Thursday, December 10, 2015

Quick And Easy

A couple of days ago, I had an appointment scheduled for a blood draw at my doctor's for my yearly check up which occurs in a couple of weeks.
After leaving the appointment, on my way home, a guy hit me up on Grindr.  He is 26, white, handsome face, masculine, hairy.  He said he wanted to suck my cock. I sent some dick pics to "seal the deal" and he sent the address.  1 mile away turned out to be 8 minutes, which was good by me.

I pulled into an apartment complex and he was waiting for me outside the door.  There was a sign on the door that said BUSY.  He told me that he had a straight roommate and that was their signage to let the other one know that the one inside was having a hook up.

We went in side and he seemed very please with my looks and demeanor.  As soon as we closed the door, I pulled him to me and he made an effort to kiss me.  I turned my head away and kissed and licked his neck and caressed his body.  The apartment was spacious with not much furniture. It was fairly tidy and clean for an apartment with a 25 year old straight guy and 26 year old gay guy.

I said where are we doing this and he led me to a comfortable couch.  There was a lot of light in the room and the kitchen blinds were open.  I asked him to turn the light out and he turned 2 lights out and it was very dark in the room.  I'm rather ADD (attention deficient disorder) and if there is bright lights, or TV on, especially if there is someone talking on the TV, I can't concentrate on the sex and can't really even experience pleasure.  The room was very dark and no TV or music on so it was basically ideal for me.  I took my pants off and he wanted to have me sit on the couch.  Being the dominant guy that I am, I instead had him sit on the couch and I gently pushed him back so that he was laying on the couch with his head on the cushioned arm of the couch.  I gently pushed his legs open and I got on top of him and kissed his neck, then gave him the kiss he was wanting.  He wasn't a great kisser at all.  His mouth was kinda open and he would dart his tongue in and out of my also open mouth.  He lacked skill, but I could turn him into a great kisser after perhaps 4 hook ups.  I think no one had really schooled him in the art of kissing. 

I then, without speaking, stood him up and I sat on the couch naked from my t shirt down.  He got on his knees and OH MY GOOD, he was a fantastic cock sucker.  I searched my brain and I can not come up with any one who has sucked me better. I asked him when he last blew a guy and he said around 2 months ago.  I LOVE to have my balls sucked on, kissed and licked, and he quickly started doing that without any prompting from me.  I thought to myself that if things continued to go well, that he could be a two or 3 times a week cock sucker for me.  I have another guy who loves to rimm, and he will blow me ANY TIME, ANY DAY, if he isn't working.  That guy lives 20 minutes further away me, has blown me on average every 2 weeks, (he lives 42 minutes from me) for around the last 10 plus years.  The new guy is a much better cocksucker.   I prefer to have a superb cocksucker that perhaps isn't gorgeous but is on call and we can just hook up quickly and not have to go through the hooking up ritual which takes time and often doesn't pay off.

In the heat of the moment, with him really getting into him blowing me, I told him how good it was and that I hoped that we could do it regularly.  He never really answered.  I know he was into it as he was sucking me like it was the last cock on earth.  I had a mind blowing orgasm, shooting my cum down his throat. He kept my cock in his mouth, and lightly nursed it.  I had to finally take it away from him so that I could leave.  If I was horny, I also know that he would have taken a second load from me.

I haven't seen him on Grindr since.  I sent him a thank you text and said that I would like to see him again before long.  About 4 days a week would be perfect for me. lol
He never answered my text.  I checked and he didn't block me.  I'm sure, 100%,  that he would blow me again, but it's looking like it would be every 2 or 3 or 4 weeks.  Not the "ON CALL COCKSUCKER" that I am looking for. 

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