason why is that he has been pre-lubed with the Elbow Grease.  This product is not condom safe though.  If you are a Bareback Bottom and want to really please your top, this is the lube to get things going.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

My Gaydar must suck!

I work out at the YMCA 3-5 times a week.  It is a very big, cruisy  YMCA, but I go for working out, not to hook up.  I do get to get 5-20 naked guys each time I go though which is a plus.  In the 8 years I have gone to this Y, I have only hooked up with 5 guys there, none of the times in the Y, we took it somewhere else.
I am basically colorblind when it comes to "partners".  My favorite type guy is a young white guy 18-24 years in age with a lean build.  I can be turned on by most any type though, even much older, but I am not into really heavy guys.  Lately I have hooked up with a higher percentage of latino or black guys.
There is this one "straight" guy that goes to the YMCA basically at the same time that I do.  He is mid thirties, very lean, but very muscular, shaved head and an awesome, beautiful dick hanging low.  I never see him looking around or cruising in the showers.  I rarely go into the steam room which is the major cruising area of this Y.  I have always assumed that he is straight and have beat off MANY time fantasizing about him.  He and I showered in the same public shower room yesterday. I was across the room from him. Most of his shower consisted of him with his back to me, and I could not take my eyes off of his incredible physique.  He turned around a couple of times to rinse off, as he has done many times that we have been in the same scenario.  I showed no interest in him as I didn't want him to think that I was a faggot and didn't want to bother him.
When I went to my locker to change into my street clothes, his locker was right next to mine.  He was sitting on a stool with his head at the level of my cock. He was no more than 10 inches away from me.  When I dropped my towel, I looked away from him to give him a "safe" view of my cock if he wanted to look at it without getting "found out".  I was totally expecting him to be totally, 100% straight though.  I have never made eye contact with this guy before, but as I was dressing I gave conversation a shot.  I asked him how his work out went and his face lit up and we had a great conversation about our common interest in the gym, as well as other things.  We talked for at least 5 minutes and I now know that we can acknowledge each other and chat occasionally.  God, if only I could get him alone when he was drunk and horny. I talked with  a gay friend from the same YMCA later that night and we talked about this same guy.  He said that he does cruise, but is subtle, except in the steam room.  That if it is just him and one other guy, he will get the room steamy, then open his towel and get a 9-10" gorgeous erection. My friend said that he will also drape a small cloth over his head and eyes but that he peeps out to watch another guy.  The next day, I saw this same stud playing racketball with one of my gay friends, who is obviously gay but very attractive with a gorgeous cock. So, I think it is safe to say that this prime stud of the gym is a closet case at least.  I'm going to have to work on making something happen with him. His very attractive racketball partner with the great cock I am tight with as friends, but I haven't gotten around to hooking up with him yet.  He is a sure thing for me. If he wasn't somewhat gay sounding, I would have jumped on him on day one. 

Saturday, May 28, 2011

My New Regular Cock Sucker

Two days ago, I hooked up with an awesome cock sucker.  I originally met him on line and we have hooked up 4 times in the last 2 years.  He is mid thirties, tall, thinnish, with long hair pulled back in a pony tail.  He is tall, and is at least 6' 2" tall.  Each time he has dropped to his knees, undone my belt and pants slowly, pulled them down, then my underwear and then sucked my cock.  Awesome!!!!
He then turns me around and rims my ass like he is starving for it.  I let him rimm me that way for 10 minutes or so, then lay down and let him rim me for another 10 minutes like that.  Then I stand up, he sucks me and I come thrusting hard down his throat.  It takes a minute or so to get my cock out of his mouth as he wants to keep it inside him.  This time though, half way through, I had him stand up and kiss the back of my neck which is probably my most favorite "sexual act".  I checked out his cock for the first time in 2 years and it was an awesome 8" hard thick straight beautiful cock with a gorgeous head and beautiful skin.  I knew that to continue to be worshipped as a "straight man" by this fantastic sucker that I needed to pay his cock no attention, to continue the illusion that I was straight and he was sucking a straight man.  During the sex, I asked if he would suck me every day if he could and he said "hell yes".
I would definitely love to suck his cock sometime for awhile, but if he came in my mouth I would hurl!!!!!!!!!
I think what he wants though is to make me feel really good and service me.  His own dick is probably not a priority to him.

Missing In Action

Sorry Fellas about being M.I.A.  I haven't stopped having adventures though.
I have had several awesome hook ups since the last time I posted here.
The best was a black guy, 24 years old that I hooked up with in an adult book store.
He sucked me through the glory hole and it felt great.  I hadn't gotten a good look at him yet, so I pulled my dick out of his mouth and looked through the hole.  He had a handsome face, totally masculine and was obviously youngish, lean and athletic.  I suggested that we go to a private booth and he said sure.  SCORE!
Once in the booth he sucked me really well.  I got him to stand up and I pulled his shirt off.  He had a muscled, lean body with 6 pack abs.  He had a slim waist, but also a meaty bubble butt.  He also had an awesome hard straight, thick cock that was at least 9 inches.  He was a God when naked but a normal handsome straight looking guy when clothed.  I kissed his neck and tried to kiss him on his mouth.  He avoided that and told me that he was straight but occasionally wanted a guy to hook up with.  He said that he has only been with 3 guys previously. He went back down to sucking my cock.  After a couple of minutes, he turned around and positioned his ass at my cock.  I spit in my hand a couple of times and used that to lube up his hole.  I then used more spit to lube my cock.  I pushed in slowly and was in ecstasy.  He had a sensational ass.
I fucked him slow, then picked up the pace and fucked him pretty hard with him bent over, holding onto the bench in the booth. As I got close to orgasm he told me that he wanted me to come on his ass.  I pulled out and spooged a huge load on his ass crack. He hadn't come yet, but his cock was rock hard and dripping precum.  We talked some and his name was Josh.  I have noticed lately that the younger guys nowadays are usually named Josh, Jacob, Jayson, Justin etc.  When I was his age, the names were usually John, James, David, Michael or Stevel  I really like younger guys and now the ones I hook up with are usually Jayson, Josh or Justin!
Josh gave me his phone number and we plan to meet up again.  It was one of the best hook ups that I have ever had.