Saturday, December 5, 2015

Four Orgasms In 1 Hour

I have recurring bouts of not sleeping well . The last several nights I've had a bad time with insomnia.  I toss and turn for hours, maybe sleep 30 minutes now and then and then conk out around 5 a.m. The last few nights have been terrible.  I woke up yesterday morning and felt like my body had been dragged behind a truck on a gravel road.  I just ached all over.  As the morning  progressed, I got progressively more sore and had to do something.  I had some hydrocodone left over from a bout of planter Fasciitis several years ago, and I took one.  I felt a lttle better, but still really sore after 3 hours .  So I took another of the pills.  I did this before around a year ago, and it really  fucked with my erection and I had trouble ejaculating.  I knew I would most likely not be able to have a successful encounter with a guy blowing me, but in the back of my mind, I knew I could suck a dick .

I eventually felt a lot better, but knew I shouldn't shop around for a blow job, as I felt I wouldn't be able to get hard and cum.  I was in the neighborhood  of a very good book store, around lunch time and I assumed that perhaps some straight guys would be there over lunch and  I could suck a straight guy off.

I took a third of a Viagra pill and chewed it up keeping the chewed pill in my mouth so that the drug could be aborbed into my system through my mouth.  I entered the video booth area which has booths that play porn.  Half of the booths are private "one man show" videos and the other half have private adjoining rooms with glory holes between the booths. 

I rarely suck dick, but if I do, it is either a super hot young guy or a straight type guy with a great dick.  I went into a stall with a glory hole.  The guy on the other side and I did the "dance" of checking each other out and waiting for one of us to start  the blow job ritual.  Whomever first motions for the other guy to stick his dick through the hole becomes the cock sucker. The other guy never put his dick through nor motioned for me to stick my dick through  the hole, so I became the cocksucker. I looked through the hole and the guy was tall, probably 32 years old with a beautiful cock. It was fairly hard, thick and had a beautiful, flared head.  I started to suck him and I was LOVING his cock.  His cock reminded me of one of my very favorite cocks--My Own Cock!
His cock was very  similar to mine but his was probably 5 1/2" long and mine is 7 1/2". long.
While sucking this guy I was thinking about how great his cock was even though he was only 5 1/2" long.  I was also thinking how awesome it would be to suck his cock at my length, and I had a realization that this was why I have gotten so many outstanding young men to blow me.

After a while, I stood up and he kneeled at the hole and he motioned for me to stick my cock through.
He lightly sucked me for a while and it was fantastic.  A light pressure and I was in ecstacy.  He stuck his cock back through and I sucked him a few more minutes, his cock got super hard, and he shot a huge load into my mouth.  It tasted great but I ended up spitting his cum out.  I hurriedly left the booth so that I could get a better view of what the guy looked like outside the booth.  He ended up being 6'2, muscled but with a bit of belly, not bad though.  He was probably a gay guy and I was glad tht I spit out his load.

A minute or two later, I went into another glory hole booth and very soon, another guy got in the adjacent booth.  He looked to be in his thirties and had an athletic build. His  cock was super hard, around 6", medium thickness with a nice head.  I sucked his cock and loved it.  He started to fuck my face and shot a big load with in 2 minutes.  I spit it out as I hadn't seen the guy. I quickly left the booth first so I could see what the guy really looked like.  He was very straight looking ,good build , late thirties. 

Within 2 minutes, a straight looking black guy came in, very good build, around 5'10", nice casual clothes.  I'm almost positive that he is straight.   I went into a glory hole booth, and he immediately went into a both with a hole next to me.  He pulled out an almost hard 7" cock and stuck it through.  He was hard as steel and I started to blow him.  His cock was a beauty, and the man was very handsome as well.  I lovingly sucked his rod, then he started to fuck my face and shot a huge load.  It tasted great.  I swallowed.  Start to finish the bj lasted around 90 seconds!  I thought, wtf, I really could be a cock sucker, if the dicks kept coming this quickly and the guys were handsome.

A couple minutes later a gay looking guy came in .  He blew me through the hole and he knew what he was doing.  I suggested that we go to a private booth.  He followed me to a totally private booth.  He sucked my  cock and balls and I ended up fucking the load down his throat.  We made small talk as we were pulling ourselves back together.  He had a rather gay voice, but he could really suck dick. 

I was in this book store for a little less than an hour, I had 3 guys cum in my mouth, swallowed the best guy's cum and fed a gay guy my load down his throat. 

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