Tuesday, December 15, 2015


Tonight I am hooking up with the Chinese guy named Hal with the really beautiful body.  He and I have had one 20 minute "date" kissing and feeling each others body.  I really, really like him.  He is white collar and boyfriend material.  We have another date for tonight. 8:00 to 10 pm. This man is Hal, the Chinese guy in the previous post is Tom.  Hal is probably 5'7".  Tom is 6'1".

Hal craves cuddling and kissing, just like I do.  He is obviously a bottom. He lets me take full control of our time together.

We have a "deal" for our date tonight.  It will just be kissing and cuddling naked in bed for the entire time.  No sex.  He has seen my cock and feels like he will have trouble taking it.  I told him that we will never have sex, that I will never push the issue unless he is ready and really wanting it.  That I won't hurt him.

I guess I am really not as much of an "asshole" as one might think from having read this blog.

I did tell him to be careful, and that if he asks me to fuck him tonight, that he is definitely getting fucked.  We both agreed though that we will keep things romantic and not have sex. Sometimes though, if I am playing with a guys "hole", my testosterone kicks in and I become a total top, with lazer focus on getting on top of the guy and taking him for a ride.  My brain tunes everything else out and I do what it takes to fuck the guy and get him off.  I don't even really care at all if I get off, as long as the bottom gets off hard.  If I really am not that into the bottom though, the dynamic is switched and all I want is to get off and cum in his ass or in his mouth.
We will see how it plays out tonight.

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