Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Thank God for Yoga

I arrived at Hal's apartment on time.  As soon as I was inside I pushed him gently against the door and held and hugged him for a minute.  He mentioned that we go to shower together which we agreed to do.  Under the water together, I had him lather himself up first while I caressed and fondled his body and beautiful ass.  It was a very thorough shower, much more so than I ever do.  He scrubbed every inch of his gorgeous body.  He tried to get me under the water, but I kept him under the heat, hoping he would finish so that we could go to bed.  I'm not complaining, it was hot and exciting, I just wanted to get in bed with him and kiss and hold him.

Hal finally finished scrubbing and rinsed off.  Then he told me it was his turn to wash me.  I said no way, go dry off so we can hurry up and get in bed.  He laughed and started to dry off with a towel.  I had been to the YMCA and showered 3 hours before and was clean enough so I quickly soaped up, rinsed and joined him at the mirror. I was in agony as he fiddled with his hair, then used q tips, and moisturizer on his face.  The thought going through my mind was that we were THE ODD COUPLE, with he being Felix and me Oscar.   {It really wasn't that long, maybe 5 minutes start to finish out of the shower but I was feeling like a Junior in high school about to get laid).

We finally got to his bed and he remembered which side of the bed I chose on our previous encounter at my house and motioned for me to take that side.  I had barely dried off and I was rather cold and jumped under the covers .  He soon joined me and I pulled him to my body and started to lovingly kiss and caress him.  After a few minutes I started to play with his hole lightly and then wet a finger with spit and kept it in that region for most of the time we had left.  I put him in every position, trying them all out without pushing my dick in.  I'd have him suck me, then I would rub the head of my cock  on his hole in each position.  At one point we were missionary when I raised myself up between his legs and started to massage both legs.  I got to his ankles and grabbed each one and pushed his ankles to his ears with his ass elevated.  (Thank God For Yoga) I immediately went down and started to kiss, lick, lightly bite and make love to his hole with my mouth, lips and tongue.  He started to moan and breath more rapidly and I knew that I can eventually fuck him and that he would love it.

I asked if he wanted me to fuck him, and he said yes, but he hadn't prepared for it.  We had previously agreed that he not prep for anal so that I wouldn't fuck him.  I told him that what we were doing was actually making love.  He agreed and said that when he hooks up, most all guys fuck him then leave quickly.  He said that it makes him feel used and feels badly (even though he might have really enjoyed it).  This went on for around 2 hours.  I left totally satisfied.

Driving home, I felt similar to my high school and college days after a night of making love with women.  I had an euphoic, joyful, satiated feeling.  And I hadn't even had sex. 

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